Esthela's Interview with Eriol


Esthela: *nervous* Konichiwa, Eriol-kun.Thanks for coming.
Eriol: It's a pleasure. Tell me, what do you want to know?
Esthela: Ehhhhh*sweatdrop* Can you tell me about Syaoran-kun and Sakura-chan relationship?
Eriol: Of course.I believe they are so happy together.They are made for each other.
Esthela: I agree! But Syaoran-kun was very shy at first. Many people say you almost push him to open his eyes.
Eriol: *laughs* If you want to call it like that. But you must accept their a couple of clueless
Esthela: Yes! Sakura-chan and Syaoran-kun are very innocents. OH! Can I ask you something personal?
Eriol: Sure!
Esthela: *smile* How is your relationship with Tomoyo-chan?
Eriol: She's wonderful. We're alike, if you understand. I'm not very good at this stuff, but I can tell I really love her.
Esthela: *sigh and smile* Kawaii!!! And, what thinks Tomoyo-chan of Syaoran-kun and Sakura-chan being together?
Eriol: She's very happy for she's friend, and she says she will tape the whole wedding.
Esthela: *sweatdrop again* He, he. Oh, look at the hour!!! Don't you have a meeting with Tomoyo-chan?
Eriol: It's true! Then I must go.
Esthela: thankyou very much, Eriol-kun, for your time. This interview is a little brief, but I hope is interesting.
Eriol: Don't worry. Have a nice day,Esthela-san
Esthela:For you to, Eriol-kun. And thanks again!
*He leaves quickly.*

Esthela: Wow, he's very decent! I hope the next time ( I realy hope I do another interview) It will be longer. *sigh* It's very clear why Syaoran-kun is so kawaii . . . Is in his blood! :-)