Fun Facts

  • Name facts:
    All of the Japanese names of the Kinomoto family are flowers (ex: Sakura is cherry blossom, Nadeshiko is pinks, Touya is peach blossom, Fujitaka is ivy).
    Both Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun are named after gemstones.

  • Manga facts from Kira:
    In the manga, Kero is said to sound like a loud mouthed guy from Osaka (Sakura's Dad asks her who that guy is in her room!)
    In the manga, Li never catches a card and he doesn't face the final judgement either.
    In the manga Tomoyo and Sakura are cousins.
    In the manga, Li lives alone in an apartment in the manga. In the anime series he has a butler (martial arts teacher) who lives with him.

  • Facts from Kira:
    Sakura's Japanese voice Actress is also named Sakura.
    Both Li and Sakura know summoning magic(when they call a clow card), and Li alone can also use elemental magic( when he uses the paper with a spell on it to call the wind for example).
    All the guardians, Kero, Yue, Suppi, and Ruby ALL have NO gender, which means they are neither male nor Female!
    Sakura's family lives in a western style house with western style funishings, while Yuki lives in a traditional Japanese style house with Japanese style furnishings! He sleeps on a futon on the floor, while Sakura and Toya sleep in a bed!

  • Facts from HelenHsu:
    In the manga Fly is the first card we see Sakura catch and it took her two days to do it!
    Sakura also dreamed about capturing Fly before she caught it.
    According to the manga, Light is the first card ruled by the sun under Kero and Dark is the first card ruled by the moon under Yue.
    In the manga 19 cards are caught or mentioned and in the anime series 53 cards are including the void card.
    In the manga as compared to the anime series, the cards are captured in a different order and the events surrounding the cards and their capture are slightly different.
    Syaoran Li name translates as "Little Wolf".

  • Facts from The Bells:
    Meilin's name is Chinese, Meilin means "Beautiful Bells". Her character only appears in the anime series.

  • Facts from Perfectblue:
    The word for Above in Japanese is Jou , not Yue. Yue is the Mandarin Chinese word for Moon, and the Chinese symbol for Moon appears on Yue's robes too."

  • Facts from Fia:
    You mention that both Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun are named after gemstones, and continue on to mention that you don't know what Spinel is. It is indeed a gemstone, and it comes in red, dark blue, deep green and some others...
    I've seen it in real-life, so yeah =3 Basically what CLAMP was trying to do was make opposites: Kero represents a normal sun, and Suppi represents a black/blue sun; Yue represents a normal moon, and Ruby Moon represents a red moon, etc. Note their likes too: Nakuru is a lot like Kero and Yue is a lot like Suppi.

  • Facts from Karen:
    The voice of Sakura is also the voice of Sincerity on What About Mimi.
    The voice of Li is also the voice of Russell on What About Mimi and Rainbow on Rainbow Fish.
    The voice of Julian is the same voice as Hare on Monster Ranchers, Jason on What About Mimi, and Edd (double D) on Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
    The voice of Aiden is the same voice as our very own Mr. Terada, Allen on Escaflowne, Tiger on Monster Ranchers, and Zechs on Gundam Wing.
    The voice of Madison is the same voice as Holly on Monster Ranchers, Shadow girl/Kitty Pride, and Bulma on DBZ.
    Carly Mckillip who is Sakura's voice actress in the English Dubbed version is also a little girl like Sakura.

  • Facts from Saffy:
    Syaoran Li has four sisters and their names are: Fuutie, Shiefa, Fanren, and Feimei.