Tsuki's Interview with Tomoyo


After searching for someone to be on my show, I ran into Tomoyo! And she agreed politely to be on my show!
Tsuki: Welcome to my interview show, Tomoyo!
Tomoyo: Thank you.
Tsuki:*smiles* Well my first question is how is it like to being Sakura’s best friend?
Tomoyo:*starry eyed* Oh it’s wonderful! I get to make costumes for her and video tape her! *sigh* Kawaii!!!
Tsuki:*smiles* Ah.., well , are you happy that Sakura is with Syaoran now?
Tomoyo: Yes! Meilin and I tried our best to get them together! I think they look sweet together.
Tsuki:*smile* Me too! And Sakura is really cute! I love the costumes you make for her! They’re very original!
Tomoyo: Thank you! I really love it how cute she always looks!
Tsuki: ^_^
Tomoyo: ^_^
Tsuki: Well, thank you very much Tomoyo! It was a pleasure meeting you!
Tomoyo: You’re welcome.
Tsuki: Oh, as my first guest, would you mind if I took a picture of you?
Tomoyo: Not at all!
Tsuki: *camera clicks* That’s all for today!