Movie 2

Setting: after episode 70, the end of the series.
Featured Clow Cards: the Void, the Love and the Hope

Syaoran has been away in Hong hong for a few months and Sakura is really missing him but she doesn't dare tell anyone. Sakura and Tomoyo's class is preparing for the school festival and especially the class play. Sakura bumps into Syaoran in town who has come to visit with Meilin... The band of friends go to the fairground where S and S are set up by Meilin and Tomoyo so that Sakura will get a chance to confess her feelings... But they never get the chance to talk, a strange power is lurking in the fairground. The day of the school play arrives, it centers around the love shared by a prince and a princess who are from enemy countries. Suddenly, in the middle of the play, people start to disapear! Soon all the audience has vanished and Sakura and Syaoran's friends are gone too... They have a tough choice to make: halting this destructive power also means losing their most precious feeling!

8/10 for the graphics. Very beautiful and detailed character design and backgrounds
Scenes to note: the waltz scene, the fairground.
7/10 for the story. Principally a love story but with a bit of action and adventure towards the end.
9/10 for the final twist and lovely ending.
8/10 for the costumes. Tomoyo's designs for the play and for the final battle are classy, elegant and more grown up.
5/10 for character development. We don't learn much more about the characters. There are hints at Yue's character, Eriol and Kaho's involvement and Kero-Suppi rivalry.
10/10 for the theme music - The classic instrumentals are just gorgeous. The soundtrack is well worth buying.

Overall appreciation
It's a love story... if you want action and mystery go for the first movie because this one is mainly centered around Sakura and Syaoran's feelings for each other.
Overall feeling : cute, romantic.
Overall colors: pink and green.
I do not know if the dubbed version had any cut scenes or character changes.


Kero and Suppi go crazy and run all over Tomoeda in crazy adventures following a delicious fried octopus ball.
Things get more and more hyper...