The Test by Ying

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Chapter 1 (top)

kero: hey sakura! wake up!!!
sakura: ummm….
kero: sakura!! it's 7:45!
sakura: what??? oh! i´m gonna be late!!!!!
kero : that is not something new ! you are always late!
but sakura doesnt hear him because she is not in the room anymore...
fujitaka: good morning sakura
sakura: good morning dad, and where is my brother?
fujitaka: he has to do something before going to work
sakura: oh! i didn´t know that !
( let me tell you something sakura now is 20 years old and studying is at university, her brother works as a doctor, they also don´t live in tomoeda anymore: they live in tokyo)
fujitaka: (looking at sakura who is eating very fast) by the way your friend tomoyo sent you a mail

(tomoyo doesn´t live in tokyo like sakura nor in tomoeda , she is now living in paris to make better costumes and she always sends mail to sakura once or twice a week )
sakura:thanks for telling me ,but i can´t read it now, i dont have time, i have to go ...
sakura takes her backpack and opens the door &leaves to go the university
meanwhile ,somewhere in hong kong a young boy was talking to the man that took and still takes care of him
syoran: wei , tell my mom that i need to go to japan to sort out something very important
wei: what is it? is it to tell sakura that you still love her?
syaoran blushes
syoran: yes, but i also need to do something very important...
wei: oh i know ! it's about your enemies, right?
syaoran: yes but something more important than that
wei: what is it ?
syaoran: its about the cards, i know that sakura doesnt practice her magic anymore and that can be a trouble in the future because she will have a big problem to solve
wei: ok! i will tell your mother that you are leaving tomorrow
syoran: thanks
wei leaves the room , syaoran sits in a chair thinking:
"sakura finally i will get to see you again , but in a bad situation 1 bad circumstances"...
(syaoran was now the leader of his clan and his magic has developed as the level of clow reed so that makes him have a lot of enemies some of them wants him death,you want to know the reason?... i will give it to you in the next chapters)
..."but no matter what happens, i will never let anybody hurt you , even if my enemies or the big problem that you will have soon,wants to hurt you" ...

Author: so what is the big problem ? You will find out soon! If you like the first chapter or dislike it or insults, everything you like but no virus ok?

Chapter 2 (top)

In a far away place a boy with glasses and black hair stops his reading

,b-cause in front of him he sees a very important person
eriol:what are you doing here?
to tell you to go to help the mistress - replys the person
because something very strong will happen and i don´t think that the mistress can handle for herself even if she got the maximum power
saying this, the person dissapears.

but almost at the same time nakuru appears
nakuru:wow!! what happen here?i sensed magic and it´s not yours
eriol:yeah, you´re right
nakuru:but tell me what happen
eriol:i don´t know. umm... nakuru, do you want to back to japan?
nakuru: really? i can?
eriol:yeah is that what i said
nakuru:ohh finally i can see my dear touya, in the instance that i see him i will hold him very tight, ha,ha now is not going to escape from me ha ha ha
eriol just sweat drop*-*, seeing his very happy guardian
what is happening here?- the black cat asks on entering to the room
nakuru: finally i can see my dear touya! and exits from the room singing and jumping leaving just spinel and eriol with a sweat in their faces -_-
spinel: why do you did that eriol?
eriol: i don´t but i think that i will know it soon
outside the house the strange person who had just talk to eriol was smiling
-you will know it very soon my dear eriol !
sakura: sorry sensei
sensei:ok, but this is the last time
sakura: thanx. smiling very kindly to her sensei
the sensei just blush
sensei: well have a good vacation weekend
class: thanx!!! start to packing their things
ayane:lets go sakura
sakura: a yeah. taking her backpack
ayane: you were very lucky
sakura:yeah i ...
sakura and ayane turn around to see reiko, segato, bara,kari,sentaro, jean and other popular people of the whole university
sentaro:you 2 are very bad girls
ayane: sorry about it
jean: anyway let have some fun
are you sure of it,dear?
shaoran:yes mom very sure
Ieran: really sure?
shaoran: yeah you know that kiu chen said to me
Ieran: yeah that he will kill everybody you have or had that the reason you are going to go to japan?
shaoran: yep but i think that there´s another reason but i can´t figure out what is it
shaoran:yeah mom i don´t know but in the last few days i just got a bad feeling that´s all i can say
-i have just done all you have said to me
-great! when all the powerfull people with magic are in one place i will get them!!!
-dad! may i play with them before you do it
-of course my dolly i will give them one month to enjoy their life
-oh thanx dad!
-i hope you will enjoy yourself! says the mysterious person with a evil smile on his face


author: hello everybody i think that this chapter is more longer than the first one but i think that i am just starting b-cause i will make more longer my chapters @_@

first i think that everyone want to know if sakura feel the same for shaoran right?

ok be patient
now i think that you will think of these questions:
who was the person that talk with eriol?
what kind of things will do sakura with her friends?
what is the strange feeling?
what about tomoyo, yukito,& touya?
who was the people who talk in the last scene?
what is going on in the next chapter?

ok be patient T_T !

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Chapter 3 (top)

sakura- i´m afraid of ghost
sentaro- well, when you feel scared just tell me and i will find a way to make you feel better
-yeah, and i can help you too-reply jean
-me three i mean me too- said reiko
then all sakura´s friends (especially boys) was saying the same thing that reiko said sakura seeing all her friends was helping her to don´t feel scared and so she thought that was good give a try
sakura- ok let´s go
so sakura and all her friends enter to the suppose the most scared game of all the amusement park "the house of horror"but 30 seconds later all the people in the amusement park jump in horror when they hear some scared scream coming from "the house of horror"

(well i think that everybody knows who is that girl)
in the "house of horror":
sentaro was holding very tight at the very scared sakura with all his face red (i think that all the people that was looking at sentaro will think that his face was a tomato)all the boys that was friend of sakura was looking at sentaro with a very kill sight (they want to kill sentaro), but sentaro just sweat drop but there something that nobody or maybe some people will be suspicious to happen, kari was about to explode (of jealous) but more increase her energy to explode when she see that sentaro was still holding very tight at sakura. the rest of the friends of sakura were laughting seeing the situation was about to...BOOM kari finally explode of jealous and then in an instance she was trying to separate sentaro and sakura the others friends that were looking at sentaro with a kill sight (remember?) seeing that kari was trying to separate those 2 they agree with kari and go to help her.

the others friends that were laughting just sweat drop*_*

tomoyo was about to fall sleep in her bed after all the work that she did before with patient and a lot of time were about to kill her and finally she can rest but...
toc toc
-who is it?- tomoyo ask

house keeper- sorry madame, you have visit of your mother
tomoyo- of my mom?well i will be there in a minute
house keeper- well i will tell her so

-(singing)he he he la la la ...................... i want more i want more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! candies, pudding la laa la aaaaaaaa -
CRUSH! PUNK! CRAC! BOOM!(things breaking but the last one was a explosion)

house keeper: -eriol, we need your help-
eriol: -what happen?-
house keeper: -spinel eat sweet things-
CRUNCH!(plates breaking)
eriol: -that spinel!-
eriol waves his hand and said something and.....
-puddi.....(singing and then silence) -
eriol: -he fall sleep -
spinel: ....

(ok i don´t don´t know how to write the sound when someone is sleeping, so just use your imagination)
eriol then pick up spinel and walk to leave spinel in a room to rest when he finally was about to put spinel in the bed he say some strange words and spinel wakes
spinel-eriol! what happen?
eriol- you fall sleep
spinel-oh no!! it´s the fifth time in a week!
eriol- spinel i have a special mission for you
spinel-what is it?
eriol-well is something about clow i want that you go to hong kong and go to investigate in the lee´s house
spinel-but what is it ?
eriol-i don´t know either, maybe the diary of clow or something that tells you about the daily life of clow will help me to explain why that person appears to me
spinel- that one with a strange magic?
eriol- yes you are right. it´s must be very important to investigate why she appears to me and the reason

a boy with brown eyes and brown hair was packing his things and disscusing with his sister
fuutie: -oh my little brother,bua ! i will miss you a lot-
shaoran: -well i finish-
shaoran: - what makes you think that i will die?-

-because you are going to go to japan!!!!! bua !-
shaoran just sweat drop
-and and .........bua .............-
the sweat drop grew bigger
-and i can´t not disturb you and can´t treat you like a baby and can not make jokes w/ you and don´t communicate, play, hug, with the cute bear that you have-
fuutie: -eh...he he-
sweat dropping seeing the furious shaoran with a fire aura surrounding him and it´s eyes with fire too, the cloth start to fire up , and from his ears smoke(just imagine that face ok?) trying to control himself
fuutie:-(in her thoughts) somebody please help me !!!!!!-
sakura:-all of you are very evil!-
jean:- why?-
sakura: -i almost die in there of fear -
kari: -come on sakura that is only fantasy-
sakura: -but i´m afraid of ghost -
reiko: -yeah and now i´m sure of it-
bara: -you scream about more than 50 time and all of your scream was hear by all the people of amusement park-
sentaro:-ok,ok, leave her alone because we finally get in her home-
sakura: -ah yeah. bye guys-
-bye sakura-
sakura enters her house
sakura:- HI EVERYBODY-
touya: -hey monster don´t scream i don´t want to hear our neighbours telling to us to shut up-
sakura just kick the floor
touya: -hey! be careful i don´t want my house destroyed by a monster-
sakura: -you.....-
fujitaka: -hi everybody-
s&t: -good evening dad-
fujitaka: -sakura you look very happy-
sakura: -yes dad i know, it´s because in the university they give us one week of vacation because they will change some areas of the buildings and i am happy because i finally finish all the exams-
fujitaka: -oh!, that´s great sakura why we don´t celebrate later-
sakura: -thanx!-
touya: -ok, let´s dinner and then we celebrate-
after they take the dinner and celebrate,

sakura cautiosly take some cookies (everybody know for whom) and she go to her room
sakura: -kero, here i bring your dinner-
kero: -thanx my dear sakura-
sakura:- what are you looking?-
kero: -are you refering to this? well is a photo album-
sakura: -really let´s see it-
they open the album and start to see all the photos that were there. she was seeing some photos when she was a card captors that makes remember all the story
sakura:(in her thoughts) first i find kero sleeping in the clow book that day, then tomoyo knew the secret and start to making me costumes,then i meet shaoran and meiling and all the adventure that we pass together, then meiling get back to hong kong, then the fight with yue and then the strange things happen all caused by eriol and then he get back to england and shaoran get back to hong kong. but before he go he promise me that he will come back but i think that he forget about that, maybe she meets another girl better than me and now he is very happy with her. yeah he is very happy with another girl
kero: -sakura SAKURA!-
sakura: -what happen kero?-
kero: -no nothing. umm sakura has been a lot of time that you no practice your magic

and that is worring me-
sakura: -why?-
kero: -i don´t know i just have a feeling that something very bad will gonna happen-
sakura:- are you sure?-
kero: -well not complete sure but...ñam delicious (eating the cookie) there´s nothing to worry about-
sakura:- well if you say so, let´s go to sleep-
niku: -brother shaoran, are you still angry?-
shaoran: -well a lit of it , but that fuutie...-
niku: -don´t be angry please, the anger is not good-
shaoran: -ok i will control myself-
niku: -that´s good!!!-
shaoran just smile looking that little ghost of 5 years old that he have in front of him. he always like to see niku happy because she was sometimes the only one that can hear him. he start to remember when she meet her
he was in a temple when he sees her, very shy and crying. so he go to take a look
shaoran: why are you crying?
niku: because nobody loves me. i died a million of years ago and i can´t go to where all people who died go because before i died my family makes some of magic on my soul and makes me cannot go to heaven and when the times pass all my family died and i can´t see them because i´m here and they are in heaven and i have not makes any friends that carry about me

shaoran feels very sorry about that ghost because even if nikuwas a ghost she did not have the fall if been alone without friend that carry about her he can understand it because he have felt that and really it´s horrible
shaoran: if you want, i can be your friend
niku: really?
shaoran: yes, of course. why we don´t go to home?
niku: yeah!!
shaoran: ok let´s go
but when he turn around he sees how all the people look at him thinking that he was crazy or something for being talking alone. then shaoran remember that they cannot see niku because they don´t have magic. so he just smile at them and make a sign for niku meaning that follow him
end of flashback
shaoran turn to see a sleeping niku then he remember that is time to sleep because tomorrow will go back to japan to protect sakura.
shaoran: sakura, very soon i will see you again

tomoyo-mom i so glad
sonomi-yes i so glad too
tomoyo- finally i can see my dear friend sakura and leave all the job that i have in here
sonomi- but it´s only one month and a half ok? you can´t leave your job here not now that you are recognize not only the youngest desingner of all, you are the best one, and all paris is talking about you
tomoyo-but mom there´s not use if you can be the best one in all the world if you don´t have your friends here with you
sonomi-i know so i got this idea, because i don´t want that you got the same life that i pass, being in business all the time without friends to talk
tomoyo- and mr. fujitaka kinomoto is not your friend?
in a far away place fujitaka sneezes.

in his thoughts: maybe someone is talking about me ..
tomoyo-why not?
sonomi- he take away from me my dear nadeshico

tomoyo-but she was very happy with mr. kinomoto
sonomi- but he let her die
tomoyo-mom that don´t care because when she was alive she was very happy
ring ring
sonomi- excuse me
sonomi went to answer the phone, later...
sonomi- sorry but i have to go to the office theres some kind of problem there
tomoyo- ok don´t worry mom
sonomi- bye

-he, he , he, he, ha ,ha ,ha , that foolish people they will not imagine their destinies -said the strange men holding in his hand a gold parchment with some strange words in it
-why are you so happy?-ask the little girl
-why?, well all of those foolish will be in one place but the problem is clow´s reincarnation he is gonna see what his real reason of why he reincarnate is and if he know it he will know our secret
-and what is it? kiu chen
-you will know it very soon, my little marina

author: well first i think that this chapter is hard to understand @_@

second: i think that some people will think that i´m crazy because i put a ghost in the fic and the ghost doesn´t exist but this little ghost will be an important actor in this fic -_-

third: maybe some of you want to kill me, details i will not tell T_T

Chapter 4 (top)

it was 7:30am in hong kong
please all the passengers of flight #620 hong kong to tokyo go to the door #25 please we are going to leave in 5 minutes
Ieran-that is your plane shaoran
shaoran-that´s right!!!, meiling you told me that sakura now live in tokio right?
meiling- that´s right, but i don´t know the address
shaoran- don´t worry about that now
shaoran- now what?
all shaoran´s sisters- we are going to miss you a lot !!!!
shaoran- ok ok
Ieran- please find the misstress as soon as possible, i will take care of the clan and the enchanting council
shaoran- thanx, now is the good bye. let´s go niku!!!
niku- yeah!!!!!!
10 minutes later shaoran´s family watch the plane that was in the sky with shaoran and niku on them


it´s was 11:30 in tokio
sakura and her friends decide to go to lunch together, and after that, sakura can go alone to shopping well not alone she have kero in her bag. after all her friends say good bye to her she start to walk in the street

but in the same street was shaoran that decide to have a litle walk to know better tokio after leave the plane, leave his things in his aparment and niku alone. but suddenly he sense some kind of magic so he see the sky start to turn red and a strong wind start to blew. sakura sense the same too, also kero in sakura´s bag

sense it
sakura- kero, do you sense it too?
kero-yeah sakura, be careful
but suddenly a fire ball was about to hit skura so kero decide to protect his misstress he transformed into kerberus and protect sakura from the hit. then they see how the people run like crazy and leave the place
sakura-thanx kero AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS?
a lot of thread was tied at sakura´s body strongly making her bleed. kerberus was about to get caught by it too, but he escapes
kerberus-who are you?

looking at the shadow that he was in front of him
shadow- so you are the beast of the cards, not bad compare to that litle girl. (pointing to sakura) that litle misstress as a poor magic
kerberus- hey !!!!!!!!
shadow- well if we keep talking we are going to let the litle misstress die. so why we don´t start to fight to determinate your destinies eh?
the shadow sends a fire ball to kero but he stops it sending him his fire ball. but surprisely the shadow appears behind kerberus and send him 5 fire ball then the shadow ties kerberus with thread very strongly tied and makeq kero start to bleed
shadow- ha, ha, was very easy!!!!!!!! ha, ha,
"sacred power of the confine let me know the identity of my enemy"
then the shadow was transformed into a boy about the age of 23-25 years
shaoran- so lao chen, what are you suppose to do here?
lao- to make part of your punishment
shaoran-if is about some problem with me, tell your aunt to challenge me in a magic fight
he turn around to see that the person who attacks him was kerberus.and sakura was faint , but how they get out of the thread?maybe.... ah that litle ghost that was next to kerberus.
shaoran-great job niku!!!!
lao-YOU!!!! (pointing at shaoran) you will pay for it.

then lao send a fire ball to shaoran, but shaoran makes a conjuration and the ball go back to lao, leaving him very hurt
shaoran-ok, don´t give up, the conjuration that i make, makes the energy of the ball increase and in least of a minute will take away your energy
lao-yyyyooooooouuuuu.......(then he faint)
niku- did he die brother shaoran?
shaoran-no he did not.

then shaoran move his arm and say a conjure and lao dissapears
shaoran-let´s help sakura

he go where sakura was
kerberus- bastard!!!! you are..........

he faint
niku-now what are we gonna do?
shaoran-we take them to home

its was now at 7:30 pm in tokio
fujitaka-where´s sakura, by this hour she should be here now
touya- what happen to her?
fujitaka- i don´t know son, if she is not here by 8:00 we are going to look for her
do i still love her?-shaoran ask in his thought-but i so feel so happy when i see her, well better i forget this and i will let the time decide. i better go to check sakura
in one of the room of the apartment sakura was waking up in the instance that shaoran was entering
shaoran-so you wake up
sakura didn´t say anything she just look at the boy with brown hair and brown eyes, he was a litle more taller than her, he has a atletic body, she was saying in her thoughts that the boy that she have in front of her is really handsome.
shaoran in the other hand he was analyzing sakura too, he was looking at the girl with long hair until the shoulders, with beautiful green eyes looking at him oh man! he was thinking that he have in front of him the most beutiful woman in the all world. they were looking each other when sakura decide to broke it saying:
sakura-who are you? and what happen?
shaoran- well, i think that i have change a lot, well i am shaoran lee
sakura just heard shaoran lee? is really him???
sakura- sha... shao... shaoran?
shaoran- that´s right sakura
sakura-but what happen? why i´m here? where´s here?
shaoran-you were attacked by lao chen: his purpose was to kill you, when i go to save you, you already loses a lot of blood that was the reason that you faint and i didn´t know where you live so i bring you to my house.
sakura-why does lao chen want to kill me?
shaoran-sorry sakura. the reason was me
sakura-why you?
shaoran- that family hates me for being a good part of the punishment that they will give me was to kill everybody that i loved or had loved, you know that when we two were kids, you (starts to blush) liked me, & i had loved you, that was the reason why they attack you. sorry
sakura-don´t be worried about it, what time is it?
sakura- oh no! i have to talk to home, can you lend me your phone?
shaoran-of course take it, you have one right next to you
sakura- thanx!!!!
shaoran decide that the best thing to do was to leave her alone so she can talk in private so he get out of the room. then he thought that sakura must be hungry so he go to the kitchen to prepare something for sakura
fujitaka- hello!!
sakura- hi dad is me sakura.
fujitaka- where are you? i have been so worried about you
sakura-don´t worry dad,i´m save. tomorrow in the morning i will get home, bye dad
fujitaka-but...he hang down
-so you finish right?-
sakura- shaoran!!!
shaoran- here,(he give her the dinner) i thought that maybe you are hungry
sakura-yes, i´m very hungry
shaoran- well start to eat or you will be more hungry
shaoran-well i will leave you alone.

he was turning around to get out of there when he feels someone catch his arm
sakura-please don´t leave me here i´m afraid to be alone now that you tell me that theres people try to kill me
shaoran- ok

he sit right next to her. sakura feel very happy and start to eat. in 10 minutes sakura finish.^_^
shaoran- now i´m sure that you were hungry, you eat it to fast ^_^

sakura-i was hungry!!!
shaoran- you need more?
sakura- no

shaoran-and, how you´re doing?
fine. now i study in the university, my brother is a doctor now , and my dad is still a profesor.i live in tokio about a year ago. after i finish study high school, tomoyo go to paris to study and our others friends separate to study theirs careers. and you?
shaoran-well, now i´m the leader of my clan and the enchanting council
sakura- enchanting council?
shaoran-is where all the people with a high level of magic go
sakura- to be a leader of where all the people with high magic go you must have increase your magic
shaoran- well i´m the most powerful of all the enchanting council. to be the leader of it you must have the highiest level of all
shaoran-what happen niku?
niku- well that litle doll has wake up
shaoran-calm down sakura
sakura-but...but is a ghost!!!
shaoran- let me explain to you. yes you´re right niku is a ghost but is a good one. she is not going to harm you.
shaoran-of course ^_^
sakura-sorry,can you come here?
niku just go where sakura was
sakura- you´re cute^_^
niku- really????
kero was hug sakura tightly
kero-are you ok sakura?
sakura- of course
kero- hey kid!

turning to shaoran

kero- thanx!
shaoran- don´t call me kid!!
sakura- yeah kero look at shaoran now, he is not a kid now
kero- i don´t care. he is still a kid
well i think that all of you now that those two will start to fight¬_¬


author-well all the lovers of s+s are happy now ^_^ right?

well i think that is chapter is the most short i only spent 2 days to do it!!!!!
in the next chapter...
sakura is very happy to see shaoran again, go to shoping with him etc... but kero is very angry, spinel find something important, and touya discover that he will have some problems in the next chapters. @_ @

Chapter 5 (top)

-finally i found it!!- said spinel with some big and with high weight book in his arm or what ever !!!!

-this sure will help eriol, oh( almost crying) after 5 days i spend here searching for it, finally i found it,snif snif, i´m so happy-
he was about to get out of the clan lee´s library but he accidentaly throw the book ( the book was too big for him ) to the floor

- oh no!!!!! they will discover me, i better go to hide -
spinel go to hide himself behind of rows of big books, then suddenly he heard some steps, the girl that was walking throught the library has long black hair and almost brown eyes likes shaoran, that girl was meiling.
meiling-this is strange i think that i hearded some book fell or just will be only my imagination? oh what ever!!!!

thinking that was only her imagination she get out of the room
spinel-uf!!!!! well i better get out of here

spinel get out of the place that he was then he pick up the book that was on the floor
-what is this? why i´m here? what is this place?- eriol was asking himself this questions. then he turn around to see some kind of pergamine hided behind a cascade . -what will be that?
-eriol, eriol, wake up!!
eriol- uh?( waking up ) what happen?
house keeper-oh sorry eriol you was sleeping when you said some kind of strange words
eriol-what kind of words?
house keeper-i don´t know, but is not an earth language
eriol- what????
house-as i said to you your language was out of these world, you know, that i almost know all the languages that exist in the world
eriol- yeah i know, sorry
house keeper- you´re welcome, i come to tell you that the lunch is ready
eriol- oh, really? thanx (in this thought) what is that will be ?
-oh my god!!i spend 5 days looking for him in tomoeda and nothing, but was a very good luck of mine that i find an old friend and tell me that touya is now in tokio and is a doctor and give the address of where´s working now. but after 8 hours i´m now in front of it (in front of the hospital or office where touya work). you must to be strong!! go, go, nakuru!!!!!! you can do it!!!!
saying this she open the door to see a tall men with short black hair and that face, was touya !!!!! the happiness cause her to go to hold touya tight
touya- excuse me but i don´t know who you are
nakuru- you don´t remember me touya?
touya- no
I´M NAKURU!!!!!!!!!!^_^
WHAT??????? GET OUT OF HERE NOW !!!!!!!!!¬_¬
nakuru- why?^_~
touya- just get out of here RIGHT NOW!!!!!!@_@
nakuru- no!!!!!°_°
touya- so you don´t want right ...well

he carry nakuru in his arm, nakuru was very happy to see the face of touya near of hers she was about to kiss him when....
nakuru-ough!!!!!! why do you throw me?
the doctor just see her by an instance and slap the door in her face ^^

-brother shaoran, why are looking at the girl with green eyes in these 6 days-
shaoran- well niku, i have to protect her
niku- why do you protect her?
shaoran-because i don´t want she gets hurt by know the situation very well, do you want to get home now?
niku- yeah!!!! i´m very tired
shaoran- ok, let´s go home
niku- but the girl with green eyes?
shaoran- don´t worry now she is home, and now is 8:00 pm we have to dinner and tomorrow very early i have to do something
niku- what is it?
shaoran- you will know very soon!!

-are you happy?
tomoyo- of course mom, i can´t wait until i see sakura
sonomi-don´t get anxious you know that until 56 minutes we are going to be in tokio
tomoyo-i now, but i can´t
sonomi- come on everybody can
tomoyo-ok i will tried to handle it
sonomi- great!!!! that´s my daughter
tomoyo- i wonder how is sakura now
sonomi- don´t worry she must be ok or i will kill that fujitaka!!!!!!!! grrrrr
tomoyo just sweat drop when her mother´s forehead grow a litle vein
fujitaka- that´s is strange, i not sick,i think that is someone talking about me ^_^
fujitaka, fujitaka!!
fujitaka- na...nadeshiko is you. why can i see you ?
nadeshiko- don´t worry about it now ok? i´m just visiting you. you know... i´m so happy to see you.
fujitaka- i´m too. you make me so happy. i love you ^_^
nadeshiko-i love you too ^_^. but the reason that i come to here is to warn and tell you to protect sakura please.
fujitaka- why?
nadeshiko- she will be in great danger very soon. and tomoyo, yukito and touya too. is all i can say by now. bye i love you ^^

in yokohama...

-i want 5 rice ball , 3 hamburgers, 4 sandwiches,and 8 ramens please
kenji- only that?
yukito-yes, only that
kenji-wow, today you eat less
yukito-ah? yes i now it´s because and not so hungry like in others days
kenji- well, with all that you eat every day you always surprise me
yukito- well, is not something new when i was young i start to eat a lot ^^
kenji-ok. here you go your dinner.

giving yukito a big bag full of food and yukito take it
yukito- thanx!!! bye.
the boy with glasses was walking in the street that will take he to home he was tall, he have the same personality, he doesn´t change to much since the last time that we saw him in t.v or movie, now he was a math and science teacher, he was one of the best one!!!!.
suddenly he saw a car, going very fast, it´s was like crazy!!!! but oh no!!!! that car will kill the kid he have to help her!!!!

yukito throw the food that he has in his hand and run as fast as he can and push the kid out of the road but yukito was still in the road and the car was only 10 centimers of him. he can´t transformed into yue because all the people that was there will see his real identity and that people do not have to know it. so he wait the car closing his eyes then he feel that something push his body and send him far, the man of the car suddenly stops and open the door of the car and get out of there to check the boy. yukito was in a river of blood, his glasses broken and he have damages in his body
all the people that was there in the moment of the action go inmediatly where yukito´s body was
but very near of there a girl was smiling seeing yukito´s blood runs in the floor. then suddenly a boy with brown hair and blue eyes stop right next to her
akira- so marina, what are you doing here?
marina- just playing, you know that my father give me permission to play with the misstress´s friends, remember?
akira- so , you are the person who cause the car go that speed to make the false form of yue go to rescue the girl and got the hit ,right?
marina- wow, very good. great thinking!!!
akira- now that you have finish here what are you going to do next?
marina- well, now i will play with the "best friend of the misstress"
akira just see how marina dissapears in front of him. then he smile
akira- and you, what are you doing here?
a man just apears behind akira, that man was kiu chen!!!!!!
kiu- well, just to see how the litle marina was playing
akira- anyway, you know that you can´t spy people like us. you know very well the consequences, and you know that for us you are an insignificant insect. so next time don´t do that!!!!!
kiu- don´t worry, this will be the last time and the unique one
kiu, just turn around to go to another place and dissapears leaving akira alone
akira- idiot!!!!!! theres something that you don´t know. why all the people don´t understand never that all the people that has see my face will die? except for some people

kero- why in all these days i have you see you so happy?
sakura- kero!! what question is that?
kero- nothing just want to know
sakura- ok don´t worry
the reason that make sakura so happy is that she know that shaoran was always taking care of her, she was so happy to be near of shaoran!!!. but the thing that makes her sad is that she know very well the reason why shaoran was taking care of her, is not about love is about that he will feel guilty if something about kiu chen attacks her. but anyway even for that she feel happy to have shaoran near of her even he always is hidden. oh!!! almost forget !! tomorrow she will return to the university. better to go bed .
sakura- kero, please turn off the light. tomorrow i have to go to the university
kero- ok sakura!!!
tomoyo- what´s happening? why the plane is like this?
sonomi- i don´t know
tomoyo- what was that?
please all the passanger, we have to announce you that we have some problem ,the motor of the west wing of the plane have just explode
now the motor of the east wing of the plane had explode too!!!!! we have to land right now in one of the airport of tokio, please have all the securities avaible right next to you, cause we have to land in emergency in 30 seconds!!!!
sonomi- tomoyo, we have to take care, take my hand please
tomoyo- ok mom. in 10 seconds we are going to land
the people in the airport see how the plane was touching the road, yes it have sucess , but no!!! is going to fast if they don´t stop right now they will going to impact in the next building in front of the plane. they have to decrease their speed right now!!!!! but no,!! they didn´t decrease their speed the pilots of the plane have lost the control of the plane, all the controls is moving alone, nothing works all the jobs of the pilots trying to stop the plane was not use about 10 centimeters to impact in the building the pilots just close their eyes to receive the impact and

the plane have just impact in the building all the workers of the airport stops on what ever they were working and take water or what ever will help to rescue some of the people of the plane
but near of there was marina smiling and very happy
marina- that was very fun, was very easy to take control of that plane and crash it. well i think that i better go to bed and tomorrow i will play with other people
was 7:00 am of the next day

sakura was walking throught the street to go to the university, well not exactly walking i think that she was runing, well there some things that will never change!!!!

finally she got in the university and open the door she see the face of her sensei
sensei-so you are late again
sakura- sorry
sensei- take a seat
-well if you like, you can seat here, well if you want
sakura was like a rabitt, it could be him? she just turn around and

author:he he !!!! well i think that everybody know who it is. well sorry about all the accidents that these chapter have. but these is just part of the begining of the reals conflicts that these fic talk about. very impresive? well prepare to receive more ¬_¬

well if you guys want to kill me about how yukito and tomoyo things are , i understand don´t worry^^

i know that these chapter is more different from the others one, so you don´t need to tell me ^_^
next chapter:

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Chapter 6 (top)

well the last chapter in the last scene was that sakura turn around to see a person. so when she turn around she sees shaoran seating behind her and offering the seat next to him ...
Sakura- what are you doing here?
shaoran- well i think that you can get the answer by yourself if you think a litle more
sakura- yeah, i know but, you really surprise me
shaoran- well you don´t have be.....
- NO TO ME !!
QUIET EVERYBODY-cried the sensei
sensei- well in lunch or after this class the new student can be blessed for all the girls that he want but no right now. can you give the example kinomoto?
kinomoto- oh, yes of course^^
in break...
sakura- really, you surprise me
shaoran- well i told you that i will take care of you, because of the problem of kiu
sakura- yes i know, but...
sakura turn around to see her friends( boys and girls) the ones that in class told her to present shaoran to them T_T
-sakura you told us that you will present your litle friend to us!!-
sakura- ok, he is lee shaoran. he´s from hong kong i meet him when i was in fourth grade
shaoran- yes, sakura is right, i meet her in fourth, and recently came here about 6 days
kari- do you have a girl friend?*_*
shaoran- ah, no!!
kari- how? just let me tell you that you are one of the most handsome boys that i have ever meet. but, do you fall in love with somebody?
shaoran that was almost all red with the blessment he didn´t know how to answer the question so he...
shaoran- well i don´t know
kari- what do you mean that you don´t know?
shaoran- well i´m confuse
kari- that´s mean that i have a chance( you know for what right?^_~) it´s doesn´t that great?
ayane- yeah you are right
then all the girls (friend of sakura) was celebrating that shaoran doesn´t love somebody, all the girls except sakura was celebrating. sakura was very sad that now all her friends were interested in shaoran. sentaro looked at sakura for a moment and he see her very sad he decide to make her sadness go. so he go where sakura was and hugged her tight. shaoran who sees that was about to explode ( i think that you know very well that face^^). shaoran decide to go to another place because he knows very well that if he stay in there he will kill sentaro ¬_¬

he didn´t heard anything, the only thing that he can heard was the pain of the people in the hospital.
he start to remember when he first born then he see himself when he was 4 years old, a girl was standing next to him that girl have long gray hair, green eyes, her beauty was severe and she have a very kind look, then that girl turns around to see yukito that was next to her and she said...
girl- kid, what is your name?
yukito-tsukishiru yukito, and yours?
girl- moyra, just moyra. yukito, do you know that when your body is in front of the moon your shadow is not; in a form of a kid, is in form of an angel
yukito- what??
moyra- well i think that you will not know it by now, the only thing that i can tell you is that when you have 16 years old you will meet someone very important to you for your whole life
after the girl says that she dissapears. then the scene changes to a litle girl with brown hair, and green eyes. she was wearing the uniform of tomoeda´s elementary school, she was going to school with yukito and her brother touya, that was always bothering her calling her monster.^^

yukito smile seeing the scene but suddenly the scene change to another one, the one when he have to separate from sakura, sakura was moving to tokio and yukito was moving to yokohama. the only thing, the last memory of that time the last time that he saw the girl the only thing that he have in his memory, was the tears of the girl., her hair dancing throught the air and her kindly eyes looking at him. that girl that was so important to him was gone, now he doesn´t have that girl that was always happy, what is the mean of the life without that girl? he doesn´t have more goals than that girl, in this world. so he doesn´t have anything to do in earth he did all the things that he have to do, but now that, that girl was not with him he have not more goals in his life. now that he can rest in peace, why do not chose the death road?and rest in peace.
-please don´t do that!!!-
yukito- who are you? and where are you?
- i am here and i´m yue,your true form
yukito- why do you stop me when i will choose the death road?
- because we have something else to do with sakura, that is the reason that i am stoping you, very soon she will be in big trouble, and if you are death i can´t not help my misstress

yukito-what kind of trouble?
-i don´t know, but i had sense some kind of negative energy and i feel that it will attack to the misstress
the doors open to the owner of the big library, the owner was a girl with brown hair, the hair until the neck, letting beautiful girl see very young about 19 years old, her name was rika. rika ( the friend of sakura )after she finish study high school she stays in tomoeda 2 more years then she move to tokio and open that library, that give her some troubles first, then when she finally find the perfect place, she open the library.

then rika turn around to see a boy with short hair as always reading stories to the litle kids, that boy was yamasaki, after she have 6 months with the library, she finds yamasaki , he live in one of the poorest residence in tokio, why? well remember that when he finish study high school he inmediatly move to tokio with his grandmother after he have 1 month living in tokio his grandmother die, living to him all the money that she have ( well, is not million of yens ) for her grandson to study for lawyer, cause was not very cheap to study for lawyer in tokio, but after the death of his grandma he have change of aparment ( very expensive), and buy a new car, but he have an accident, in the accident he broke a leg, and broke an arm. with the money of his grandma he pay the hospital. with all these problems he have waste all the money that her gandma give to him,( of course with the funeral, the aparment, the car, and the accident ) , he was in ruin so as soon as he get better and healthly he go to find a job until he get into a library where he finds rika. he told all the story to rika, and rika trying to help her friend give him the job of being a reader in her library.
yamasaki- good morning
rika- today you come early
yamasaki- no, i´m not i came about 3 minutes earlier
yamasaki- ok, calm now, i will read it to you


caho misuki was seated right next to yukito´s bed. she was thinking about that litle "accident" that yukito have
caho- i hope you´re right
yukito- ah,! i´m right

( waking up)
caho- you´re awake, hey don´t move,!!! you can´t get up
yukito- well i only wake up to tell you to look for sakura please and protect her
caho- why?
yukito- i don´t know but i talked with yue and he is sensing a negative energy please miss misuki
caho- i will tried my best. ah, now i´m not miss misuki, i´m miss monou
yukito- great!!!

he fall down,and he start to bleed again
doctor- what ´s happening????
caho- he ´s bleeding again
naoko- look at that chiharu!!!
chiharu- what???
naoko- a library, let enter
chiharu- ok

they enter to the library
naoko- wow, this library is similar to tomoeda´s one
chiharu- yeah, you´re right

then chiharu saw a boy that was reading a book for some kids surrounding him. but that boy, it´s looks like yamasaki.
naoko- hey chiharu!!
yamasaki- chiharu?

he turn around
yamasaki- chiharu??

chiharu just turn around, and see YAMASAKI!!!
chiharu- yamasaki???
yamasaki- chiharu??
chiharu- yamasaki!!!^^
yamasaki- chiharu!!!!^^

author- well i know that this chapter is shorter, but i had to leave it like it cause in the next chapter will be the beginning of the troubles, you will know, who is that person causing so much fear to shaoran, eriol, kero and yue^^.
ok, ok , i know this chapter is hard to understand if you do not concentrate and analyse it. i think that you will have some "thing" to think about yukito, right?, and why caho have another last name, and what about tomoyo- well sorry to all of you, but i didn´t know how to explain it to you, but i the next chapter i will, ( don´t worry i will not let her die*_*.)
and i think, that you have to preparate yourself cause the next chapter ALMOST all of the misterious people in all this fic will show their identities and that will be almost a puzzle and confusion ( even for me¬_¬ to explain T_T) and 1 new person will appear!!!!!
well that´s all i can say to you about the next chapter.

Chapter 7 (top)

- well, well everything is going as the plan says, that foolish people will see the power of kiu chen, ha ha ha!!!!

tomoyo- please tell me, how is mother? are she ok?
touya- no, we have to do 2 operation for her
tomoyo- but after that operation , she will be ok?
touya- i don´t know T_T
tomoyo- but...
touya- worry about yourself now, look at you
tomoyo- i know, i have broke my arm but i´m save cause of my mother, she protect me until the last moment, if she doesn´t had protect me ....bua!!!!
touya- ok, what ever you....WHAT????
tomoyo- what happening???
touya- mom !!! what are you doing here???
tomoyo- mom???
-hi my dear touya
touya- but how, i had lose my power
- no you are wrong at the moment that you give your power to yue you didn´t gave it all, some few power stays in you, and that litle power have grown, you only have by now your 1/4 of your power.

but the reason i came here is to warn you something, today in the afternoon be careful please. come here i wanna show you something

(touya where´s her mother was and she show to him the sky)
-you see that ? the sky litle by litle is turning red
touya- but how the common people, doesn´t see it?
-they doesn´t have power to see that, but that red and negative energy will be complete in one hour and a new enemy will appear. that´s all i can say to you by now. bye my dear touya!!!
- let´s go NOW!!!!!!
sakura- but why????

shaoran just take sakura by her arm and we can say that he was dragging at sakura in front all sakura´s friend in that break , then all the "friends" start to make comments like: hey leave her alone!!!! you didn´t tolds us sakura!!!! hey we are not going to take your girlfriend away!!! s+s are in love. the poor sakura was transformed into tomato, then she turn around to see shaoran but that boy was only looking at the sky. sakura then look at the sky and something is happening the sky was turning red and and.....AHH!!!!!!! theirs a mountain of ghost flying around the face of sakura that WAS all red now was blue
shaoran- do you see it?
sakura- yeah!! but what is it?
shaoran- it´s seem that kiu chen is making some kind of conjuration with ghost
sakura- ... gh...gho...ghos...ghost...?
shaoran- yeah!! we have to follow that mountain ghosts
sakura- we have to?
shaoran- yes, we have to
sakura- but why the others can´t not see them
shaoran- what? our classmates? well they have power and that´s adventage for us because they will not get panic and we can work like normally we work
sakura- ok

- what ´s happening?
house keeper- what, eriol?
eriol- no..nothing, you can go
house keeper- yes mi lord
eriol-spinel you have sense it?
spinel- yes, there´s a lot of negative energy in japan, but especially in tokio
eriol- i think that was the reason that moyra appears to me
spinel- moyra?
eriol- yes, she is the owner of that energy that nakuru and you sense the other day. moyra work like an messenger of the actions of demiurgo her magic is really high she can predict and solve the puzzles of demiurgo, that´s the way that she can predict all the disasters that will come. now i understand she appears to me to go to protect sakura cause a new disaster will come direct to her. and the reason that the negative energy that we are sensing now are especially in tokio is that sakura now lives there

shaoran- i think that we are very close of kiu chen
sakura- yes, you´re right the negative energy is more intensive near of the east temple
sakura and shaoran were following the ghosts that were in some way atracted to the place where´s the most concentration of energy was
kiu chen was now opening his eyes and from his mouth he form a smile and his hands carrying a pergamine
kiu- well, i think that is time

so he raise his hands to the sky and a sign of clow appears under his feet but that embleme of clow was under another one that that one have the signal of the ying and the yang surrounded by to stars and the sun and the moon. then he start to move his hands and saying a conjuration -" all the hurtings soul of the world specially those ones that were atorment by the world please help me to wake up your king that is sleeping, GIVE ME THE POWER" after saying this words the sky was full of thunder then the floor was shaking like having an earthquake, then one thunder shot to the floor in front of where kiu was expending, from that thunder the floor start to open letting see a little kid about 7 years ald, his face was blue and his skin green his cloth consist in a black and dark blue costume with 3 ying and yang almost destroyed and his hands like was thin like a branch,( if you see it, i think that you will have die of scare) then that litle kid open his eyes that was red like a devil, then the kid stand up
kiu- well i see that you have wake up, now i´m your owner and your first mission for me is that you have to do like your job, the reason that you were created
kid-i know very well what´s my mission is to kill all those people that had relationship with the cards especially with clow´s ones now named sakura card
kui- great!!! i think that your job for me will be easy cause those people had and have relationship with the cards those people are: the misstress, and a boy enemy of mine named shaoran lee
kid- lee? why in all the times that i wake up i always have to kill someone who´s name is lee?
kiu- are you already kill some lee?
kid- yes, of course i have kill about 7 lees in the 5 times that i had wake up
kiu- well that will not be something new. now start to your job

( turning around)
kid- this stupid,he doesn´t know that all the people that have wake me up must die

-uh??? that negative energy!!! i need to go now-
yukito- yes, go!!
caho- but, can you take care of yourself??
yukito- of course that i can, go!!!
caho- well, if you say so

sakura- it´s seems that is here
shaoran- yes, you are right!! let´s enter!!
shaoran and sakura enter to the temple, as they walk in front of them appears a kid with bad condition(in cloth and body) but smiling evily
shaoran- hey, kid, what are you doing here?
no answer
shaoran- hey kid, listen to me!!!
no answer
sakura- please leave him alone, don´t you see how is the poor boy condition??
shaoran- anyway, kid had you saw an old man passing here with a magic costume???
kid-yes, a moment ago
shaoran- where´s he??? don´t you see he is dangerous???
kid- no, is not dangerous, and he is in the sky back of you
s+s turn around to see a flying kiu smiling
shaoran- so there you are. hey kid please get out of here, i don´t want that you get hurt!!!
kiu- you don´t have to warn the kid, he knows very well who i am.
kiu- what are you doing standing there, you must be attacking them
kid- by now i don´t want to do anything
kid-i don´t listen to you stupid old man, i don´t listen to anybody.
kiu- you...AAAAHHHH!!!!! WHAT THE..??
he turn to see shaoran with a big and bright sword in his right hand prepare to attack
shaoran- better leave the bla bla... cause if you don´t attack to me right now i will kill you
kiu- what ever you says lee shaoran
now was kiu who was preparing to attack but before he get prepare totally something attacks his back
kiu- WHAT?? why does you´re atacking me?????
no answer. but another shot in his back
shaoran- well, get prepare. AHHH!!!!
shaoran manage his sword with majesty against kiu we have to consider that kiu was very good using his staff. the kid that was seeing everything just smile and turn around to see sakura, sakura was standing not very far of the kid she was looking with attention, for if shaoran makes a mistake she will help him with her staff and the cards that she have with her

you know where is it?- tomoyo ask
touya- i only see that the ghost are going to that direction
tomoyo- do you think that sakura will be ok?
touya- i hope
tomoyo just turn around to see by the car´s window the street, the houses, the kids until she sees another car going the exact direction as touya and she, but the driver was quite a woman, but that woman was so familiar to her, that brown, those eyes, that face,...then tomoyo find out that that woman was exactly caho misuki

in a long place we can see(not see, is read) marina and kenji are seeing the battle between shaoran and kiu chen from a kind of giant crystal
marina- so, the foolish mr. have start his foolish revenge. it´s seems that he doesn´t know his destiny at all. cause if you are the person who wake up the kid you should die because it´s like you´re saying that you know something about the cards, specially clow´s ones, and the mission of the kid is to kill everybody who knows about the cards.
kenji- yeah,!! but anyway if the kid doesn´t kill him, i will do it, cause you know that i have to kill everybody that have seen my face and that stupid had see it once. but i will like more if i could kill that stupid i think that my dear sakura must be hungry
marina- yeah, you´re right!!!!
caho- so what are you going?
touya- we are following the goshts
caho- me too, so, let´s go

author -finally i finish this chapter,well i have a lot of things to be sorry first sorry i had promise to all of that i will explain some of the mysteries but i couldn´t

sorry about the fight btw. kiu & shaoran but if i had give ALL the details it will took me 4ever to finished

sorry too about that i have almost took all a month to do this chapter, the reason was that the school in that time were very difficult, in the first week, was the project´s week, then the exam´s week, then the homework week, and the last week i was sick, but i´m better now
ok ***********next chapter************
the things are turning very difficult to ours heroes, after all those years sakura can finally see tomoyo, and the fight btw shaoran, touya & kero have start. and in the battle one of the contender die and the other i think that it will survive or die and after the battle btw. kiu & shaoran finished a new battle will start well is 2 battles
ok, ok and there´s one more extra comment-Merry xmas & happy new year!

Chapter 8 (top)

yue- i have to hurry, the fight has start but...
- but.. what?
yue turn around to see a girl with gray hair and green eyes, he inmediatly recognize who was this girl, she was moyra.
moyra- can you tell me?
yue- you mean the but that i was talking about?
moyra- yeah!!
yue- the but that i was talking about is that i can´t diference the aura, because now i fell a lot of others auras more powerful of the one fighting.
moyra- that´s everything?
yue- hope so
moyra- i have come to you because i have some premonitions that i find recently
yue- what is it?


in the battle between shaoran & kiu was hot of hits, action, and movements. sakura

at that moment was amaze by shaoran´s magic had increase so big.
remembering the times when those two where kids sakura always have more power than he, but now she sees that shaoran has the same level of clow or maybe higher than hers.
but then she turn around to see the kid that was smiling and his eyes was shining but have a strange shine, a shine of desire. then the kid turn around to see sakura, and his smile increase more seeing that sakura was scare of him. then he turn around to see that the battle of shaoran and kiu, just in time that shaoran make a mistake and kiu take away shaoran´s sword. that´s makes sakura react, she was about to use her fire card to help shaoran but something stops her, when she make her face up she see the kid smiling and in his hands was threads ( the same enchant that use eriol to take over shaoran when he was just a kid) then he makes that sakura get out the sword card and her staff change to the sword.

then in one movement the kid make that sakura attack kiu.
kiu- what are think you are doing?, you must be helping me!!!
kid- like i said before, i DON´T accept orders from ANYONE
with anger the kid make sakura attack with more fierce to kiu, making sakura a great using sword girl.
kiu- but, why are you doing this to me?
kid- well, at the first time since i saw you i have the desire to kill you, but i wait that you can see our enemy one more time, before your death, but as i already see, that li don´t want to kill you b/c he is only using 1/4 % of his power, and if he wanted he could kill you in one only attack.
kiu- you...
kiu, sakura, shaoran and the kid turn around to see, the angry face, of touya, the surprise of tomoyo and caho.
kid- well, i think that is time for me to dissapear, let´s go "master"
saying that the kid and kiu dissapear and the threads around sakura dissapears too. letting sakura free.
yue- what??? are you sure of that??????
moyra- yes, of course, i´m not a joker
yue- but, if say that, the ken.. what ever, is a killer , you mean that ...
moyra- yes, that´s what i mean
moyra- there´s no but. the destiny of all of us are moved in whatever demiurgo says we can´t change it. sorry, that i had say this thing to you, good bye
next day...
tomoyo- oh, sakura i´m so happy here with you!!!!!
sakura- me too, well we have to hurry up in eating this ice cream, b/c shaoran call me this morning, that he find a strange pergamine in the temple that we were yesterday.
sakura- of course that we have not forget you kero, don´t worry!!!
kero- you says that we are going to see the bustard again?????
sakura- yes... that´s right!!!
kero- why are doing this to me sakura??? tell mmmmmmmeeeeeeee!!!!!!
sakura- i don´t understand you kero, why are you so angry that i go to see shaoran?????
sakura (blushing)- what are you saying kero??? you know about the problem that we have with kiu chen and that we can be...
-kill !!!!
sakura and tomoyo turn around to see a boy with black hair, with glasses, tall, with a european clothes
sakura- sorry, who are you???
eriol- don´t tell me that i have change so much, i´m eriol, don´t you recognize me???
sakura- WHAT REALLY??????
eriol- yes of course that i am, why we don´t go where´s li are???
sakura- oh yeah you are right!!
sakura, tomoyo and eriol enter to the room where touya & shaoran was. but when they open completely they see touya & shaoran fighting like kids.( well some things are not going to change) then kero get out of the bag where sakura hide him, and kero join to the fight.

author-well i decide that this chapter will finish without mistery and bad, and confiuncing endings.well like i promise in the last chapter there will be 2 fight, one btw shaoran & touya, and shaoran & kero.**** next chapter ****
all our heroes will solve a mistery,( that maybe i haven´t mentioned,) and they will take some kind of "vacation". and the fight btw. shaoran + touya + kero will increase ^^

Chapter 9 (top)

kiu- why are you doing this to me?
kid- don´t you see it? you are more foolish that i thought!!!!
kiu- but why?
kid- shut up now, i will explain it to you now, well i think that you already know what my "mission" is, right?
kiu- yes i know,: is to kill all the people that have some kind of connection or knowledge with the cards , right?
kid- don´t you have not see it, you said "cards" so that´s means that you know something about the clow cards
(kiu get surprise of it)
kid- in the very first moment that you wake me up, and told me that the people that i have to kill know something about the clow cards, in the moment you said " clow cards " i knew that you know something about it, and you know that my " mission" is kill everybody who knows about it, you have know something about it, ah and another clue that make me think that the people who wakes me up, is that everybody knows that i´m a clow card
with that confession kiu could rest in peace, but he was think about of been foolish in wakeing that kid up, why he doesn´t think about that first? why does he has done such a thing that give him the road to death?, why he was so foolish? but now is not the time for lamentations, what is done is done, he could not anymore change his future that in the next seconds will be coming to him: the death. but before that he has to know something, something that he wants to know.and that the kid was the only one who can tell him!
kiu- tell, what´s your name? what´s your card´s name?
kid- well as i see you will be death soon, so why can i not tell you that?... ok my name is th...
in that moment something interrupt him: the death of kiu, who fall in the floor bleedind by the batle with shaoran and the attacks of sakura with her sword
kid- well what a man!! with bbbbaaaddd luck
then the kid stand up and raise his face to the sky to see the marvelous moon where does on the tokio tower is see so beutiful.
kid- well lee shaoran, sakura kinomoto, and clow´s encarnation i think that i will give you some kind of "vacation" so that you can get prepare for the end of your lives

with that expression the kid dissapears under the moonlight and a sweet air that was chemishing the tokio tower, and the face of kenji and in the face of akira, then suddenly a smile mark their faces.


sakura- tomoyo, what we are doing here?
tomoyo- come on sakura, the reason that i bring you here is that i want you to remember something that we have always liked, when we were litle.
sakura- and what is it?
tomoyo- well yesterday i was passing by here to find a library, where does i went to find a book and i find a library that it´s just like tomoeda´s one don´t that be great?
sakura- well...
tomoyo- sakura are you hearing me???
tomoyo- sakura?
sakura- oh ... what? what´s happening?
tomoyo- what´s the matter sakura???
sakura- well i just was thinking of yesterday


after the fight of touya, kero & shaoran our heroes make themselves very serious and paying attention in the evidence, which this was the pergamine that shaoran find in the temple in which shaoran fight.

eriol- let´s see what it´s says:

the moonlight shine

in the middle of the night

2 shadow will be projected

one of them will dissapear

but when the 7 morning

of the sacred scripture pass a

new morning will come without

the sun hitting their faces

and when the day without sun

the birds will not sing

don´t go the way that

you always use.
sakura- but what means the 7 mornings, and the morning without the sun?
eriol- well the things, that i understand that it´s says the 7 morning is a time that i suppose that they are giving to us, b-cause the seven as the ordinary people says is the "#´s of good luck"
shoran-yes, you are right eriol, but one more thing, in the magic enchantings the seven is use like a mistic number of magic in which enchantings, magic and prophecies accur
eriol- so if you says that this must be related to that kid that you have see in the temple. but tell me lee how do you find this?
shaoran- well, i´m not the one who find it
touya- so, whom find it?
-i find it !!!!
everybody turn around to see who says those words except shaoran and tomoyo.
eriol- you find it???
niku- yes, i find it
eriol- how do you find it?
niku- well after the fight that my brother shaoran make with that kid, i return to the temple in that night, as i was walking i saw that horrible man who fight with my brother earlier, with that pergamine under his bleeding arm and he says to me-"your time will come very soon, ha, ha ,ha " then he dissapears like we the ghost do and leaving the pergamine, but i think that, that men is death because i was feeling that he was part of us: the ghost
every body get surprise of this except shaoran & tomoyo
tomoyo- hey why those everybody get so nervous and surprise???
touya- i you are still asking?don´t you hear what the girl says?( with a shout )
tomoyo- what girl? i didn´t hear anything
shaoran- ok, you (pointing to touya) leave her in peace. all of you know that niku is a ghost but all of you forget something: only the people with magic can see the supernatural and as all of us know tomoyo doesn´t have magic that´s the reason that she doesn´t hear even a word that niku says.
touya- sorry about it!!!
tomoyo- ok, that´s fine
eriol- but as i understand, hmmm......niku did you say that chen is death???
niku- yes
eriol- now i understand!!!
sakura- what you understand???
eriol -the thing that are mentioned in the pergamine!!
sakura- really??
shaoran- could you explain it to us??
eriol- alright here it´s goes in the first 2 verses it´s describing a common night, but if you see in the third verse it´s says about 2 shadows, and as we all know this pergamine is related to the kid and in the end of the fight with shaoran that kid take kiu and that´s the result of 2 shadows, in the fourth verse it´s says that one of them will dissapears and that exactly what happen to kiu he dies, the 7 morning that is reffering here means that those 7 days will be normal but when this time passes the next morning the kid will come for us and that morning without sun that it´s says there is refering that will be in dark and about the birds its a clue for us that, that will be the day that hte kid for sure will come for us , and the way that we always use is a signal for us that something in there will happen in the next morning day.
shaoran- so that´s means that kid is preparing himself in 7 days and in next morning will come for us. that´s means that all of us have just a week to prepare ourselves for the fight of that kid

nakuru- so that´s means HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

spinel- hey don´t be so happy with it!!!
caho-spinel leave her, enjoy herself. ok??

but one thing is worrying me (thinking)

end of flashback

tomoyo- come on sakura that happen yesterday, we still have time
sakura- but ...
the girls turn around and see shaoran and eriol coming to them
eriol- where does you going???
tomoyo- a library near of here, will you guys come with us???
shaoran- yes no problem
in the way to get in the library our friends were talking until they finally get into the library, a girl with brown eyes go to ask them of what book they are looking for
girl- could i help you ???
tomoyo- yes we................ rika???
rika- tomoyo?, sakura?, lee?, hiragizawa?, what are you doing here??
the group turn around to see who says that words and they inmediatly recognize their friends
- yamazaki, chiharu, naoko?????
-sakura, tomoyo, lee, hiragizawa????
author-here i come again, i don´t want to make comments but i have one thing to say:SORRY TO ALL OF YOU -_- for having flunk this fic, but i promise to you that i will continue writing especially for those of you that e-mail me and encourage me to continue,THANK YOU !!!in the next chapter...we are going to see how are heroes spend the "vacation" time and new romances will grow ^^´!!!