Working With You

by Angelheaven272003

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Summary: Sakura and Syaoran are cops. When Tomoyo is pregnant with EriolÂ’s child, she leave the police force, leaving Sakura with a new and unmet partner. They must work together to solve the crime and learn to trust no one but themself. The people closest to them may not be who they really are. In this world, anyone can betray you.

Key: “” talk ‘’ thoughts ** change of scene or POV (AN) my comment Disclaimer: I do not own Card Captor Sakura. The wonderful people of Clamp do.

Chapter 1 Empty Handed Again (top)

*Normal POV* “ Go. Go. Go.” urged Sakura to her fellow co-workers. She waved her arm to signal them to move in. They were at a deserted house that haven’t been use for years. The gates were worn down and the door looked like it could fall apart any minute. Sakura and her co-workers were all dressed in uniform. It was midnight and the full moon lighted their way.

Slowly and steady, they move towards the door. Sakura leaned on the right side of the door while another officer leaned on the left side. Sakura moved her hand, with the gun, towards her side. She waved her hand and a officer slammed into the door. Which, knocked the door down.

The officers rushed in cautiously. Embracing themself of what to come. Slowly Sakura entered looking each way for a sign of anyone. There was no one there. “Search every angle of the house. Go into every room and if you find anything suspicious, inform me right away.” commanded Sakura, who was half shouting.

Some went upstairs, some searched the kitchen, while others went and look at the items. Each of the officers had a flashlight to light their way from place to place. The rooms were dusty and looked ancient, by the look of it, no one was ever here. Soon, some of the officers returned.

“Did you find anything?”, asked Sakura.

They just shook their head sadly. More and more came all shaking their head dismayed. Just then, an officer rushed in.

“Sakura. Dean found something. Come on.” said the officer as he hurried off.

Sakura and the other officers followed him. Dean was standing in from of a door which looked like a closet. There were only coats, but the coats looked like it was just worn. Sakura removed it and noticed that there was more to it. There was another door behind the coats.

Sakura motioned the officers towards her. The officers removed the coats. Slowly, Sakura moved her hand toward the knob and turned it. What Sakura saw was a staircase leading to somewhere.

“Come on, but be quite.” warned Sakura.

The stairs made no sound while they walked down, so someone must of fixed it up. Sakura shined the flashlight from left to right, inspecting every angle. Soon, they reached a door which looked newly painted with plain yellow. Again Sakura motion for an officer to open the door. This time, it was Dean who opened the door.

“What in the world?” shouted the man inside the room.

The room was dark. Dean turned on the light. The bed was all the way in the corner unmade. Obviously he was slumbering when they intruded. He was still sleepy and when he saw the guns holden by the officers, he immediately was wide awake. Spotting his gun, he made a quick dash for it. Realizing what he is trying to do, Sakura also made a dash for his gun that was on top of the drawer. Sakura blocked his way and pointed her gun at him. Even though she didnÂ’t wanted to shoot or anything, she would if she had to and she made that perfectly clear by pointing the gun towards his head with a steady hand.

“Don’t shoot. I’ll do anything. Just don’t shoot me.” begged the man who was clearly a coward. Sakura motioned for Emily to handcuff him. Emily was also a female officer and is one of Sakura’s closest friends. Two male officers got each of the man’s shoulders and guided him up the stairs and into the car.

“Good work everyone.” complimented Sakura.

They start up the stairs and out the door. The two officers were in the car with the man in it, while Sakura and a handful of other officers got onto the van. Dean, Emily, and Sakura were in the back of the van.

“I heard that your brother got here this week.” said Sakura to Emily. Emily shrugged.

“Yeah. I haven’t seen him in a while and he changed. He seem like a completely different person, but no matter what, I will still love him. Even though he seem like he changed, he is still my brother.” “Tell me about it. Touyo just can’t get the fact that I am grown up and can take care of myself. He is still too overprotective. Every time he calls the first thing he says is always ‘Are you dating anyone, if you are I will make him wish he was never born.’ or along those lines.”

“I guess I lost my chance. Huh?” tease Dean.

“Hey, do you know who your new partners is going to be? I mean, after Tomoyo resigned, three days ago, you will be needing a new partner. I heard that your new partner is a cop from Hong Kong and is also while respected, just like you. I think you have competition.” said Emily.

Sakura sigh.

“I don’t need a new partner. I can do will just fine by myself, thank you very much. He is never going to take Tomoyo’s place. I hope this man is going to led us to the end of the line of this crime. It been a wild goose chase for two months and still we haven’t solve it.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I haven’t been this irritated since my little sister ruin my best shirt up, while I was wearing it.” commented Dean.

“Why did she ruin your shirt and how?” asked a curious Sakura.

“Well, she thought that she could use my shirt to dry the table clean, so she grabbed the sleeve and clean the table. After she was done she said ‘Oh you better clean your shirt up. You never did know how to stay clean.”

“Really?” asked Emily.

“No, she wanted to see my chest.” said Dean sarcastically.

Sakura and Emily both laugh at this.

*Syaoran at the airport* *SyaoranÂ’s POV*

I look out the window and into the white puffy clouds. I would be meeting my new partner tomorrow. I wonder what she would be like. All the girls and women I met drooled over me. They were like pets always following me around, stalking me. At least they wonÂ’t find me in Japan. I wonder if my new partner would be the same. If she is, I havenÂ’t escape. I heard that she was in a very high rank and is well respected since she caught many criminals, which gain her many enemies. I was also well respected. I wanted to be the best out of the best and I was. I was considered the best out of the force. That was why Len, the head of the force, wanted me to go to Japan and work with someone else equally as good.

I sighed. It would be a miracle if any girl would just leave me alone. They were all boring and annoying. If my new partners are like them, it would be a long crime. I was up for a challenge since I heard that the police force been working on this case for two months. How hard can it be? I was about to found out.

“We are reaching Japan. Passengers, please buckle your seat belt tightly. We are going to land in five minutes. Enjoy your stay.” said the voice from the intercom. *The next day*

Sakura sigh. Her head was placed in her hands. She was going to met her new partner to discuss their case. After he got the basic of the case, they would watch the man being questioned.

The door opened and Diana’s head poke in. Diana was also a officer, but was new. She only been here for three months and is starting to get the hang of things around here. “Hey, Sakura, Benjamin said for you to go to his office. He said that it had something to do with your new partner. If the guy that just walked into this building is your new partner, you are one lucky girl.” with that she left.

Sakura sigh yet again. Slowly, buying her time, she made her way to the door and out of her office. She turned left and walk ahead to the room at the left end of the hall. Sakura raised her fist and knocked twice.

“Come in.” said a voice that belonged to Benjamin. Sakura opened the door and in front of her was Benjamin siting at his desk, with two chairs in front of it. One of the chairs was already seated. “Sakura, this is your new partner Syaoran Li. Syaoran, this is Sakura Kinomoto. Your office is next to hers. Get acquaint. Sakura, inform him of our case. Ket, that’s the man you caught, will be questioned today at noon. You many leave now.”

Sakura and Syaoran left the room. When they were out, Sakura didnÂ’t say anything but led him to his office.

*SyaoranÂ’s POV*

I was surprised that this Kinomoto didnÂ’t react the same as the others did. Maybe she is different. Who am I kidding? She is just acting in front of Benjamin. Girls and women are no different. They think you are some sort of toy and do whatever to get them.

*SakuraÂ’s POV* I donÂ’t get what Diana said about me being lucky. I am unlucky to be stuck with a partner. I sigh. Not talking to him, I just lead him to his office. Men were all boring and should not be trusted. *Normal POV*

“This is your office and mine is that one.” pointed Sakura at the door a few feet away. “I heard.” muttered Syaoran.Sakura didn’t bother making a comeback. She opened the door to her office and walked in leaving the doors opened. Syaoran followed her inside and looked around. Cabinets were next to her desk and sofas were at the side of the door. Two chairs were at the corner of the room.

Sakura opened her cabinets and went through the files.


Syaoran pulled one of the chairs at the far end of the room and pulled it in from of SakuraÂ’s desk.

Sakura opened the files and started to explain the case.

“We been on the case for two months. This guy, we presume, is making fake dollar bills and is involved in several other murders and crime. The fake dollar bills, are not like any we seen before. If you raise it up to the light, you will think it is a real bill. The only way to distinguish it from a real dollar bill, is by placing the real one over the fact one.” said Sakura, while showing Syaoran this.

“As you can see, the lines don’t line up. We have reason to believe that the person realizes this and is making a whole new batch. If he does, it will be harder to distinguish. We must stop him from doing so. He is incredibly dangerous. He killed many people who are his this way. Just last month, he killed this man who saw him making fake money. The man he killed didn’t finish explaining before he was shot.”said Sakura and let out a sigh.

“He is wise and does not make deals and business in his real form. He has his henchman do it for him. Just last night, we went and caught one of his henchman. His name is Ket. He has been doing most of the business. With him, we can get sources and where the guy may be. This would also mean that the person behind this would also figure this out."

“Any questions?”asked Sakura.

“And I was here thinking that you were one of the best. Oh, how wrong I was. You can’t even solve this case. What’s so hard. I say, you are not the best of the best. I am the best of the best and I am going to prove it by solving this case by myself, without anyone’s help.”

Sakura raised from her seat as fast as you can blink an eye and raised her fist. “Why you! How dare you insult me! Who in the world do you think you are. You think I would want to work with you?! As if! If I didn’t have to, you would be long gone! Now, you are here saying that I am not good?! Who do you think you are?! Fine with me! I can work alone just fine, thank you very much!” yelled Sakura who was speaking her sentences with exclamation marks.

“Fine by me. I work alone. Whoever solve this case first is the best out of the best.”said Syaoran emotionlessly.

“Now, if you don’t mind, GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!” shouted Sakura.

“Ouch! You don’t have to be so loud about it.” said Syaoran, who was rubbing his ears to check if he went deaf.

Syaoran pushed his chair back and got up.

“Whoever loses has to admit defeat. Get ready to make your defeat speech.”smirked Syaoran.

“OUT!” exclaimed Sakura.

Syaoran opened the door and got out, closing the door with a click.

*SakuraÂ’s POV* How dare he. Who does he think he is? The leader? The best? I'll show him. Trying to make a fool of me, huh? Never in a million years. *SyaoranÂ’s POV*

With a smirk, I left KinomotoÂ’s office. This would be amusing. Well, maybe I was wrong that she would be like every women I met. She acted as if I was every other men in the world. This is going to be fun.

*Normal POV*

Sakura and Syaoran both went to the place where Ket would be questioned. “I said, I don’t know anything. I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m innocent I tell you. I’m innocent.” countered Ket with his rough and croaked voice. His face only showed worries and fright. Ket's eyes were plain old brown and was unsteady.

Sakura sigh. They were getting nothing out of him so far. This was going to be long.

“Let me say it again. Who is your boss? Who is behind this? Where is he? Tell me everything you know.” said Benjamin.

“I already told you, I don’t know anything. I don’t even know what you are talking about.” answered Ket.

“Then, tell me, why do you have a suitcase full of fake dollar bills?” “I . . .”

“Think about it. Do you really think your boss will care if you are caught?” “Of course he will . . .”

“Yes, he will. He will because he is afraid if you will give us any information.” “NO! He won’t. He cares about everyone.” “So tell me, who is he?” “I don’t know!” “How can you not? You just admitted that you have a boss and he is behind all of this. Now spill. Who is he? Where is he hiding?” “I don’t know!”

Benjamin looked at the officer standing at the door.

“Take him away. We will continue to question him tomorrow.”

The officer took Ket, whoÂ’s hand was still cuffed.Sakura stood up and left with Syaoran behind her.

“This is going to be harder than I thought it would be. Ket just won’t spill anything.” thought Syaoran.

*At night* Sakura was in bed, but couldnÂ’t sleep. She was thinking about the case. Something didnÂ’t feel right here. She felt that she is missing something about the whole thing and the feeling just wouldnÂ’t leave her alone. If was as if she missed an important fact, but she didnÂ’t know what. Sakura looked up at the ceiling. Her eyes got used to the dark and could see the outline of the light.

Sakura sigh. She knew she was missing something, but what. Something about the case just wasnÂ’t right.Just then, the phone next to SakuraÂ’s bed rang.


“Sakura, this is Dean. Come here to the station quick. There is a big problem.” Sakura got nervous. What could it be? Did it have something to do with why she feels that she was missing a fact?

“What is it? What happened there?” asked Sakura.

“Ket, he . . . he . . .” “He what?” “He died.”

Sakura dropped the phone and rushed to get dressed.

*SakuraÂ’s POV*

This must be it. This must be why I feel so weird. The person behind the fake dollar bills, must of got someone to kill him so he will never speak again. If he dies, he will be shut off forever and they will get no information out of him. Gr . . . why havenÂ’t I thought of it before? I knew something was wrong. I hate it when my feelings are right. Now, the only one who we can get information off of is now dead. We are empty handed again. He was too smart for us again.

------------------------------------ *AuthorÂ’s Note*

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Chapter 2 - Maybe Not (top)

Sakura parked her car in front of the station. She rushed in and Syaoran was already there. Not caring, she rushed to the place Ket was held. Sakura entered the room. Officers were wearing white gloves and were taking pictures of the crime scene. On the floor was Ket, blood was flowing around him. Dean handed Sakura a pair of gloves as she entered the cell. "What? How?" asked Sakura, who was unable to find the right words.

"When I came to check on Ket, I noticed the guards, Steve and Billy, were asleep. At first, I thought they were simple asleep, but when I tried to wake them up, they wouldn’t. There, I realized they were drugged. I quickly came to check on Ket, but he was already stabbed from behind. He didn’t die just yet. Before he died, he said some words. The only words I was able to make our was sister, floor, letter, and Joanna Hearor.” answered Dean.

Sakura quietly slipped out of the cell and walked to BenjaminÂ’s office. She was deep in thoughts. Sakura didnÂ’t bother knocking on the door. She turned the knob and walked straight in. Syaoran was there, sitting in the same place he did yesterday when Benjamin called Sakura over. Sakura seated herself next to Syaoran.

“Benjamin, we many have lost a source, but Dean said that before Ket died, he said something. The only few words he was able to make out in Ket’s condition were sister, floor, letter, and Joanna Hearor. We may still have sources to continue.” said Sakura with a sigh.

Benjamin rubbed his head with his hands. He was aging before their eyes. He looked up at them with tired eyes. “Go look on information on Joanna Hearor. She may be able to provide some sources or information. The officers are looking for some finger prints and hope that we can pick up some. Go. Just go. Do something. Try to figure out what the words mean.” Benjamin put his head in his hands again. Sakura and Syaoran pushed back their chairs and walked out of the room. The door closed with a click. Outside, Sakura leaned her head on the wall and gave out a long sigh, with her eyes closed.

Syaoran stared at her with amusement. SakuraÂ’s eye flared opened.

“What are you looking at?”asked Sakura.

“Oh nothing, just that you let the most important piece of information we have so far dies.” “Excues me. You were here too. You could have thought of it.” “You were the one who caught him and . . .”

“That’s completely correct. I caught him and you didn’t” said Syaoran.

“You were suppose to make sure that everything would go according to plan. Which, is getting information out of Ket and get the guy behind all of this. It’s as simple as ABC.” countered back Syaoran.

“Look here Li. I know what I am doing. If you don’t like that, fine. I don’t care.” “If you know what you are doing, then, what do you do now?”

“Get information of Joanna Hearor. She must be his girlfriend, or at least they had a relationship. Men are nothing different. If they have money, they would want women.” said Sakura as she walked away without turning back.

“Not all men are the same. Take me for instance. Good-looking, kind, and better than you.” Syaoran called after her.

*SyaoranÂ’s POV*

WhatÂ’s the matter with her? True, what I said about as simply as ABC wasnÂ’t true, it did get on her nerve. Things were getting amusing. I admit, this case isnÂ’t as easy as I thought it would. One minute you get a source, the next his died. This guy knows what he was doing. What bothers me the most was the fact that he penetrated the station without even be noticed. This was impossible. Guards, officers were everywhere, surely they would have heard something. It just does make sense. Something was wrong here.

*SakuraÂ’s POV*

I walked away. Not even answer him. Why should I? He was a man. He would know. All he knows is the opposite of this.

*Normal POV*

“Here is all the information I can get on Joanna Hearor so far. I will still work on it.” said Diana as she turned to leave to get back to her own work.

Sakura opened the file.

Name: Joanna Hearor Birth Place: Howson DOB: June 15, 1982 Parents: Jacky Mork (mother) Kung Hearor (father) Blood type: O Current address: 52-63 Godon Street apt. F3 Notes: - neighbors say she been returning home late with a man - man never comes in - on last week, the man entered the room, but looked nervous - left in a few minutes in a hurry - Joanna doesnÂ’t work - the man hasnÂ’t returned for a week - neighbor that reported this was Sophia Dindle

‘There wasn’t much information on Joanna Hearor. Not yet that is.’ thought Sakura. *Syaoran*

Syaoran was preparing to leave to go to the deserted house to look for more evidence or anything that will help them. It was weird, the guy seems to be one step ahead of them as far as he saw. The thing was, he did all of this with such ease. Syaoran got his coat and walked out of his office. On his way, he passes SakuraÂ’s office.

Sakura came out of her door just as Syaoran was walking past it.

“Where are you going?” asked Sakura.

“I thought that you said that we weren’t working together. Actually, I said that, but oh well. I don’t have to share information with you.” said Syaoran as he walked around the corner.

Two seconds later, Syaoran back tracked and faced Sakura again.

“Um . . . where is the place that Ket was staying at?”

Sakura sweatdropped. (AN didnÂ’t know if I should put that. It doesnÂ’t flow with the story.)

“Just follow me. I’ll show you.” was the reply that Syaoran got.

They walked to the parking lot and went to their cars.

Sakura and Syaoran turned on the engineers and SakuraÂ’s car went into drive. She exited the lot with Syaoran right behind her. (AN I need some serious character development here. Sigh)

*On the highway*

SakuraÂ’s and SyaoranÂ’s car were right next to each other, driving at the same speed. The wind blew into SakuraÂ’s face letting her short hair flow with the wind.

Just then, a fire truck passes them, who was in a hurry. “Where are they headed?” Sakura said to herself. Syaoran heard and answered “Who cares. We have our own problems.” “We are headed the same way. Why not check out?”

Before Syaoran could answer, Sakura was way ahead of him. There was nothing he could do since he didnÂ’t know the way to the house. He zoomed ahead to keep up.

SakuraÂ’s and SyaoranÂ’s car halted to a stop at what they saw. Sakura stepped out of her car and could only stare hopelessly. It was gone. Fire rose with the mixture of heat, oxygen, and fuel. It burned the house to crisp. Even the firefighter couldnÂ’t stop it. The water did no good. The fire was unbeatable. Which, proving to them that the man was one step ahead of them again.

“Crap! He got away with it again! Gr. Shit!” cried Sakura, but she wasn’t through.

“#*?@!^$&#%” cursed Sakura who was going through the whole alphabet and saying words that even Syaoran didn’t know there were. Syaoran backed away from her. He didn’t know how dangerous he could be until now.

Sakura raised her hands in fury and shaking it uncontrollably. It seems like another fire was burning and that fire was the fire in SakuraÂ’s emerald, while smoke came out of her ears.

Finally, in what seems like hours, Sakura calmed down and was starting to think properly again. Sakura breathes in and out slowly.

*SakuraÂ’s POV*

After I got my anger expressed, I walked to my car ignoring LiÂ’s call. I started to engine and speeded away. There must have been something in the house that the guy behind all of this didnÂ’t want us to find. What was it? What kind of information have I just lost here?

“Where are you going?” called out Syaoran for the last time.

Even in the distance, I could still hear him. I wasnÂ’t sure where I was going, but just went. A place that I can go. I just followed my instinct. Going to a place where I hoped, I would be too late. *SyaoranÂ’s POV*

I called after her, but it was no use. She probably was going back to the station. I guess that I need to give her some time alone. That was twice in a row that this guy got the evidence destroyed. I sighed and decided to go back to the station. I might as well, do some work on Joanna Hearor. I started my car and went zooming away.

*Normal POV* Syaoran entered the station. The female officers stopped what they were doing and stared at him as though they didnÂ’t see anything like him. Syaoran went to look for Dean and stopped him with a cup of coffee walking toward Syaoran while reading a piece of paper. He walked right into Syaoran. He was off balance and was falling backwards. Syaoran caught DeanÂ’s cup of coffee and stuck out his hand. Dean took it without think, which caused him to save himself from falling.

“Do you know where the file of Joanna Hearor is?” asked Syaoran, while Dean was still in the same position.

“I think Diana Binal has it.” “Thanks.”

With that, Syaoran let go of his hand and placed the cup of coffee on a nearby desk. Dean fell down with a thump.

“Oww . . . “ complained Dean who was rubbing his behind.

Syaoran went to the main room where officers are. The main room is where a number of officers have their desk next to each other and receives calls. Syaoran spotted Diana alone with the computer on. He walked up to her.

“Binal, do you know where the file on Joanna Hearor is?” asked Syaoran. (AN I pick weird names. RIGHT?)

“Of course I know where it is. I put it together.” said Diana who didn’t remove her eyes off the screen of the computer.

“Well, where is it?” asked an impatient Syaoran.

“I gave it to Sakura. If you want it, ask her. You are her partner after all.”

Syaoran shook his head. ‘Where was it leading to? First I went to Dean who said to go to Diana who said to ask Sakura, who wouldn’t share any information with me.’ thought Syaoran.

“Hey Diana! Do you have the file on Joanna Hearor?” asked Emily, who just entered.

“Why won’t people stop bothering me with that question?”


The officers looked at her crazily. Dean just walked in and heard her.

“Hey Diana! Do you have the file?”

Diana shot up from her seat and glared at him.

“Hey. Hey. Hey. Cool down I was kidding. Why would I need her file?”

He might as well try. Syaoran left the main room and walked toward SakuraÂ’s office. It was like a maze going from one place to another. He raised his fist to knock, but thought that he would just go in.

“I would do that if I were you. Well, you wouldn’t do that. Sakura practically hates you. Anyway, she’s not there.” said Eriol.

“I haven’t seen you before. Who are you?” asked Syaoran.

“Sakura’s best friend’s husband or you can say Sakura’s best friend’s child’s father or you can say your future best friend or you can say Eriol or you can say. . . .” answered Eriol simply.

*SyaoranÂ’s POV*

“Okay, okay. I get the point” said I to Mister I-Will-Give-Myself-A-Ton-Of-Name.

This guy is annoying and weird. “And I am not your future best friend.” “Sure you will.”

I just ignored him and entered SakuraÂ’s office. On her desk was the file on Joanna Hearor open. I took a glance at it and turned around to go back. Mister I-Will-Give-Myself-A-Ton-Of-Name was at the doorway looking at me.

“What?” I asked getting irritated.

“You will make a good pair for her.” Eriol said under his breath.

I just caught few words of what he said. I walked pass him and into the hall.

*Normal POV* Syaoran walked away and headed for his car.

“Stupid Eriol. I just met him and already he is on my nerve. Stupid Eriol. Stupid. Stupid. Now where is 52-63 Godon Street?” muttered Syaoran. (AN I don’t think I put Sakura and Syaoran together enough and talk enough. Sigh. I need to figure that part out.)

*Outside 52-63 Godon Street* *SakuraÂ’s POV*

I was sitting in my car thinking. My head on the wheels. ‘What brought me here?’ I asked myself. ‘Why in the world aren’t you going in?’ again I could answer. I guess that I was afraid. Afraid to find out that if I go in, she will be dead and to be late again. I sigh. I might as well get it over with. At least, if she is still alive, I have to protect her no matter what. I got out of the car and head for the front door to the apartment.

“Beep. Beep.”

I turned around and saw Li racing up to me.

‘What was he doing here and how did he know where to find me?’ I thought.

I didnÂ’t care about him or what so ever. I pushed open the glass door to the tall building. The building looks old. With one side being worked on to look brand newly again and the other side that was the ugliest thing you ever saw.

I opened another door to enter the building. The door behind me swung opened again and Syaoran caught up to me. In the front desk sat a man in his late forties with his uniform on. I walked up to him, with Syaoran right behind me.

“Where is F3?” I asked the man.

“Sixth floor. The elevator straight down the hall.” “Thanks.” *Normal POV*

Sakura and Syaoran entered the elevator.

“Why are you here? How did you find me?” asked Sakura.

“What makes you think I was looking for you?” “While, for the fact that I got here first and you weren’t.” “You’re not the only one that can check on her you know.”

“Fine. Let me rephrase it. HOW did you know Joanna Hearor was here?” asked Sakura.

“Piece of cake. Open your office door. Walk in. Look at the file. Walk out. Drive and ta da I’m here.”

Sakura rolled her eyes.

The elevatorÂ’s door opened.

“Ladies first.” said Syaoran as he moved his hand showing the way.

Sakura was about to walk out, but was stopped.

“But, then again, you aren’t a lady, so I have nothing to worry about.” said Syaoran as he hurried off.

Sakura blinked and the door started to close.

“Hey. What the?” said Sakura.

She slipped out of the elevator and walked after Syaoran.

“F3.” whispered Sakura and her old fears rushed back to her. “I know.”

Syaoran ranged the door bell twice and stepped back again. Sakura held her breath hoping someone will answer the door.

Finally it did. A woman near her early twenties opened the door. She was in her bath robes.

“Hold on for a minute.” With that she closed the door.

Sakura leaned on the wall and let out the breath she was holding. The door opened again and this time she was in a simple white t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

“Can we come on? We have some questions to ask you. We are with the police force and would like you to help us with our case. ” “Of course.” said Joanna who was looking at his deep pool of amber eye.

She opened the door a bit wider to let them in. Syaoran step in and when Sakura was about to walk in, she turned to Syaoran.

“Um . . . she?” “Let her in.”

Sakura walked in to a cozy apartment. Pictures in frames were hanged on the wall. They entered a living room with two sofa on the side and a foot high table in the middle. At the other end of the room was a television set.

“Joanna Hearor, we have witnesses that you been seeing Ket. You may not know, but he is dead. We have reason to believe that the person he was working for has murdered him to silent him. Do you have any information that can help us with our case? We would appreciate it.”

“I . . . don’t know any of this.” denied Joanna who was trembling.

“Let’s have a sit first and then talk.” suggested Syaoran who was watching all of this without interpreting until now.

When they were seated, Sakura talked again.

“Ket have been working for a guy that been making fake dollar bills. Just recently, we have caught him with evidence, but the next day, he was killed. We believe the guy was the one who was behind this. We would like your help in finding who he is. We have wittiness seeing him come here.” “He never come in.”

“According to what we have, he did, once. He came in and out hurrying. Why did he come in? Please give us your full support in this case.” said Sakura.

Syaoran watched her speak as though she spoken this may times before. He was amazed that she can question her without any hesitation and spoke like a pro.

Joanna been looking at her hands most of the time they were here. Finally, she looked at them. She took a deep breath to let it sink in and was prepared to answer them.

“From what I know . . .”

Chapter 3 - A Past Friend's Death (top)

"From what I know, which is a little since he never talks about those things. He never met him.
Ket never was able to contact him even if it was an emergency. Whenever he calls, it is always
from a pay phone. He gives his orders and hang up. On day, Ket was doing business with
someone and I eavesdropped. The guy, has the metal-made copy of the fake dollar bill. Wheneverhe needs more money, all he had to do was makes more copies. He never makes it with the country. " paused Joanna.

"He has it shipped over, but when people search cargos, they were never able to find anything.
The last time I saw Ket, he said he would be away for a while I asked why and he said that he
was coming and Ket decided to hide for a while, until he was gone. That day, he entered my
apartment, since it would be a long time until we will see each other again." said Joanna with a

"Did he say anything? From the information we have, he came in and out. I don't believe that he
would just stay for a minute and leave just because he was going away for a while." said Syaoran.

Joanna looked at him in surprise. It was as though she felt that he should make it hard on her. He was all business like too.

"That was what I thought at first, but when he came inside and he . . ."


"He . . . he said that if he makes . . . it back, he and I would get . . . married!" sobbed Joanna.

Sakura's faced soften just a bit, but wasn't enough to be noticed.

"And . . . now we will never be able to . . . have a real family." cried Joanna.

Syaoran got up and got some tissue.

"Here." said Syaoran as he held the tissue out for her.

"Thank you."

Sakura got out her cell phone, which was pink with a white bunny hanging from it. Syaoran eyed her.

"Hello Benjamin, send two officers to 52-63 Godon Street apt. F3." said Sakura after Benjamin
picked up his phone

"Yes . . . No, not much . . . I know . . . okay . . . yeah." said Sakura as she hung up.

"Well?" asked Syaoran.

Sakura eyes darted to the door and back. Syaoran catching the meaning stood up.

"We will be outside. If you think of anything tell us." said Syaoran as he gave her a card of the

Sakura walked to the door, with Syaoran behind her. The door closed gently.

"I told Benjamin to send two officers to guard the door. We would want to risk him getting in,
now do we? We have to wait until they arrive." said Sakura.

"Since when do you use ‘We'? Me and you are working on this alone. Now, that you said ‘we' I
take it as that you want to work with me. Why didn't you just say so? I would of understand that
you liked me." smirked Syaoran.

Sakura glared at him and looked ready to kill.

"Maybe you need to new brain. Hell no I would ever like you. In terms of ‘we' it means, you, me
at the same place, doing the same thing. Do you need to smack on the head to get that in?" roared Sakura.

"Ah." said Syaoran delighted. "The first sign of liking someone."

"And that is . . . ?"

"Saying that you don't like him."

"Why you . . ." started Sakura, but stopped mid-way. "Do you like Joanna. You can see that she
likes you from her eyes. You two been making eyes at each other."

"Why would I like her? Yeah right we been making eyes at each other. I do not like Joanna and
never will." said Syaoran before he thought about what he said.

"Yup. You definitely like her. Like you said the first sign of liking someone is denying it." said
Sakura, nodding her head.

"I said no such thing. I said ‘saying that you don't like him', but when it comes to us guys, it's a
whole new story." replied Syaoran.

"Of course it is. You men don't have feelings." said Sakura simply.

"What's that suppose to mean?" questions Syaoran.

Just when Sakura was about to answer him, the elevator door opened. Out stepped Tavis Taylor and Harris McKeaton.

"Over there"said Tavis, pointing towards Sakura and Syaoran. He and Harris walk towards them.

"We'll take over from here." said Harris.

Sakura returned with a nod. They got to their cars and when Sakura started her engine and started to drive, she got nowhere.

"Hoe?" said Sakura.

She got out of her car and checked her tires. Sure enough, there was a flat tire.
"Dammit!" shouted Sakura.

Syaoran got out of his car and saw the flat tire.

"Get in my car." said Syaoran


"Do you just want to stand there until someone fix it? I said get in my car. I'll give you a lift."

Sakura eyed him suspiciously.

"Fine. Have it your way." said Syaoran in defeat.

"Hey. Wait. Fine." said Sakura in three single words

Sakura got into his car. Syaoran drove off.

"Someone seriously need to teach you grammar skills." stated Syaoran.

"Why are you going this way? The other way is easier."

"Stop back seat driving. I'm the way driving this thing. Unless, you want to be left back there."

The rest of the way, the car was filled with silence. Sakura had closed her eyes and just let the
wind rush past her. (AN Sorry, I think I forgot to mention that their cars are those kind that the
roof open and close. Hehe. >.<)

"Shit!" cried Syaoran.

Sakura opened her eyes and knew exactly what he meant. They were stuck in traffic. Sakura

"Why me?" muttered Sakura. "If I waited for my car to be fix, I would be stuck in traffic."

"Stop complaining. It happens all the time."

"If you have gone my way, we wouldn't be stuck." stated Sakura.

"How was a suppose to know?"

"You could of just listen to me. Why do you have to be so stubborn?"

"Me? Stubborn? You shouldn't be talking." said Syaoran.

"I'm going to sleep."

Sakura lower her seat and lay flat with her eyes close. Syaoran looked at her with amusement.
(AN need SS moment. Don't worry, I made Sakura go to sleep because . . . anyway, you will find
out soon. Hehe. May of you may think that Joanna will die, well . . . you'll see. >.<)


Sakura and her officers hid behind the cars and bricks. They were holding guns and Sakura was nervous. Henry was in jail, but broke free, now he was spotted and he was dangerous. He had a gun and a victim, Jessica. Jessica was one of Sakura's best friend. She was in charge of the jail cells. Henry and Jessica got along fine. Jessica felt that he changed and he wasn't the way he used to be.

Later, however, Henry escaped with Jessica. Now, they were hot on their trail. Sakura and the
officers emerged from behind the cars and bricks. Each of them were holding their gun and
pointing it at him. Jessica was next to Henry and was holding his hands as if crashing it.

"Why Jessica?" shouted Sakura.

"I . . ." said Jessica, looking away from her eyes.

Henry rise his gun ready to shot.

"NO!"shouted Jessica, who grabbed his arm to pull it down. It was no use, his arm stayed put.

Sakura and the officers were only two yards away. It was close enough to not miss the target.
They got ready to shot. A wave of fear rushed though Henry's eyes.

"NOW!" shouted Sakura.

They all fired at the same time. Henry knowing he wouldn't escape, pulled Jessica in front of

Sakura gasped as the bullets went through Jessica's body, blood came flowing out and slowly,
she fell to the floor. Her white shirt was now a red shirt She lay there looking up at Henry, who
was unharmed. Henry's cold eyes showed no emotion. Slowly, he brought his gun down and
point it toward Jessica stiff body. Boom. He shot her and her eyes didn't move.

Sakura felt a rush of hatred to the desire to be next to Jessica to tell her everything would be
okay, but everything wasn't. She was died and that was final.

Sakura watched her aim and shot Henry who was still looking down at Jessica. Henry's arm shot up. He was falling backwards. When he hit the ground, his legs jerked up and went down again. Sakura rushed towards Jessica, despite her instinct. She feel down to her knees and looked at Jessica's blue eyes.

Boom. Another shot was heard. Sakura looked up and saw that Emily had her gun stuck out.
Sakura turned her head and saw that Henry was in a different position. He had tried to kill her.
His heartbeat stopped. Two officers came and took his pulse.

"He's died."

Emily rushed to Sakura, who was still watching Jessica with sorrow in her eyes.

"Sakura." said Emily. She placed her hands on Sakura's back and held her in a hug. Sakura burst into tears and soaked Emily's yellow shirt.

~*Outside The Dream*~

"No. Jessica. Don't. You can't. Jessica. JESSICA!" muttered Sakura.

Syaoran looked at her with concern.

"Hey. Wake up." said Syaoran who was shaking her, trying to wake her up. It was no use. She
didn't wake up. She keep mumbling Jessica over and over again.


Sakura sobbed into Emily's arm and cried continuously.

"It's all my fault. It's my fault that Jessica died. It's all my fault." said Sakura.

"Sakura, it's not. It's not your fault. The one to blame for all of this is Huntingson (AN Henry)
It's his fault that he made Jessica fall for him and convince her into escaping with him. I be that
he tricked her into it. Sakura. Come on. Stop blaming yourself." comforted Emily.

Sakura sobbed even more.

~*Outside The Dream*~

"SAKURA!" shouted Syaoran.

Sakura woke up. Her face was white and she was sweating.

‘Did I just call Kinomoto, Sakura?' thought Syaoran.

Sakura looked up at him and was breathing heavily.

"Jessica. It's all my fault." said Sakura again.

"Who is Jessica?" asked Syaoran.

"Jessica why did you have to go with Henry?" said Sakura who took no notice of Syaoran.

"Kinomoto snapped out of it!" yelled Syaoran.

Hundreds of cars were around them, honking loudly. Even though they knew it was no use
honking, they still did so. They were moving nowhere and so far, they only moved one yard.
They were on the bridge. The sky was redish-orange with the sun starting to set. The sunlight
started to go dimmer and dimmer, but slowly.

Syaoran continue to shake Sakura trying hard to get Sakura out of the trance she was in.

~*Syaoran's POV*~ (AN first POV in this chapter)

I was shaking Kinomoto furiously, trying to get her out of the trance she was in. Her body shook, but her eyes stayed force, not moving at all. Her face was pale and her hands were cold. Cold sweat were on her forehead, leaking down.

~*Sakura's POV*~

Jessica. Why? Why did you have to go? It's all my fault. It's my fault that you died. If I haven't .
. . I'm the one to blame for your death. Jessica. You did no fault with going with him. You were
just following your heart. I'm so sorry. But, why Jessica? Why him? He didn't love you. He used
you. Oh, why Jessica? Huntingson didn't deserve your love.

~*Normal POV*~

"Kinomoto!" shouted Syaoran for the last time.

Sakura jerked awake. She looked at him confused at first. As if she didn't know where she was
and what was happening. She stared blankly at him and soon, it all reached back to her. Why she was here, what happened, what was in the dream.

Sakura was breathing heavily and coming to her senses.

"What were you muttering about? Who was Jessica?" asked Syaoran with concern and forgetting that they enemies. (AN not doing a good job with the enemy thing. Seriously, I need a better conversation and topic to bicker about. Sigh.)

Sakura answered him as though she didn't know who she was talking to, but just wanted to let it all out. To stop it from concealing within herself, to let the feeling flow out of her.

"Jessica. She was my best friend, besides Tomoyo. She was on the force with us. When we got a criminal named Henry Huntingson, Jessica was in charge of the cell and watched him. Over the weeks, she got to know he and they feel in love. Well, that is what Jessica felt. She believed that he change for good and not the way he used to be. Later, Huntingson preluded Jessica to help him escape. Saying that if she loved him, she would help him escape and they would start a new life together." said Sakura still staring at one spot. She paused and started again.

"We found out where they were headed and went after them. When we got there, we had a clear field and view. We were about two yards away and could shot him without harming Jessica. However, when we shot, Huntingson pulled Jessica in front of him and made her become her shield. She didn't die right away. She was lumping on the floor and Huntingson delivered the last shot to kill her. Huntingson did kill that day though." continued Sakura, not knowing who she was talking.

"How is that your fault?" questioned Syaoran.

"Jessica shouldn't have gone with him. He didn't loved her. He was just using her to get to his
goal and that was escaping. He didn't have feeling. None did. All men were the same. They were
all like Huntingson. They don't know what is love and they definitely don't have feelings." said
Sakura not hearing his question.

"Why haven't I stop her? I should have been there with her. It's my fault. I noticed that she was
feeling uneasy, but I didn't bother with it. I thought she need time alone. I guess I was wrong and
that was what made her die. To look at her blue eyes and seeing nothing, with her laying there

Syaoran didn't know what took over, but he felt the urge to comfort her and hug her. He
controlled himself not to do so, but you can see that he was tempted. When Sakura broke into
tears, Syaoran couldn't control it anymore. He moved closer and pulled her near him. Sakura
cried into his t-shirt like she did with Emily on that day. (AN oh no! *gasps* I need to include
Joanna again in this chapter. Sikes.) Tears leaked on Syaoran's shirt leaving a soaked shirt. A
part of the shirt was wet, which foamed a circle.

"Kinomoto." muttered Syaoran.

To them, the silence was welcoming, even though there was honking everywhere.

"I should have warn her. I knew what type of person Huntingson was. I know. He was using his
method on Jessica. Jessica wasn't the only one that was tricked. I should of know better. I should of warn her and stop her." said Sakura.

Syaoran was confused. How would she know? Was is something else that she didn't tell him?
Syaoran was about to ask when the cars started moving. Sakura shifted back to her spot and
Syaoran was deep in thoughts. When they parked in front of the station, realization finally hit
Sakura. She had told him one of her feelings and secret.

"Oh no!" moaned Sakura, who was walking into the station.

"Finally realize what you told me?"said Syaoran, in front of her.

"Don't tell me I told you about Huntingson . . ." she didn't continue her sentence, when Diana
appeared in front of her.

"Sakura. Dean and Emily were going to change shifts with, who were those two guys again, oh
yea, Taylor and McKeaton. When they went inside to check on Joanna, she was gone! Her cloths were gone. We don't believe that the guy killed her, since she left without a trance, with some of her possessions." informed Diana.

Sakura groaned. They would have to go back again and to top it off, with Li in the same car.

Syaoran smirked. "Let's get to it then."

~*Chapter 4 - Can She Be One?*~ (top)

"What do you mean she's gone?" shouted Sakura. Travis and Harris winced. Syaoran chuckled to himself. Now, he knows that he wasn't the only one she shouted at.

"Explain!" demanded Sakura, with smoke coming out of her ears and her eyes burned in fiery.

Travis and Harris made eye contact, wanting the other to answer. They were too afraid to answer.

"I'm waiting" said Sakura in a low, but dangerous voice.

Travis and Harris shuddered.

"Well . . . uh . . . you see, when we were suppose to change shifts with Dean and Emily, we um . . . heard them coming and we decided to go. When Harris and I were near the entrance, my cell rang and . . . yeah . . . Dean said that Emily said that Joanna was gone." said Harris in a shaky voice. Emily stepped in the, so called, "conversation".

"I wanted to make sure that Joanna was okay, but when I entered the room, no one was there Somehow, I ended up in her room and I noticed that some of her clothes were gone. I told Dean to call Harris and I called Diana. She said that she will deliver the message to you." said Emily.

"You know, I am sick and tired of this so just . . . just." Sakura didn't continue. She entered Joanna's apartment, blocking everything out. (AN OMG I just have a idea for this fanfiction, but if I start to unleash it from here or later on chapters, it would probably sound awkward. Maybe. Hm . . . or I can . . .yes . . I can . . . hm . . . next chapter most likely or this . . . hm . . .)

Sakura started down the wooden floor to Joanna's bedroom. All of a sudden, Sakura was falling forward. Sakura caught her balance by clasping the wall. She turned and saw that a floor board was sticking up and had a loose nail on the side. Sakura frown and continue her way to Joanna's bedroom.

Joanna's bedroom's wall was covered with rose wallpaper from bottom to top, even the ceiling. Spaces around the roses were strips of pink and white. A wrinkled twin sized bed was in the middle of the room, with two tables at the side with lamps on them. A phone on the right side near the two windows that give you a view of the building across the streets. A sliding closet next to the door and a mirror across from the bed with makeup and hair brush above the many drawers.. The drawers were opened half-way and was a mess. Clearly, Joanna was in a hurry.

Sakura stepped into the room to examine it more. The sliding closet was also opened half way and coat racks were scattered on the floor between the bed and the closet. Sakura walked toward the window and closed the curtains. No use having the neighbors and other people get involved, but it was probably too late already with all the commotion already. Words and gossip would surly travel past around here.

With a sigh, Sakura dragged her legs out of the room and out the door. Sakura groan all of a sudden. Her hands reached up to her temples and start to rub it. A major headache was kicking it. ‘Must be all the stress.' thought Sakura and didn't give it much thought. ‘An aspirin or two should solve the problem'

The next two steps didn't help. The pain was overbearing. Something was wrong. "Ah" whispered Sakura. Closing her eyes, Sakura once again rubbed her temples. When she opened her eyes, the pain was still there. Things around Sakura seem to be spinning around her and things were fuzzy.

‘Snap out of it.' Shaking her head, Sakura made it to the living room, while holding onto the walls for support (AN shriek! Hehe. Ideas are kicking in.) Her head was spinning like crazy and Sakura couldn't go on any further.

Syaoran entered the room see Sakura on the sofa, with her eyes close once again, rubbing her temples. Sensing his presence, Sakura's eye jotted open and glared at him.

"And here I was thinking that you were doing work instead of sitting around doing nothing at all."

"Why you." snarled Sakura, forgetting the pain.

Syaoran just smiled evilly.

"Don't give me that." said Sakura.

"Are you saying that you are doing work by sitting there?" challenged Syaoran.

"Why, yes. I just so happen that I just walked out of Joanna's bedroom. EXAMINING IT!" said Sakura with a hit of sarcasm.

"Next you'll tell me that . . ." Syaoran trailed off seeing her winch. ‘Was it something I said?'

"Hey, are you alright?" asked Syaoran. "Yeah . . . fine . . . peachy . . . nothing an aspirin or two won't do." said Sakura.

"In that case, let's go then. Dean send someone to examine her place more thoroughly and hope to pick up something." said Syaoran leaving the other subject closed.

"Fine . . . fine." Sakura said without putting up a fight. Syaoran's eye lifted a bit. ‘That's a first'

"Are you sure you're alright?" Syaoran asked.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well . . . for one thing you didn't argue with me on something I suggested and for another . . ." Syaoran was interrupted by Sakura.

"I get the point." Sakura was edgy and getting irritated.

Sakura stood up, but her head was spinning like crazy and as soon as she stood up, she fell right down with a thump. The sharp pain was blasting on her skull with tremendous force. With a groan, Sakura said "I think I'll just go. I'm sure my car is fix by now." (AN: Okay, I know that I didn't put that Sakura called someone to fix it up for her, but . . . let's just say I did. Hehe. sweatdropps. Laugh nervously.)

Syaoran grabbed Sakura by her arms with she stood to walk out the entrance door. Sakura turn her head and looked at him uneasily.

"What?" asked Sakura.

"I'm driving you home, you look like you would collapse any minute now, less than drive home by yourself." reasoned Syaoran.

"I can take care of myself just fine." said Sakura coldly. Trying to prove herself, Sakura started walking again. Her legs suddenly went weak and Sakura fell to the floor, with her hands breaking her fall from doing anything worst.

Syaoran rush to her and help her up. "Sure, you can take care of yourself." said Syaoran sarcastically but with a hint of concern in his voice.

Sakura shake her head slowly with her eyes closed.

"Fine than." was the only reply that Syaoran got before Sakura's mind was shut off. Silence filled her mind and everything was gone. Her head fell back into his arms. (AN you'll see why, though I will have a little hard time plotting for things to . . .)

"Hey!" shouted Syaoran trying to wake her up. He was panicking and was wondering what was wrong. ‘Don't tell me that she is becoming a . . .' thought Syaoran when they thought hit him hard. Dean entered the room staring at them. "Um . . .what's going on here?"

"I don't know. All of a sudden she was having a splitting headache and she well . . .I guess . . .fainted, right there." said Syaoran, gazing at her. "Better get her home or something. I'll help." said Dean helping Syaoran who was already scooping her up in his arms.

"Well . . .not much help I can give there."

Syaoran turn sideways to get through the door, with Dean following behind him. (AN: don't want to go on about here, so . . . skipping. Hehe.)

~*Sakura's Home*~

Sakura slowly opened her eyes and started up at the ceiling, wondering where she was. The last thing she remember was being in Syaoran's arm. The sudden thought made a her blush, but it was a really light pink.

"Hey you're awake!" said Tomoyo. (AN finally, Tomoyo is in the story. Hehe. But, I need to add more characters. Not enough.) She was one month pregnant and it didn't show. She was wearing a pale pair of jeans and a purple sweater. Sakura looked around and realize that she was home. Her pink walls surrounded her giving her a cozy feeling. Her desk was next to her bed and the bed was against the walls.

"What happened?" asked Sakura uncertain, rubbing her temples. The pain was gone but there still was a headache.

"Oh. Someone named Syaoran Li brought you home and you were out cold. Lucky, I was waiting for you and he left." said Tomoyo with a sly look that was hardly unnoticeable. "Did I mention that he carried you into your room and that . . ." continued Tomoyo.

"Don't even think about it." said Sakura getting clearly annoyed.

"Hey, I can always hope can't I?" asked Tomoyo.

"That's what you said last time about . . . hm . . . let me think . . .Dean, Travis, Benjamin, Harris . . ." said Sakura.

"But this time it's different." argued Tomoyo.

"That's what you said last time." repeated Sakura.

"I'll get you an aspirin." said Tomoyo, heading towards the door.

"Make that TWO." shouted Sakura after her.

A minute later, Tomoyo return with a glass of water and pills. Sakura was in a sitting position with two pillows cushioning her.

"Thanks." Sakura said when Tomoyo handed her two pills and the glass of water.

Sakura gulp down the pill and return the half-way drink glass to Tomoyo.

"Should be a while before it starts kicking in." stated Tomoyo.

"What's strange is that I don't usually have headaches. But, this one is off the charts. Especially to have me . . . you know . . ." said Sakura frowning.

"Maybe not. I mean, you are under some serious stress." Tomoyo offered.

"Tell me about it. Just being with Li will make me explode." Sakura rolled her eyes.

Tomoyo looked down, guiltily. "I'm sorry." whispered Tomoyo.

"Oh Tomoyo! I didn't mean it that way. I completely understand. I mean . . . come on . .. what husband would Eriol be if he still have you work at this state." reasoned Sakura.

Tomoyo gave her a smile but still looked guilty. Sakura started to get out of bed, but Tomoyo stopped her.

"Oh, no you don't. You're going to stay right here. You need it." commanded Tomoyo. (AN hm . . .)

"But, Tomoyo. I still have work to do."

"No you don't. Li gave a call to Benjamin saying that you would be off for at least three days." Tomoyo told Sakura.


"But, SAKURA. You need the . . ." Tomoyo tried to reason.

"Fine, I'll get the phone." said Sakura as she started to get out of bed.

"Alright, alright. I'll get your cell phone."

Tomoyo walked across the room and opened the closet. Shifting through things, she finally got hold of the phone. Unwillingly, Tomoyo handed Sakura the phone.

Sakura punch in a bunch of numbers before holding it to her ears. Ring. Ring. Finally Benjamin picked up.


"Benjamin. This is Sakura. About the tree days that was . . ." started Sakura.

"It's okay. I understand. You need it. You practically burned out." understand Benjamin.

"No, no, no. All of that is a misunderstanding. I never said that I need days off, okay. Expect to see me tomorrow." Sakura tried to explain.

"No you're not. Take the Break. Relax. Have some fun. Everything will be handled just fine. What can go wrong in the three days?"

"I'll see you tomorrow."

"Sakura, just take the damn break. You been working as hard as anyone and more. You collapsing proves it." argued Benjamin desperately trying to get some sense into her. With that, the connection broke off. Sakura slam her cell phone shut. Tomoyo was watching this the whole time without saying a word.

"Sakura . . ." started Tomoyo.

Sakura sigh and looked up at her. "Maybe I do need a break." Sakura gave in.

A smile lit up on Tomoyo face. "Great. I'm going to take you shopping. I'm going to trash your closet and stock it up with ..."

"Oh the horror." murmured Sakura shaking her head.

~*Syaoran's apartment*~

Syaoran sat on his couch with a white shirt and a worn out pair of jeans with a coke at hand. His couch was facing the television and the lights were off. The only light was from the sun that came through from the huge windows near the right of Syaoran, but still it was half-way closed.

The coke remain untouched on a table next to the couch. Syaoran was deep in thoughts searching for a logical reason for the events that happened. He wanted to found another excuse for why it happen, but he was lying to himself. There was no other explanation for this. No, there must be something else. Something that he hasn't thought of. But, what was it? What made her go out cold besides that? Syaoran sigh. That was it. There was nothing that he could think of that could make her go cold. Only one way to find out. By asking her, first thing tomorrow morning. If he could get the courage to ask her and just hope that she would laugh it off. He was pretty sure. He was one himself and he been around people that were. That may also be the reason she done it so well. The extra energy helped, but now she's trapping it and not letting it lose. It was dangerous to do so and can take their life away. But, what kind is she? Will she actually tell him? (AN hm . . . should I tell you ‘what' he is talking about or should I leave that for the next chapter. To be or not to be. That's the question. To be evil or not be evil. Hm . . . well, lets see.)

Will she just laugh it off and tell him that he's crazy. But, he positive. He can feel it. It was there. Well, he'll never know unless he ask and that's just what he will do first thing tomorrow morning.


Sakura slowly opened her eyes, but closed it immediately when the sunlight shined on her face. Lazily, Sakura sat up and started to rub her yes. Sakura stretched her arms and yawn. She pulled herself out of bed and slip her feet into her pink slippers. Another yawn escaped her mouth and she started towards the bathroom.

A moment later, the bathroom door opened and steam came out. Within the steam emerged Sakura dressed in navy blue pants and pale red blouse. Sakura rubbed her hair against her pink towel. Satisfied with the results, she moved towards the mirror and started combing her hair. Considering the length of her hair, she was finished in a few seconds. Sakura raised to her feet and started out of her room. At the entrance of her living room, Sakura glanced at the clock above her television, and read 11:00.

"WHAT!!!" shrieked Sakura and rushed to find her keys, but just then, the pervious day stopped her end in her tracks.

"Oh yea, apparently I'm considered off, thanks to . . ." Sakura muttered angrily.

The door bell rang.

"Now, who could that be?" Sakura asked herself.

Sakura went to unlock the door.

"Hoe!" Of all the people she expected, Syaoran Li, wasn't one of them, not in a million years.

"What's the big idea . . ." Sakura started to say.

"Are you just going to let me stand here?" Syaoran said but with a hint of teasing.

"Whatever you are here to say, you can just say so out there." Sakura said, waving her hand outside.

"Now, that's no way to treat me, now is it?" Syaoran teased, but his face got serious. "I need to talk to you about yesterday and I think it's better if we talk inside."

The firmness in his voice made Sakura obey. She stepped back and opened the door more widely now, to let him in. Syaoran stepped in and looked around. He nodded in approval.

"Well . . .?" asked Sakura

Syaoran seated himself on the couch and looked at her seriously. Looking into her eyes, as if looking for the truth and would find it there. After some time, Syaoran inhaled a little and looked . . . between confused and shocked. All that, he hoped to escape was washed away as fast as it came. There was no possible answer. The answer was here. She is. But what about . . .? No. He can't lie to himself anymore. He knows the truth. She must be. Or else, how did she . . .? How did she do it so well? How did she conceal herself as well as anyone if she isn't? But, she is. That won't change.

"You're a . . ." Syaoran started, but couldn't bring himself to say it.

"I'm a what?" asked Sakura, narrowing her eyes.

"You're a . . . You're . . . You're a . . ." said Syaoran.

"You're a PSYCHIC!!!!!!" Syaoran bursted out.

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~*Chapter Five - The Ability*~ (top)

Sakura backed away and her eyes widen in shocked. For once she was speechless. How could he of known? How? She been around some people longer than him and they never found out. But how? How did he know? Was it possible that he could of . . .? Could he of . . .? Is he also one? Even if he is, how did he know? If he is . . . he still wouldn't of know. Would he?

"You're a psychic, are you?" Syaoran repeated. It wasn't really a question, but a statement.

"But how? How did . . . how did you know?" Sakura stammered.

Syaoran looked at her closely. She was still standing near the door, but now, she was leaning on it, as if for support.

"Unless you're one too, are you? But still . . . can . . . how can you . . . how did you know even if you are?" Sakura asked.

"After yesterday, it was hard not to notice or at least start getting curious."

"Why are you putting a shield? If you don't let it . . ." Syaoran said before he was interrupted.

"It's none of your business what I do with them."

"Tell me something, what are your abilities?" Syaoran asked as if he didn't hear her.

"Why should I tell you?" Sakura was getting in control of herself by the minute.

"You're a touch telepathy for one." Syaoran stated.

"I take it that you are too." Sakura said.

"Why, of course." Syaoran said and started to get back to their old self. Arguing and bickering.

"No way am I . . ." Sakura started, but thought better of it. "I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours." Sakura said sweetly too sweetly.

"Besides being a touch telepathy, my senses are also beyond the threshold. I can see farther away.
Hear more and sometimes even the walls are no barrier to me." Syaoran said simply.

"Too bad that one of your senses isn't a brain." Sakura muttered, but to Syaoran she said

"Hm . . . interesting. Is that it?" Sakura asked.

"Nope. I can also pick up emotions scattered in the atmosphere. "You're turn."

Sakura thought about his abilities for a minute because she started to talk.

"Touch telepathy is one. I can also see things that arenÂ’t happening in the present, but in the future. More like precognition. But, once in a while, I see things that happen in the past. However, that only happens if the event that was taken place was every emotional and left it behind. The room or place will still have does emotions and from them, I am able to see the event that was taken place before." Sakura started to tell him more about it, but stop. He didn't need to know the effects of it. Might as well leave it be the way it already is.

Syaoran was once again deep in thoughts. This ability she has . . . is new. Never in his past contacts as he heard of such. He didn't even think that was possible. But then again, nothing is predictable about being a psychic. He has to do more research on it and call in a few favors. (AN hm . . . did I write something in the first few chapters that would make it work for the plot that I have currently . . . hm . . . even so . . . I can still fit it in.) Somehow, there was more to it then she was letting on. But for now, he will accept it.

Syaoran added. "And a barrier."

Sakura shrugged.

"Now, is that it? Your purpose is served, and now, GET OUT OF HERE." Sakura shouted with her finger pointing to the door.

"Grouchy, grouchy, grouchy." Syaoran said while shaking his head.

"Get out of here before I have revenge on you for what you told Benjamin." Sakura snarled.

"Am I supposed to be afraid?" Syaoran asked innocently.

Before Sakura could say anything, the door bell rang. Sakura turned and opened the door. In the door steps was Tomoyo in a gray sweater with a white shirt underneath. She was wearing black jeans. Eriol was standing near his car waiting for them. Apparently he would be driving them around. Syaoran stood up to check who it was.

"Tomoyo! What are you doing here?" Sakura asked confused.

"Hey, like I said, I need to change your whole wardrobe." said Tomoyo. "Oh! I didn't know you had company."

"He is . . ." Sakura started to explain.

"Taking my leave." Syaoran said and started to step out of the doorway.

"HEY!" shouted Eriol who just got on the doorsteps.

"Oh no. Not you." Syaoran groaned.

"Those two are going shopping and I have nothing better to do, why not come with us." Eriol suggested.

Sakura and Syaoran started to protest.

"That's a wonderful idea." Tomoyo exclaimed as she started to pull Sakura towards the car, while Eriol pulled Syaoran.

"Why am I getting the feeling that there is more to it?" Sakura asked, but didn't expect an answer.

~*Shopping Mall*~

Sakura and Tomoyo were in the stores while Syaoran and Eriol were sitting in a café waiting for them. If they are ready, they would give them a shout. Well, more of telling them to get the bags. The café was just across from them and gave them a great view of what Sakura and Tomoyo were doing.

Tomoyo was going through the cloths with a lot of enthusiasm with a dreaded Sakura looking for a way out of here.


Syaoran and Eriol started out the window of the café.

"So you know." Eriol observed.

"Know what." Syaoran asked blankly still staring at Sakura.

"That she is a psychic."

Syaoran finally forced his attention on him.

"What!?! She told you?" Syaoran asked.

"Well, yeah. After all, Tomoyo and I known Sakura since we were all kids. No surprise there.
She was always different, but she didn't know how different until she learned about her abilities." said Eriol, shaking his head in disbelief.

"It wasn't until she was twelve when she learned about them. One day, she was walking home, and all of a sudden she saw a scene. It took her a few seconds to get a clearer picture. By the time she figured it out, she was running home to save her family. Her precognition was that her house was on fire. She couldn't stop it from happening, but she out her family out safely. Before, she just gets these precognitions when she was asleep." Eriol explain.

Syaoran nodded and listen closely to every word coming out of Eriol's mouth. This may be his one time opportunity to get more information on her powers.

"It was hard at first, but she got the hang of it. Just when she thought that everything was under control, she started to hear things. Things that she thought that was said but really it was all in their minds. It was scary to her. She didn't want to her some things and soon she learned how to block it out. Sakura was sixteen when she started to see into the past. At first she just thought that it was a precognition. But, it wasn't. It been pretty rough on her on getting the hang of it and controlling her abilities.”

Syaoran thought about what he just learned about Kinomoto.

"So, what's your abilities and history?" Eriol said, trying to start a conversation.

Syaoran was about to protest, but what the hack. He didn't have anything better to do. 

~*Sakura and Tomoyo*~

Sakura eyes widen in horror at what was seen before her. A dark pink strapless tank top with . . . oh she just didn't want to continue. This was torture!!!!! Just looking at it would make anyone run for their life. While, with Tomoyo and shopping, you would always want to run for your life before it's too late.

"You got to be kidding me." Sakura said shaking her head at the outfit.

"But Sakura. Trust me. It will look soooooooo good on you. Unless you want me to make you something. Just try it out." Tomoyo argued.

Sakura sigh. Knowing Tomoyo, she would make her something beyond that. She might as well play it safe. She stretched her arms out for the outfit and out into the changing room. Tomoyo waited impatiently outside.

Finally, in which it seems like eternity, Sakura emerged from the changing room, looking angry like she could kill.

Tomoyo mouth started to open to shriek but maintained herself.

"Oh, it's you alright. You got to get it Sakura. You know it." Tomoyo exclaimed.

Sakura was in a white strapless tank top with a nearly transparent black sweater. It wasn't much of a sweater since it wasn't even thick, but extremely thin. She was wearing a black miniskirt, but the inside was shorts. Sakura has happened to be wearing black pantyhose with black shoes on.

"Never! Not in a million years. I will never live it down if I do." Sakura complained, more like begging Tomoyo to change her mind.

"Oh come on Sakura. Let's get the guys opinion." Tomoyo suggested and started to drag Sakura towards the entrance of the shop. Tomoyo waved her hand at them, telling them to come over here.

"Tomoyo!" Sakura whined. Getting her free arm, she tried to get Tomoyo's hand off of hers. But Tomoyo's grip stayed firm and tight. “This is just too . . . too insane. Can’t you just having something that isn’t like this something that is less revealing and safe? Something that looks appropriate, but in your idea ‘nice’?”

That got to Tomoyo just before they were about to leave the store. She slowly turn to her and look at her up and down. Thinking intensely.

“Well, alright. It’s your life after all.” Tomoyo sigh.

“THANK YOU!” Sakura said with extreme relief.

They started to walk back when someone caught their eyes. Sakura tugged on Tomoyo.

“It’s that Emily?” Sakura asked.

“And who’s the guy with her?” Tomoyo wondered.

“Come on.” Sakura pulled Tomoyo closer to them.

“Emily?” Sakura asked unsure.

Emily, dressed in white shorts and white sweatshirt, turned to face Sakura with a smile.

“Sakura! Didn’t plan on seeing you here. Thought you would want to avoid this place.” Emily teased.

Sakura nodded toward Tomoyo, bring a sly smile onto EmilyÂ’s face.

“So, who’s the guy?” Tomoyo asked.

“Oh, this is my brother Tom Sulin. He just got back from a business trip.” Emily replied

“Nice to meet you all. Emily told me so much about each of you.” Said Tom. His brown hair covered his eyes a bit, but that didn’t stop bringing out his bright beautiful eyes. He was in dark pants and a white shirt and acted causally around them.

“Hey, do you know what would be a great idea? Li and Eriol are at the café and we can all go and spend the day together.” Sakura suggested. “And save me from shopping.” Sakura whispered to Emily. Tom smiled as he heard what she was whispering, showing off his straight white teeth. Emily looked up at Tom, as if asking if it would be okay to do so, and looked back at Sakura and Tomoyo.

“Sure, that would be great. I would also get a chance to meet Li, who now became women’s dream date.” Emily said with a laugh.

Sakura snorted. “As if.”

“I would like to meet his guy and learn some tips.” Tom said with a wink that brought a laughter out of Sakura.

“Oh you don’t need to. You’re already ten times better then that arrogant fool.”

“Come on, let’s go.” Tomoyo said.

“Lead the way.”


“Hey, looks who’s here, and they brought company.” Eriol pointed out at the doorway.

Syaoran turned and kept his eyes on Sakura who was walking with Tom. When they reached the table, Tomoyo bent down and gave Eriol a kiss.

“Hey guys. This is my brother Tom. Tom, this is Eriol and Li.” Emily said, pointed out who was who.

Eriol and Syaoran both stood up and took TomÂ’s hand. Both moved over to leave room for the other four.

“Order what you want, my treat.” Tom said.

They acted causally with each other as if they known each other their whole life, yet they didn’t notice the figure outside looking into the café and at them.

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