Amanda's Interview with Meilin Li


Kero:Konnnichiwa! And welcome to Kero's Interviews!

This month I have interviewed my worst enemy, Meiling! Urgh! And welcome brat! ^.^
Meiling: I am not a brat, you stuffed Sudo toy! :starts choking Kero:
Kero: Yo! Brat! The people are waiting for the interview!
Meiling: Oh, sorry! -^.^-
Kero: Anyway, are you going out for Halloween this year?
Meiling: Yup, as long as I go with Syaoran!
Kero: Well, what if he goes with Sakura?
Meiling, I'll go with Daidouji then! We'll sneak behind and see if anything romantic happens lol ^.^
Kero: ok...... anyway, how is school?
Meiling: Boring and long! It's so tiring and boring, why can't it be fun and exciting?
Kero: I think that's all I wanted to ask! Thank you evil brat!
Meiling: Why you.......... :chases Kero off the set: