Razzy's Interview with Syaoran


Razzy: *sitting in a small room* Hi, everybody! Today we're gonna interview the cutest guy in the entire world, Li Showron!
*girls go wild*
Razzy: *waves her hand, and Li drops out of the sky into a comfortable blue arm chair* I don't like this color. Hold on... *waves hand again and the room turns pink and powder blue*
Li: *sweatdrops* *mutters* Why does it have to be pink.
Razzy: Hi, Li! My name is Razzy, and I'm going to interview you today!
Li: *slowly* Okaaaaay....
Razzy: Now, this is a box *gestures to the surroundings* and you can not leave until you have answered ALL of my questions, okay?
Li: *sweatdrops* Okaaaay...... Razzy: *shuffles notecards* On second thought.... *throws notecards to the floor and glomps Li*
Li: Get off! GET OFF!
Razzy: *hurridly gets back into her chair and picks up her notecards* Sorry about that, but you're REALLY cute.
Li: ....
Razzy: Okay! Question One: Do you know just HOW cute you are?
Li: I dunno....Meilin tells me that all the time but...
Razzy: And he's modest! *pounce cuddles poor Li, then regains her composture* Okay, Question Two: Do you love Sakura?
Li: *turns beet red* WHAT?!
Razzy: *leans real close* Don't worry. I'm the only one who can hear you....*waves her hand. A cute little tray of food appears* Oops, sor-FOOD! *pounces the food*
Li: *takes a cookie* Um...I dunno. I don't LOVE Sakura, but I do LIKE her....
Li: *sweatdrops* *thinking* This girl is a complete lunatic.....
Razzy: Sorry, lost a bit a self-control there.
Li: A BIT!
Razzy: Next question: Do you secretly like being called cute, handsome, adorable, and the sexiest boy alive?
Li: I....uh....don't really mind it. Except for the sexiest boy alive thing....
Razzy: *not paying attention* *kinda dazed by Li's looks* Li is the sexiest boy alive...
Li: *runs*
Razzy: *snaps out of her trance* No you don't!
Li: *now sitting in his chair*
Razzy: I'm not done yet.
Li: *horrified*
Razzy: So, do you like Julian?
Li: *makes a face* I'm not gay! *starts eating a cookie*
Razzy: I'm going to write a fanfic about you, Li.
Razzy: *pout* Why not?
Li: I've read some of those fics! They make me look like some love-lorne sap after what Sakura's got! *makes a face*
Razzy: Oh, come on! I'll only use the phrase 'heaving bosoms' once or twice.
Li: I don't want anyone's bosoms heaving....
Razzy: And I'll only make you cry like three or four times...
Li: I don't cry.
Razzy: Aww, Li isn't in touch with his feminine side?
Li: I don't have a feline side.
Razzy: That's not what I said.
Li: NO! I'm going to hire a high-priced lawyer to stop this slander of my name!
Razzy: Calm down, Li. Geez.
Li: ....
Razzy: Why don't you like Tori?
Li: He doesn't like me! He hates me!
Razzy: I don't see how anyone can hate you.... *she has this really creepy evil gleam in her eyes*
Li: *sweatdrops* uh-oh.....
Razzy: Don't worry, Li! *pounces* I don't hate you! I'll protect you from evil people like Tori! I love you!
Razzy: Of course. Now, Li, if you don't answer my questions the way I want to hear them, I'll have to post these naked baby pictures of you--CUTE!--all over the internet!
Li: Okay....
Razzy: Alright. Oh! And if you don't answer these questions, I'll have to tell the story of Booger Bear and his bedwetting problem......
Razzy: yay! *claps hands* Okay! Now, do you love me?
Li: *panics* If I say no, she'll jump me! If I say yes, she'll glomp me! What do I do?
Razzy: *impatient* well?
Li: Ummm.....yes?
Razzy: I knew it! *pounces on Li and proceeds to glomp him* Yay! We're gonna get married!
Li: *panics* MARRIED?!
Razzy: And we'll have a big cake and I'll wear a stunning white dress--oh this is gonna be beautiful!
Li: Wait, wait, wait!
Razzy: *leads Li away, chattering about their new wedding* -and you'll have to get me a ring, of course. how does
14 carat gold and a huge diamond sound?
Li: 14 CARAT!
Razzy: and then we'll rub it in Sakura's face, and on our honeymoon.....
Li: *holds up a sign behind his back. it reads HELP ME!*
Razzy: That's it for the interview! I gotta go plan my wedding! See ya!