Casdi's Interview with Madison


Casdi:Hello Madison!
Madison:Hello Casdi!
Casdi:I'd like to ask you about Sakura and Li
Madison:Sure!Go ahead!
Casdi:Okay!How do you think they feel like when they are around each other?
Madison:Well, Ithink they will feel quite blushie in a way 'cause of the preasure from each other.
Casdi:Oh, really?
Madison:Yeah!They all know that they love each other, but they all are quite shy to admit it.
Casdi:How were you able to get them together?
Madison:Well, that's a long story.
Casdi:Thanks for the time Madison!
Madison:Hey it was cool! Well seeya!
Casdi:Wait!Let me take your picture!There!*holding the camera*
Madison:*smiles for the camera*
Casdi:*flash*Thanks Madison!