Who you really are by Angelheaven272003

Chapter 1 - He is a She, She is a He

The Kinomoto Kingdom’s army and the Li Kingdom army faced each other on the opposite side of the battle field. The Kinomoto’s army were dressed in light blue and the Li kingdom were dressed in black. The expressions on their faces were fierce and were preparing for battle, just waiting for their commander to signal them to fight. The battle was surly to be know throughout history. Both prince of each Kingdom were there with high generals and officers by their sides riding a horse. Soldiers were carrying their kingdom’s flag. The Kinomoto kingdom’s flag was red and white, while the Li kingdom’s flag was green and white.

This wasn’t their first battle against each other. This particular was six month long already. This battle, in fact was their seventh one in this war. So far, both sides are evenly matched. Many died and suffered, but they keep on going and were determine to win.

"Get ready. NOW!" commanded Touyo of the Kinomoto Kingdom. He was on a light brown horse and he had on their kingdom’s uniform. All of them dress the same and no generals were wearing an armor. This was on both sides. They felt that if the lower rank couldn’t wear armors and had to fight without them, they too would fight without armors.

The two army charge at each other fiercely. The distance between the two arms were no more. It was covered by the soldier fighting against each other. Swords were being used to kill each other and blood were everywhere. The soldiers weren’t as good in Martial Art as the upper ranks were. Many because they weren’t trained as advance. Soldiers were using their swords and slashing them upon the other soldier chest. The soldier fell to the ground with a thump that was no heard. In the situation, the thump was like a pin dropping on the floor with a bomb was erupting. The soldier body was a heap on the ground and the other soldier advanced on another ready to kill again.

The Li kingdom’s prince was Syaoran and he was on a black horse. Throughout his whole life no one was worth fighting him, until now that is. Aurkas was the one that Syaoran finally thought was worthy enough. Syaoran knew that it wasn’t right to look forward to a battle and losing a lot of men, but he always did want to fight Aurkas.

Syaoran and Aurkas faced each other. Aurkas was on a white horse and was wearing a hat and a handkerchief was covering the lower part of his face. His eyes were the only thing that he could see, but it was barely. Even part of his eyes were covered and Syaoran never did get a good look at him. Syaoran was always irritated after every battle and still not get the handkerchief off his face to reveal his true form...