Elysia's Interview with Sakura


Hi ~ I interviewed Sakura and this is how it goes:

Elysia: Hey, Sakura!
Sakura: Oh Elysia! I didn't recognized you there with a microphone!
Elysia: Oh… *confused* Anyway, can I interview you? It's for Saffy*! *smile*
Sakura: But…
Elysia: Okay let's go! *pumped up* How's your relationship with Li?
Sakura: *changes the subject* Great! Guess what?
Elysia: What? *confused*
Sakura: *digs in her pocket* Li… *struggles* gave me THIS!!! *holding a melted Pocky stick*
Elysia: a whaa?
Sakura: Isn't it adorable? It's chocolate, my favorite!
Elysia: So… what does it have to do……
Sakura: Elysia, he is great! He may be stupid at times, but hey, he's cute! He is so fun and adorable! I still kept his teddy bear!
Elysia: Oh.. wow..
Sakura: *interupts* Can you believe that? He gave me a Pocky Stick! How adorable! *beady eyes* He left it in my backpack! I know it's from him!!
Elysia: But… *grossed out*
Sakura: *cute* But look at..
Kero: *interupts* There it is! There's my Pocky Stick! Sakura stole it! Told you so! *talking to Suppi*
Suppi: hmm.
Kero: *took Pocky Stick* It's *gulp* melted! Suppi, friends, let's go to Sakura's room and fix it! *leaves*
Sakura: Wait! That's my pocky stick! Oh well. Elysia, can I ask you something?
Elysia: Sure! What is it? *taking notepad*
Sakura: Can I interview you?
Elysia: *big sweatdrop*

Hope you like it! Please reply and send me an award for the interview! Thanks~! From Elysia