Fan Wallpapers from contests

Sakura Festival Spring Contest 2005 Entries!
Summer by Chibi:
Spring Blossom by Dina:
Autumn Leaves by Isabella:
Neverending story by Anna:
Sparkling Spring by Kelly:
Summer Fire by Tamara:
Sakura Spring by Jessica:
Spring Sakura by Mazzie:
Come away with me by Rowlena:
Pink Winter by Lezuka:
Feeling the Air by Laura:
Springtime by Vismaya:
Winter Magic by Cindy:
Winter Snowflakes by Miriam:
Spring by Twyt:
Winter Love by April:
Frozen Petals by Cherrie:
Summer Time by Kathyrine:
Spring Awakening by Yunaura:
Aurora by Lindie:

Sakura Festival: 2004 Spring Contest Entries!
Rachel »
Mazzie »
Tamara »
Ney »
Sara »
Zephira »
Yuki »
Shivers »
Sora Icefreeze »
Miriam »
Lily-chan »
Lucy »
April Rose Sales »
Wei Lin »
Aei Roselo »
Mia »
Anita Leung »
Kioku »
Marin »
Casdi »
Kurisu-chan »
Vicki »
Chibi »