Kira's Interview with Yue


Hey Saffy! I did it! I managed to get Yue to let me interview him!
Give a few special thanks to Sakura-chan for that!!! LOL!!!
Anyways here's my interview! Hope you enjoy it! luv Kira

Yue: *walks up behind kira*
kira: *freaks out because he scared her when she noticed that there was someone behind her*
Yue: Mistress said you wanted me?
kira: Yes and hello to you too, Yue! *sqirms a bit as is trying very hard not to glomp him*
Yue: Well...I do not have all day for this nonsense. *wonders when she'll pounce*
kira: Well...ummm.. I just wanted to ask you a few questions for Capture My Heart. It's my friend Saffy's site dedicated to Sakura-chan and Li-kun.
Yue: *nods* Yes...I am somewhat familar with it. Apparently Mistress finds it very "kawaii". I believe she also spends time at Brave Little Wolf. *sighs* Well....
kira: My aren't we an impatient one! *smiles sweetly while Yue rolls his eyes* Ok! let's begin! *takes a deep breath and shuffles her papers and get pen from behind ear* Ummm....what do you think of Sakura-chan and Li-kun getting together?*gets ready to write*
Yue: *frowns as he pauses to think* What Mistress and that *mumbles something*descendant of Master's do is their own business. *thinks how relived he is that Mistress is no longer chasing after his false form* Why do you ask?
kira: Because, we want to know what you think about it, silly! Well do tell!*looks expectantly as if hanging on his every word*
Yue: *sighs in exasperation, then continues softly* If Mistress is happy, then it pleases me.
kira: What was that?*looks up to see Yue glaring at her*Ok! Ok! I heard you! Just wanted to make sure I heard you correctly that's all!
Yue: Are you finished?*looks expectantly as if secretly hoping she'll say yes*
kira: No! Ummm... are you pleased that Sakura-chan no longer makes lovey-dovey cow eyes at Yuki anymore?
Yue: *thinks* Yes. I sense Yuki is relived as well. Thankfully Mistress has learned some restraint and doesn't make "lovey-dovey cow eyes" *said with slight amusement*at Him. I believe her brother is most upset at the way things have turned out.
kira: *dripping with sarcassem* No way!
Yue: *looks puzzled but nods in affirmation* Yes. Toya is most upset. I believe he nearly "yelled Yuki's ears off", is that the correct expression?*kira nods 'yes'* when he finally realized it was true. A few well said "sister complexes" and sappy smiles from Yuki managed to calm him down. I never realized Toya was volatile on this subject before. *thinks* Perhaps I have missed something while I was sleep. mmmm....must pay more attention as Yuki when in his presense.*last said softly to himself*
kira: *thinks how cute he looks when he's thinking* Anyways do you have any idea of what Yuki thinks of all this?
Yue: *gives one of his rare half smiles* He is most sorry he had to hurt her feelings that way but he feels it was for the best. Since he...we cannot love her that would not be fair of either one of us to encourage her affections. Yuki is pleased she has someone else, who would suit her. I am not so sure about her choice, but Mistress seems to know what she is doing even if she does not show it. Is that all?
kira: My aren't we an impatient little one! Well anyways I just want to thank you for your time, Yue. I know it must have been difficult for you. *smiles sweetly*
Yue: *frowns* You are welcome, kira-san. *says softly after looking around to make sure no one's watching* You may pounce now.
kira:*pounces* Big Kawaii Huggles right back at you too, Yue!!
Yue: *peels kira off him and leaves rather quickly*
kira: *strikes a Tomoyo like pose after reading her notes* I wonder where Toya-kun is? Oh Toya! Toya-kun! Oh Toya, where are you?! *starts out in search of Toya*