CCS, was the series concluded? By Sakura/Yiyi

Did the series end well?
I believe it did. 70 episodes and 2 movies is plenty enough for us live on. Plus 3 OVAs. Most animes last only about half that much so really we got a good deal. Syaoran finally told Sakura how he felt (took him long enough!) and Sakura as well in the 2nd movie. What more could we really want? The cards are captured and transformed, including the Hope Card. There are no more magic problems; Sakura and Syaoran have finally gotten together, everybody’s happy.

Should there be an epilogue or new season?
Many people probably would want a new season, but as I said before, what more is left to do? You want to see Sakura and Syaoran grow up and get married and have kids? It’d be pretty boring when you think about it. Or maybe the cards somehow got loose again and Sakura and Syaoran have to recapture them. Sounds rather stupid if you ask me. It’d be like that Jackie Chan Adventures show where they have to get talismans, then they find demons, then they find animals holding talisman powers. Stupid. You don’t want our precious CCS to be like that, do you? The OVAs are sort of like an epilogue telling you that Tomoyo filmed everything on CCS (pretty ingenious actually). And really, it’s not like CCS is dead. The new series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles has many characters from CCS. It lives on forever!

Did the characters develop?
Heck, yeah! The one you notice most is Syaoran. In the beginning of the series, he’s very cold and mean. He wants the cards for himself and tries to take them from Sakura. But in the end, he falls in love with her because she’s so nice to him. Meiling also develops throughout the series. At first, she’s very protective of Syaoran and is mean to Sakura because she thinks of her as competition for Syaoran. She realizes, though, that she’s not the one for him and that he loves Sakura so she helps them get together! Sakura as well, she loves Yukito in the beginning but then realizes that she thinks of him as more of a father figure than boyfriend. And when Syaoran confesses to her, she realizes that she loves him the most. That’s pretty much it actually, but that’s okay. There are some characters, like Kero-chan that you never want to change.

Is it good to leave some things open for debate?
Err..what things? I think pretty much everything’s been explained. Eriol is Clow’s reincarnation. He was giving her a better reason to transform the cards when he possessed all those things. Sakura loves Syaoran. What’s to debate? Oh I know! Should we kill Nelvana for making the crappiest dub in crappy dub history that makes you want to puke your guts out? *goes off to think up evil plan*

How would the fans react to a new season?
Sure in the beginning we’d be all ‘YAY!’ but since it’s been so long since the original they’d probably have to get new voice actors. to make all the animation stuff..I don’t fully understand the process. But CLAMP probably wouldn’t be able to work with all the same people as before to produce a new season so it probably wouldn’t look or feel right to the fans. Let’s just leave the series be. It’s like a scab, don’t pick/prod/poke at it or you’ll ruin it.