My Synopsis on Cardcaptor Sakura by April Rose Sales

Few years ago, I have been watching different kinds of anime with different kinds of themes. I have seen a lot of action, romance animes, some are far behind from reality, some are plain simple. I thought that I could never encounter an anime series with a different kind of style until the Cardcaptor Sakura series was aired.

Cardcaptor Sakura is not your typical anime because it has different kinds of themes. It focuses on the life of the main character, Sakura Kinomoto, an average 10-year-old girl before she found the Clow book at their basement. Characters like Kero chan, Tomoyo, Touya, Yukito and Li Syaoran also adds up to the thrill in each episode. I admire the plot of Cardcaptor Sakura because it is different from other animes. I also like the fact that the story focuses on the life of a teenage student and because of that some people can also relate some events of their life with Sakura’s life. The scenario of the series might be quite simple but it is still enjoyable to watch.

Ok, now lets enter a wider topic, did the final episodes and movies round up the entire series? Well, in my own opinion the series was awesome the movies were great but it leaves the story with a question mark. The first movie has the same plot with the series. The series itself was great but it ended Syaoran leaving Sakura. Some of the fans, including me, keep on asking what will happen to Syaoran and Sakura after that. Then the 2nd movie comes. I thought that it will answer all my questions will be answered but only some were answered. Well, for me I am not yet satisfied because it was left at a dead end.

The characters’ emotions and attitudes evolved through out the series and movies. I like Sakura’s sweet and gentle attitude towards others. I also love the innocent attitude of her even though in some episodes it is annoying that she still cannot catch up what other people are trying to imply on her. For example, in one of the episodes where Sakura was trapped inside the Alice in Wonderland book, the Syaoran twins asked questions about Syaoran. The twins asked Sakura if the one Syaoran’s love is higher or shorter than him. She answered that the one Syaoran loves is higher because he thought Syaoran’s love is Yukito. She was wrong because she did not even realize that she is Syaoran’s love. I also noticed that from the time Syaoran reaveled his love to Sakura, Sakura became a lot more lady like.
Let us now focus on Li Syaoron. Li Syaoran is your typical stiff yet handsome guy. But when he met Sakura his heart little by little softened. He also has this attitude of being speechless every time he is going to tell Sakura that he loves her.
Tomoyo, Sakura’s bestfriend, is also sweet. I like the fact that she was also given an unofficial pair in the series, Eriol, also a handsome and witty guy.
The other characters in the story like Kero chan and Touya makes some scenes comedic even though Touya and Yukito are in fact very handsome.

Finally, on the fact of having a new series, everyone wants to clarify some questions about the series like what will happen to Sakura and Syaoran? Or will Touya receive his powers again? A new series may do but the scriptwriters of the new series must think about a new line of topic. Since Sakura captured all the clow cards including the void, which completes the yin and yang, they must think a new adventure for Sakura. But leaving the story unfinished maybe one of the director’s plans because the idea of a new season maybe boring for some since the people already know that Syaoran loves Sakura and Sakura loves Syaoran. In case a new season will be made I suggest that the characters will be teenagers, Sakura being five years older than before. A new season will be great if there will be a different kind of style. The fans will like it if that happens but if the same plot will be used some will find it boring.