Does Clamp Overdo unusual relationships?

(This rant is about the manga comic books not the anime - It's also a personal opinion not a fact sheet)

What really gets me sad is that they portray all true friendships as homosexual if you can't be friends with someone who is the same sex as you without being gay/lesbian! I think its sad that devotion for Sakura from Tomoyo and for Touya from Yuki can't just be called friendship.
Now I do not want to be spammed by gay activists or hard core Clamp fans telling me what a bigot I am, I just think that friendship can last a lifetime and bind two friends of the same sex without it being homosexuality!
I recently found out that Shounen-ai/Shounen-ai can be interpreted as a teen crush, passionate friendship or love and is deliberately ambiguous (shounen-ai can sure boost your fan base ^_^) that case its up to each and everyone to decide whether Tomoyo is lesbian or not.Personally I don't think she is.The SakuraxTomoyo sites I've been on recently make it into Yuri and read things into any gesture or smile...come on, she is only ten and hasn't even hit puberty yet, did you not have a "bestest best" friend that you adored at that age?
I'm not the only one to think the portrayal in the manga is a bit over the top: Anime Okashi Review

Things get a bit over seedy when they tell a story of not just one but four teacher/pupil relationships (NadeshikoxFujitaka , EriolxKaho, TouyaxKaho and RikaxTerada) and two homosexual relationships suggested (Tomoyo and Yukito). There are two (?) straight, same age couples.
This explodes the normal statistics: how can you have so many complex relationships for only 16 characters, most of which are not yet teens?
I guess that despite being a magical girl story, this is basically still Clamp who we know generally write in a more adult and also slightly more twisted style. (cf: Chobits, X )
I love Cardcaptor Sakura's character depth and complexity (much more interesting than your average Magical girl shoujo manga) but I do still think they did not have to portray all of the teacher-pupil relationships as healthy and I did not like the way the manga "feminized" Yukito.