Kira's Interview with Yukito


Hey Saffy!!! Thanks for the awards!!! Yuki owes me a cake now!!!! A bet's a bet!!!! Want a slice when he brings it??? Anyways Toya wasn't as hard to interview as I thought. I wonder if I can ask Yuki the same thing when I see him....mmmm..... Anyways there he is!!! Let me go see if he'll pay up! huggles!!!
luv kira

kira: Hey Yuki pay up!
Yuki: No way! I don't believe it!!!!
kira: He did and I have the awards from Saffy to prove it!!!!
Yuki: OK. A bet's a bet!*hands over the white cake with chocolate pudding inside*
kira: Yuki?
Yuki: Yes...
kira: Can I ask you about Sakura and Li?
Yuki: Ok. What do want to know?
kira: What do you think of them going out?
Yuki: *twinkles* KAWAII!!!!!
kira: *laughs* Yuki be serious!!!
Yuki: You sound like Toya!
kira: Funny he says I sound like you! You know you didn't answer me!!!!
Yuki: I think despite what Toya thinks, they are good for each other!!!
kira: You're not saying that because you wanted Toya all to yourself, are you????
Yuki:*smirks* What do you think?
kira: Yuki you're sooo bad!!! You know that!!!
Yuki:* nods* Toya tells me that all the time! *smiles*
kira: Well ... do you really think they're good for each other??? Seriously???
Yuki: *nods* I do!! I really do!!! I just feel bad that Toya isn't happy about it, and niether is Tomoyo. Don't let her fool you ; Eriol says she's not all that happy about it!!!
kira: Poor Tomoyo!!! But you know she wouldn't say anything about it anyways. *sighs* Think I should a "happily ever after" for her??
Yuki: Sure, but what happened to our interview???
kira: Create Card!!!!
Yuki: Create Card???!!!!
kira:*nods* Whenever the Create card visits I have to write a story or draw more fanart! Maybe I'll draw some Inuyasha fanart!!!
kira: Half-demon Dogboy!!! Long white Hair!!! Attitude!!!
Yuki:*laughs* Sounds like someone I know!!!
kira: Anyways my comp time's up!!! Seeya Yuki!!!!
Yuki: Ja ne, kira-chan!!!*takes back uneaten cake that kira forgot* Can't let this go to waste!!!! *helps himself to a slice*