Kira's Interview with Touya


Hey Saffy!!!
I was all set to write more about a kawaii little baby's childhood when I was interupted by the man himself!!!!
Although I have to admit brownies make a wonderful bribe to stop writing about how cute a baby he is!!!!
Anyways I promised not to make it too sappy as long as I got a quick interview out of him *winks* see below! luv Kira

Toya: What's this I hear from Yuki about you writing a story about my Mom?
kira: It's true and he happens to love that story even more than the ones I write about you two!!!
Toya: Can you like stop writing it now? *hands over a plate of Yuki's to die for brownies*
kira: Thanks! How about a deal?
Toya: mmm.... ok? What deal?
kira: I keep the kawaiiness factor about a sweet little baby down to normal levels and you tell me all about the "gakai-san" and the "kaijuu"!
Toya: *laughs* ok, deal!
kira: have another brownie, before I die of chocolate overdose!*shoves plate at him*
Toya:*helps himself to a brownie* What do you wanna know?
kira: I want to know if you're ok with it? Or would you hjavbe been happier if she hooked up with Yuki instead of you?*looks at him sweetly*
Toya: *chokes on bite of brownie*
kira: Are you ok?
Toya:* nods and sips kira's tea* What do you thik?
kira: I know what I think, what I want to know is what you think! You know you're harder to get anything out of than Yue!
Toya: Thanks! I think...
kira: Quit stalling or I can just as easily write about that bad case of diaper rash someone had!!! And just wait til I get to the part about how someone wet the bed for a whole week when he heard he was getting a sibling!!!! Seems to me six is a bit old for that kinda thing especially when there was no problem before!!!!
Toya: *looks at her really closely* Who are you? Don't tell me you're really that little freak from England!
kira: *smiles* No, just another one of Yuki's close friends!!!! You wouldn't believe the things he'll say for a plate of my chicken stirfry!!!
Toya: Ok-ok!!! What do you want to know?
kira: All I want to know and everyone else in the universe too, is just how you feel about your sister dating someone you don't like!
Toya: *sighs* well I'm scared he'll take her away from me...she's one of the most precious things in my life and I'd be really upset if she were gone...
kira: *looks at him with tears in her eyes* Awwww!!!! That was soo sweet!!!! And really brave of you to come right out and say it!!!! Have another brownie.* pushes plate back at him* Would you have been as upset if she went out with Yuki instead?
Toya:*shakes his head* No I don't think so... although I was a bit annoyed with him for leading her on that way.... but I think things worked out for the best, there anyways.
kira: Sounds that way... besides you two look so cute together anyways!!!*smirks at him*
Toya: You sure you're not that little freak? *smiles*
kira: *gives him an evil look* What do you think!!!!
Toya: *rolls his eyes* I think someone has been hogging my Yuki!!!
kira: too bad!!! Anyways do you think they'll eventually get married and all?
Toya: *mutters under his breath* I don't want to think about that, ok? *shudders* The thought of those two together and..... well I just can't think about that!!!!
kira: Calm down and eat the last brownie! * stuffs the last one in Toya's mouth* Don't you wanna be an Uncle one day???
Toya: *gives the death glare while finishing chewwing* Can't she go out with someone else???
kira: Like who; the little freak from England??? Wait a minute.... isn't he going out with Kaho??? What's with you and women??? Can't you hang on to them???
Toya: You're worse than Yuki!!! You know that! Anyways tell Everyone I'll be ok if Sakura marries the Gaki and has a ton of kids!!!! Can I go now???
kira: OOO!!!! Well thanks for your time!!!
Toya: You're welcome. *mutters under his breath about Yuki*
kira: One more thing: Leave Yuki alone! He really didn't have anything to do with this, in fact he said you wouldn't even talk to me about it.
Toya: *flashes a rare smile*
kira: Toya!!!!! Can you say "wet the bed"?
Toya: *laughs*
kira:*laughs with him and waves goodbye at him as he leaves*
kira: Now where was I in "Nadeshiko"? *types* "my poor Baby never got sick except for the time he had that bad case of diaper rash...."