Julie's Interview with Kero


Saffy,I'm going to interview..............KERO-CHAN!!!!! Here is my best:

Julie: Minna-San/Kun, welcome!
Kero-Chan has kindly...ahem...very stubbornly agreed to come here, and be interveiwed.
Trust me! I had to bribe him with all sorts of sweets, more than a picnic basket could hold.

Kero, how did you feel when Sakura and Syaoran got engaged last week?
Kero-Chan: That Kaijuu Doesn't deserve her. *Annoyed look*
Julie: Uh....Kero-Chan, How heart broken were you when they got engaged? Is what I meant.
Kero-Chan: I felt like Sakura would leave me, it broke my heart almost in half. I really think Syaoran is a good guy deep-deep down in that lowly.......*Gets cut off by door creaking open.*
Julie: Saku.....What are you doing here? *Suprised look*
Sakura: Kero-Chan forgot his lunch at the house, that is one reson why he is annoyed.*Leaves room after Kero takes lunch*
Julie: Shall we continue?*Kero nods*
Kero-Chan: As I was sayin': Deep-deep, down in that lowly heart of his, I think he is a really good guy. I have already felt alone thease past few days, with Syaoran taking her away, always leaving me alone. I just don't wanna loose the Sakura I kew ever since she was 10.*Tears up* I...I...just want to tell Yue everything, o...or possibly Yukito, since he knows about me. I feel like spilling my heart out right here and now, to all the Minna-San/Kun out there. But I can't, there are some very misunderstanding people out there.*Cries aloud, weeps on Julie's shoulder*
Julie: That will be all Kero chan, if you don't want to talk anymore, you can leave.*Pats his back, Kero leaves room crying.*

Minna-San/Kun, That was our interveiw, cut short by poor little Kero. Who........Forgot his lunch?
KERO-CHAN WAIT!!!!!*Skiddles out of room taking Keros lunch with her*