Arian's Interview with Sakura


Arian walks up to Sakura who is fixing her hair for her date with Li later.

Arian: Hey Sakura-chan!
Sakura: *a little startled by Arian’s abrupt appearance* Oh! Hi Arian, you scared me a bit there.
Arian: hehe, gomen nasai Sakura-chan. Listen, I know you have a date with Li-kun later and your in a hurry to prepare for it; but could I ask you a few questions about your relationship with him? It’s for my friend Saffy’s website. It will just take a while.
Sakura: *blushes a little* Oh, sure, no problem!
Arian: *eyes go all sparkly* Really? YAY! *grabs a pen and notebook out of her bag*
Sakura: *sweatdrop*
Arian: OK! *all prepared* Now, what do you think of Li as a boyfriend? Be honest please.
Sakura: Well, Li is the best! He’s so caring and sweet to me, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
Arian: I think you really are the luckiest girl in the world, Sakura-chan! (don’t we all wish we had that luck! ^_~)
Sakura: *smiles* Arigato, he really is. He sometimes even surprises me with little gifts like candy, tiny plushies and flowers on the way to school.
Arian: KAWAII!!!!! *suddenly gets all serious* But, you guys didn’t really like each other the first time you met, ne? I mean, Li was quite harsh towards you.
Sakura: Well it’s true, like you said, at first Li was quite harsh towards me. He kept glaring at me and called me ‘pathetic’ and that I was not worthy of handling the Clow Cards…..
Arian: I see, so what was your reaction then?
Sakura: *looks upset for a while* Even though he was mean to me, I tried my best to be friends with him. I wanted to show him that I was capable as well as worthy of handling the Clow Cards, and that even though he didn’t get the cards; that didn’t mean he should hate me.
Arian: I see, but eventually he got friendlier to you and everyone else, right?
Sakura: Hai, after a while, we all became friends. I considered Li a best friend by then.
Arian: *smiles* Ok, what’s with the ‘crush’ you had on Yukito-san before? I heard from Tomoyo-chan that you ‘totally flipped’ over him!
Sakura: *her face turns a light pink* That’s true, he was soooo nice to me. And he was the perfect guy, he was good in school, sports, and loads of other stuff. Then, after a while, I developed feeling for Li even though I never really knew it.
Arian: Oh, so when exactly did you realize that you loved Li?
Sakura: I can’t tell you exactly, but I think I realized I loved him when he confessed his feelings for me.
Arian: awww! Now, what is everyone’s reaction towards your relationship with Li?
Sakura: The rest of my friends are so happy for me and Li, they always say were such a cute couple and *a tint of pink crosses her cheek* that we were meant to be together.
Arian: Wow! What about your father and brother?
Sakura: My father is completely fine with it, he’s actually happy for us. My brother….well…he…
Arian: Yes? *tapping her foot impatiently*
Sakura: To put this bluntly, he…well…hates him. He thinks he’s not worthy enough for me, and that were not supposed to be together. I tell him to stop, because it’s not true and it’s embarrassing especially when Li’s around.
Arian: He’s very over-protective isn’t he?
Sakura: hai, VERY! I tell him to stop treating me like a 6 yr. old, but you know older brothers sometimes….
Arian: I agree. Well, thanks so much for your precious time Sakura-chan.
Sakura: Oh, you’re very welcome Arian! I was happy to answer your questions. Excuse me, I think I heard the doorbell, it must be Li. I gotta go, sayonara!
Arian: Sure! Hope you have a great date with Li-kun!
Sakura: Thanks! *walks out the door*
Arian: *sigh* Why can’t we all have a Li-kun in our lives?