Esthela's Interview with Nakuru

Esthela:Hiya, Nakuru-chan! Thanks for coming.
Esthela:Can I ask you some questions?
Nakuru-chan:Sure! Go ahead!
Esthela:Erm...*thinks a bit, and prepare her notebook and pen* So, what do U think about Sakura and Shaoran's relationship?
Nakuru-chan: They're SOOOOOOOO KAWAIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *she starts to jump of of pure excitement*
Esthela: *sweatdrop* He, he. But, I THINK SOOO TOO!!!!!
Nakuru-chan: YEY!*both start to jump again*
Esthela:Ehem, sorry. *grin* So, it has chemestry, ne?
Nakuru-chan:Of course, I mean, it's the faith. They were maent to be togheter, and they love eachother toooooo much!!!
Esthela:*smiles* Kitto. And, getting a little out of the theam, How's everything at your home?
Nakuru-chan:Great, actualy. Suppi-chan and Eriol are fine, but now Eriol hang out almost everyday with Tomoyo... So I have to cheer up playing tiny little jokes to Suppi-chan!
Esthela:*nervious smile and sweatdrop* He, as genki as always, Nakuru-chan.
Esthela:*smiles too*
Nakuru-chan: Oh, I havta go! I'm sorry, it's my turn of making dinner
Esthela:It's all right! I'll see ya later!
Nakuru-chan:Huggles to all the visitors of SLG Network!!!!! Bye!*runs out*
Esthela: Well, tht's all, folks! *he, he, he* See u later! Kisses!