Series Information

Cardcaptor Sakura is a shoujo magical girl japanese anime of 70 episodes, 2 movies and 3 OVAs.
It was adapted from the manga comic "Card Captor Sakura" in 12 volumes created by CLAMP, a female mangaka group.
It was produced by Studio Madhouse, Kodansha, Geneon, aired on NHK and published by Tokyopop (as the manga).
It was licenced to be broadcasted in the USA by WarnerBros. (WB channel) via the canadian group Nelvana who dubbed it and edited it radically for a younger audience. This format of the series was called Cardcaptors and was shown in the US and in the UK.
Other foreign versions tend to be unedited dubs with new, country specific, opening and ending themes. In France it was aired in an unedited dubbed version on M6 as Sakura, Chasseuse de Cartes with themes by the dance group FroggyMix.