CardCaptor Sakura quiz

Created by Isaac. M. Zavelsky, Isaac Republic Productions

Part 1: Sakura’s home

Question 1:What does the doll on Sakura’s bed head meant to represent?

A. Herself
B. An action hero
C. It not meant to represent anything
D. There is no doll in her bedroom.

Question 2; Kero’s ‘bedroom’ is located were?

A. Under Sakura’s bed
B. In the top drawer of her desk
C. In the bottom drawer of her desk
D. Kero has no bedroom

Question 3: Sakura’s alarm is set to go off when?

A. 6:30 am
B. 7:00 am
C. 7:30 am
D. She never sets it

Question 4: Which window does Sakura use to enter/leave when she is going to capture/convert a card?

A. The window closest to her bed
B. The window near the closet
C. Both windows
D. Sakura just uses a door
E. All of the above

Question 5: Where in the bedroom are the cards hidden?

A. Under Sakura’s bed
B. On her desk
C. In the closet
D. In the top drawer of Sakura’s desk
E. None of these places, Sakura left the book in the library.

Part 2: Sakura’s school.

Question 6: Where does Sakura sit in class?

A. 1st row, 1 to the left
B. 3rd row, 1 to the right
C. 5th row, 2 to the left
D. 4th row, 2 to the right

Question 7: In class, some of Sakura’s friends sit near her. Where do Tomoyo, Syaoran and Meilin / Eriol sit?

A. Tomoyo sits next to Sakura on her right, Syaoran sits directly behind Sakura, Meilin / Eriol sits behind Sakura but on the right to Syaoran.
B. Tomoyo sit to the left of Sakura, Syaoran sits in front of Sakura, Meilin / Eriol don’t sit near Sakura
C. Syaoran sits to the right of Sakura, Tomoyo and Meilin / Eriol don’t sit near Sakura
D. None of Sakura’s friends sits near her

Question 8: In what class did Kaho teach Sakura, before she was the homeroom teacher?

A. Math
B. English
C. History
D. All of the above

Question 9: Sakura did 1 extra-circular activity, which 1 was that?

A. Choir
B. Cheerleading
C. Sporting team
D. None.

Question 10: in the entire series of card captor Sakura (including movies), how many plays does Sakura do?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. None

Part 3: friendships and relationships

Question 11: Sakura and Tomoyo were friends since when?

A. The first day Tomoyo arrived to the school, in which were Sakura give Tomoyo a rabbit shaped eraser.
B. The day Tomoyo found out Sakura was a cardcaptor
C. They were friends since kindergarten
D. Sakura and Tomoyo are not friends

Question 12: Naoko, Rika and Chiharu are some Sakura’s friends, their hobbies include cheerleading and piano. Which girl does cheerleading, but NOT piano?

A. Naoko
B. Rika
C. Chiharu
D. They all do both hobbies.

Question 13: Yamazaki lies on a constant basis, what is the most likely subject in the lies?

A. Some connection with human aliens
B. Some connection with monster penguins
C. Some connection Sakura and Syaoran’s magic powers
D. Some connection to a government conspiracy, involving aliens
E. All of the above, except for C
F. Yamazaki always is telling the truth.

Question 14: How come Syaoran stayed in Tomoeda after the final judgement?

A. Syaoran wanted to live there
B. Syaoran began to have interests with Sakura
C. Syaoran began to have interests with Tomoyo
D. Syaoran planned to steal the cards

Question 15: What was the significance of Syaoran saying Sakura’s first name?

A. There is no significance
B. Because Syaoran addressed only his own family members by their first name
C. Because Meilin started to say her name

Question 16: What did Syaoran do to help Sakura defeat Eriol?

A. Kill Eriol
B. Give his power/energy to Sakura’s Staff
C. Kill himself, then use his sprit to defeat Eriol
D. He was asleep and couldn’t help

Question 17: Why did Syaoran have a teddy bear?

A. Personal reasons
B. It was a gift from Sakura
C. It was a gift for Sakura

Question 18: Who helped Syaoran with advice on love?

A. Tomoyo
B. Eriol
C. Yue
D. All of the above
E. No one, he learnt himself

Question 19: What was the most common thing Syaoran did when in presence with Sakura?

A. Blush
B. Frown
C. Throw up
D. Nothing

Question 20: Tomoyo found out Sakura was a Cardcaptor how?

A. Sakura told her
B. Tomoyo saw kero in motion
C. Tomoyo stumbled on Sakura while she captured a card
D. Tomoyo videotaped her flying
E. Tomoyo found the book herself

Question 21: What did Sakura give Yukito for Christmas?

A. A sweater
B. Box of chocolates
C. A teddy bear
D. A doll that looked like him

Question 22: How come Sakura came to school when she had a fever?

A. There was English project due
B. It was photo day
C. She wanted to have a perfect record of school attendance
D. If she stayed home, someone would worry

Question 23: what was the original reason Sakura went to Tokyo on the day of the final judgement?

A. Because Meilin had never been there
B. Yukito was in a archery contest
C. Syaoran was in a martial arts contest
D. Tomoyo was in a choir concert

Question 24: What was main reason Sonomi hated Fujitaka?

A. For placing Sakura in harm's way
B. For taking Sakura away from her
C. Because Sakura was cuter that Tomoyo
D. She blamed him for the death of Sakura’s mother

Part 4: Sakura, Syaoran and the cards: magic powers / reasoning

Question 25: in total, how many variations of Sakura’s staff were there?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Question 26: what 3 items did Syaoran carry ever time he fought a Clow card?

A. Sword, Elemental papers, compass
B. Sword, compass, Clow cards
C. He only carried a sword
D. Its not mentioned if he carried anything

Question 27: Sakura first used the mirror card where?

A. When she was sick, and needed to be at school
B. At the final judgement
C. At the concert
D. When she visited Hong Kong

Question 28: What was the excuse Tomoyo said to her mother when Sakura captured the shield card?

A. ‘There was a loose spring’
B. ‘There was a something jammed inside’
C. ‘I think we used the wrong key’

Question 29: Why did Syaoran attempt to remove the cards from Sakura?

A. Syaoran an enemy of Clow Reed, coming from a long battle
B. He believed they were his, and Sakura was the unrightful owner
C. He was sent to destroy the cards, believing Sakura was to dangerous
D. He was sent to free the card’s sprits

Question 30: Why did Sakura gave Syaoran the ‘Sand’ card?

A. Syaoran saved Sakura’s life
B. It wasn’t a real card
C. Sakura didn’t see a need for that card
D. It was in return for the cloud card

Question 31: What was the significant difference that Meilin had from Sakura and Syaoran?

A. Ability to fight
B. Ability to perform in plays
C. Magical powers
D. There was nothing different

Question 32: What would have happened if Sakura lost the final judgement?

A. Sakura would die
B. Sakura and her Friends would die
C. She would be given amnesia, and the card would be destroyed
D. She would lose the ability to love and be loved
E. Time would rewind to the time when the book was first opened, then kill Sakura

Question 33: What was so strange about Kaho?

A. Kaho was a enemy magician
B. Kaho was the judge at the final judgement
C. Kaho knew that Sakura was the card mistress, but didn’t tell her
D. Kaho was dead, but lived as a spirit

Question 34: What card was ‘inside’ Sakura until it was released?

A. Rain
B. Wind
C. Hope
D. Light

Question 35: Which card was ‘purchased’ at the twin bells shop?

A. Shot
B. Sword
C. Shield
D. Fly

Question 36: Which of these cards had no involment with the twin bells store?

A. Jump
B. Shot
C. Sweet

Question 37: What made Touya suspect Sakura of something?

A. The strange cards on her desk
B. The weird looking stuffed animal around Sakura’s room
C. A video of her using the fly card
D. The constant presence of the mirror card

Question 38: Why did no one see Sakura seal the ‘fiery’ card?

A. Syaoran used time
B. Sakura used sleep
C. Sakura used maze
D. Sakura used illusion

Question 39: Syaoran had captured some cards, how were they activated?

A. Like the element cards, on the blunt side next to the handle
B. Like the element cards, but on the blade side
C. At the tip of the sword
D. Syaoran couldn’t activate the cards, only Sakura’s staff could do that

Question 40: What was the problem Sakura faced when she converted cards?

A. Being given a electrical zap
B. Kero losing power
C. Sakura losing energy
D. Tomoyo’s camera breaking constantly

Question 41: Eriol was who?

A. Syaoran's relative
B. Clow Reed re-born
C. A enemy magician
D. Nobody

Question 42: What problem did Meilin point out that Sakura had?

A. Too stressed
B. Too tired
C. Didn’t notice small things, like human emotions.

Question 43: When Sakura was under the influence of the dream card, what did she dream of?

A. Her mother
B. The night of judgement, but from a different view
C. A situation in which Syaoran died
D. A situation in which She died

Question 44: Touya’s main excuse for popping up everywhere was…
A. That he was following and teasing her
B. That it was is job to protect her
C. He knew about the cards, but wanted proof
D. New part time job

Question 45: What was similarity to the doll on Sakura’s bed head to Sakura at the final judgement?

A. The doll was made before Sakura was a card captor, but the doll has a staff like the one she used at the final judgement
B. The costume worn on the doll is identical to what Sakura wears at the final judgement
C. There was no connection

Question 46: What was the last scene in Card Captor Sakura?

A. The airport
B. Sakura's Bedroom
C. Tokyo tower
D. School

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