Esthela's Interview with Kero-chan


Esthela: Hello, Kero-chan! It's an honor to meet you!
Kero-chan: Well, thanks!

Esthela: May I ask you a couple of questions?
Kero-chan: Sure! I know they won't be just a couple, but go ahead!
Esthela: OK. *she looks for her pen and notebook in her backpack*What do you think about Sakura and Syaoran's relationship?
Kero-chan:*he looks mad* I THINK THAT KID DOES NOT DESERVE HER!!! *he calmes down a little, and then continues*Ejem,sorry.
Esthela: *laughs * Don't worry, Kero chan! You look like you have been under a lot of preasure.
Kero-chan: Yeah,I've been like a crazy the last days, but I'm fine now. Lets continue.
Esthela.Weeeeeeeeeell . . .How do you feel when you see them together?
Kero-chan: Sakura looks very, very happy with that *he whisper something* kid, so I'm happy too! But *upset* I feel lonely, too.*tearful*
Esthela: Awww, don't worry, Kero-chan, you are one of Sakura-chan's best friends!
Kero-chan: And the most kawaii, don't forget to say that. *Both laughs*
Esthela: *she tinks that Syaoran-kun is even more kawaii than Kero-chan ^ . ^*Oh ,it's almost time to gotta lunch!
Kero-chan:Then I must go,because today . . . THERE'S OKONOMIYAKI FOR LUNCH!!!
Esthela:*laughs* Thank you for your time, Kero-chan! I wish you a lot of happiness, luck and candies! *^ .~*
Kero-chan: Up to you, Esthela-chan! *he leaves quickly, because he wants the biggest Okonomiyaki*
Esthela:Kero-chan is so kawaii! *sigh and whisper* but I steel think that Syaoran-kun is the cutest person in the earth! How lucky is Sakura-chan! *^ . ^ *