Syaoran's point of view

Interview with Syaoran Li (now 18 years old and engaged to be married to Sakura)

*Saffy*:Hi Syaoran!...I'm really pleased to meet you! You are even more handsome in real life than on TV (*^.^*)! umm eeuh...*sweatdrop*...(+.+)°
Can you explain your love story in a few words for my site visitors ? character
Syaoran: "Meilin is my cousin and fiancée (arranged marriage-she kinda arranged it and i agreed because she's one of my best friends but only on one condition - i said: we break the engagement if we find anyone else ) i like her as a friend but i didn't really know if i could love her...
We get on really well and have been good friends since childhood, we spent a lot of time together and even shared an appartment for a year or so.Yeah,Meilin's great ! Have you heard the latest news?
*Saffy*:No? so what's going on? character
Syaoran:" She's found this really nice guy ,he's ten times more ROMANTIC than i could ever be! he's a real smoothy [Syaoran rolls his eyes] like covering her with roses and taking her to see soppy films and taking her for moonlit picnics and stuff...they are engaged too! When i heard that, I discreetly went to see him and told him that if ever he hurt "my lil Meilin" he would hear from me! and you know what? He told me that Sakura AND Kero had already come over to tell him that they would be very angry if he ever let Meilin down too! But he's a really nice chap ,very decent : Journalist in a big newspaper,very bright!...But we are getting distracted here! *Grin*
*Saffy*: true *laughs* ... character
Syaoran:"When i first met Sakura,she totally annoyed me and at the same time i was really fascinated! She really was beautiful and my "cherry blossom petal" gets more breathtakingly pretty with everyday that goes by...*sigh*
*Saffy*: ahhh! kawaii! ...You didnt show that you liked her much though! character
Syaoran:So true!! I was a grumpy silly billy! and i was under a lot of pressure! you know i wasnt planning to stay long in Tomoeda! Just enough time to get Sakura to give over the cards..stay around a lil while to catch the rest and then leave as Clowmaster and go home to my Family who had great ambitions of power for me.
*Syaoran marks a pause and is thinking*
Im so glad it didn't turn out as planned in the end!
Just think i would of had all that power but... without...Sakura...I can't even imagine it! *Blushes*
*Saffy*:So at what point did you realize that you loved her?
Syaoran:Well, i can't give an exact moment but it was gradual, basicly enjoying more and more eachday the time we spent together, the teamwork and knowing eachother better as cardcaptors and as friends.My love still grows,i discover something new and lovely about her with everyday that goes by and she brings out new strengths in me! She always has done!
It was quite abrupt having that dream where i gave her the cards, that was quite a shock to the system because i knew i had feelings for her but i had not realized really how strong! character
Eriol helped me/pushed me in that direction too.almost forcing me to open my eyes and see what i was blind to!
*Syaoran pauses and laughs to himself* "ah! that Eriol!" character
*Saffy*: You seemed to have a "crush" on Yukito at one point,what do you have to say about that?
Syaoran:Yes, in the meantime there was this complicated business about being totally confused when Yuki was around!! gosh i get so embarrased when i think about the way i hung around him: we are really good friends now! character
He is so understanding! and you know?I think he was more embarrased than us about that stuff because he didnt know about the power inside him that was attracting was bit of a shock to him when he found out who he was, but I coped alright because there is a good explanation, i used to get all gooey like that around Miss Kaho mizuki our maths teacher too (for the same reasons).
Yuki's amazing: he knew right from the start that Sakura and I were made for eachother he gently helped me express my feelings and also accept them myself and get over my pride. character
*Saffy*:How did your family react when they heard your engagment with Meilin was over?
Syaoran:They were very upset and rather angry especially because i did not come back as Clow the direct descendant from Clow Reed, i was expected to be Master of the cards and My family were hurt in their pride : The Li family lost quite a lot of respect from their neighbours and other noble familys- it was not easy for them.These things are very important to people here i come from!
Meilin took it well! I really didnt want to hurt her! But she soon understood that she deserves someone who will love with all his heart and when she dreamt about us was Love itself she was dreaming about not really Syaoran Li, me.
I'm so happy for her , i was hoping someone amazing would turn up and make her truly happy ! character
*Saffy*:Have you got anything to say to the site visitors and to your fans?
Syaoran:Yes! thankyou for their support!It means so much to Sakura and I!
...Always remember to listen to your heart...Never let your pride take over!
and Even if you don't have magical have the potential inside of you to change the world!
Thankyou again!
*Saffy* [tearful]: Thankyou Syaoran! it was an honor to meet you!
For myself and on behalf of all my visitors I wish you and Sakura all the happiness in the world
ThankYOU for making us dream with your story!
Your love stronger than cultural and social differences and stronger than all the hardships you two have been through is an example to us all.
Big huggles thankyou for accepting to come for this interview!
Syaoran: The pleasure was all mine *big kawaii smile* Sakura and I are going shopping for Meilin's wedding present...he leaves gently
*Saffy melts...what a gentleman!!!* Isn't Sakura lucky!!!