Chibi's Interview with Tomoyo

Chibi: Hello! Can I talk with Tomoyo?
Sonomi (Tomoyo's mother): Sorry, she isn't at home!
Chibi: Where can I find her?
Sonomi: I don't know, but I think she is looking for a cloth... It is for Sakura's dress. Do you know who Sakura is?
Chibi: Sure! I wanted to talk about her...
Sonomi: Wait, somebody is coming here!
Chibi: Oh! Hello! I want to take an interwiew...
Tomoyo: Okay, come with me! (drags Chibi right in her room)
Chibi: So, (takes her notebook and a pen) what do you think about love between Sakura and Syaoran?
Tomoyo: OH! Woooooow! That is a good question! When they are together, they look like angels!!! I like to take their pictures! It is so nice!
Chibi: Really?
Tomoyo: Yeah! Sakura is so happy with him... I think you know that when my friends are happy, I am too!
Chibi: You are so gentle and kind! You are a good friend!
Tomoyo: Thanks!
Chibi: So, I need to go. I am busy today. Sayonara!
Tomoyo: Bye-bye!