Cardcaptors Episode Summaries by Kira

1 Sakura's Rival ¤ 2 Time and Again ¤ 3 The Cave ¤ 4 Power's Ploy ¤ 5 Double Edged Sword ¤ 6 The New Rival ¤ 7 Double Take ¤ 8 The Race ¤ 9 Dragon Slayer ¤ 10 No Way Out ¤ 11 The Switch ¤ 12 Ice Breaker ¤ 13 The Third Element ¤ 14 Buyer Beware ¤ 15 Stormy Weather ¤ 16 Allies ¤ 17 Under the weather ¤ 18 Meilin's Story ¤ 19 The Last Card part 1 ¤ 20 The Last Card part 2 ¤ 21 The Final Judgement ¤ 22 The Past, Present and Future ¤ 23 One Fateful Day ¤ 24 The Mysterious painting ¤ 25 Running out of time ¤ 26 A new Set of Wings ¤ 27 Trouble in the park (Lambys) ¤ 28 Double Trouble ¤ 29 Spinning out of Control ¤ 30 Out of Bounds ¤ 31 Li's Calling ¤ 32 Just Like old times ¤ 33 Sakura in Wonderland ¤ 34 The Vanishing Act ¤ 35 A Slippery Slope ¤ 36 Sakura's Return to the Past ¤ 37 Revelations part 1 ¤ 38 Revelations part 2

01 Sakura's Rival {top}
In this episode we meet exchange student Li Showron. He is the new kid in Sakura's 4th grade class. She senses something weird about him when he walks past her to sit in his seat, and all he does is stare at her. Later on he finds her in the school yard and very rudely to the point of being nasty, demands she hand over the Clow cards. She at 1st is about to hand them over before she realizes he shouldn't know about them. As Li tries to force her to give him the cards Tori(Sakura's older Brother) shows up and tries to fight Li. As Tori and Li stare each other down, Julian(Tori's friend and the object of Sakura's "puppy love" crush) shows up. Something really strange happens when Li sees Julian and suddenly for no reason gets really scared and takes off. Sakura leaves with Madison who also shows up. On the way home they are caught in a freak thunder storm in penguin park. It turns out there is a Clow card causing trouble (the Thunder card). They later on that night come back to capture the card. Here we see some of Madison's talents. She designed and made Sakura a kitty cat dress that is "storm proof" and she also brings along a video camera to record Sakura catching the card. We also met Keroberous the Guardian Beast of the seal. He looks nothing like he's supposed to, but rather like the stuffed animal Li calls him. (He looks like a small yellow Lion cub with wings). This becomes a running joke through the series that Kero as he's called pretends to be a stuffed animal around anyone other than Sakura, Madison(who he loves as much as Sakura), or Li. After a bit of bickering between Sakura and Li they capture the Thunder card with the help of the shadow card. The card goes to Li and Kero explains that the card doesn't always go to the person who sealed it.

02 Double-Edged Sword {top}
Poor Sakura! In this episode She feels like a real loser thanks to Li's cxriticism of her card capturing abilities. Not even Kero or Madison can cheer her up. So she does what every girl does to cheer herself up: she goes shopping with her friends! They go to a store (here we meet Sakura's friend Rita) and buy themselves a pretty pin to cheer themselves up. What nobody realizes is Rita's pin is really the sword card. They get together to study after school and when Rita puts on her pin she gets possessed by the card. Since she is Sakura's friend, she doesn't want to hurt her while catching the card. Li shows up to catch the card too and just like a guy, he sees nothing wrong with Rita getting hurt as long as he has the card. Sakura stops him and uses the illusion card to stop Rita long enough to capture the sword card. Rita faints and Julian comes by in time to scare off Li and help Sakura get Rita into her house. Everything turns out okay. The next day Sakura feels bad about Rita "losing" her pin so she gives Rita hers.

03 Time and Again {top}
In this episode the action starts at school wheree we find there is a music test and Sakura is not as ready for it as she could be. The day goes by and at night while the town of Readington(Sakura's home town) sleeps. Something strange happens at midnight: the town clock turns back and everyone unknowingly relives the day over except Sakura who senses something's wrong. She even tries to convince Madison that something is wrong by telling her that Li is going to kick the soccer ball. We also have some funny scenes of Kero finally beating his video game only to have to do it again and again before he, Sakura, Madison, and Li take on the Time card. Thanks to Li, Sakura is able to seal the card, which once again goes to Li.

04 Power's Play {top}
The action in this episode takes place at the zoo, wheree Sakura's class has gone on a field trip. Here we meet some more of Sakura's friends. Kero also makes a surprise visit by luckily being in Sakura's backpack. Once again something weird is going on. Things get hairy when the animals are set free (something has broken into the cages). Sakura and Madison run to help the elephants who are in danger of getting hurt or killed. Kero tells Sakura to use her powers to get the card. It turns out it's the power card whose physical form is that of a cute little girl. This little girl is very strong yet vain, so Sakura challenges her to a tug-of-war fight. Li meanwhile is watching from the trees and uses the time card to help Sakura. He stops time gets down and takes the rope out of Power's hands. He restarts time and power falls down and loses. Sakura seals her in her card form, never knowing that Li has helped. Just when Madison is about to show Sakura a "souvenir" of the day, which is a picture of Sakura picking up the penguin slide over her head Julian comes by and sees it. He asks them about it and they mumble something about computers.

05 The Cave {top}
In this episode Sakura's class is on an overnight field trip to the beach. We meet more of her friends and classmates. This is the episode wheree we see more of the rivalry between Li and Sakura. They try to out do each other whether its cooking or swimming. However both deny that there is any rivalry at all between them. That night we find out that Sakura is afraid of ghosts, as we see her squirm while her friends tell ghost stories to each other in the bunk house. Poor Sakura is now terrified to go in the cave the next day to visit an ancient shrine. Well she finally gets brave enough to go in with Madison only to find that everyone is disappearing. This can mean only one thing-ghosts! No it's really the erase card causing trouble. Now is the time for Sakura and Li to stop their rivalry and really help each other. They work together (after Sakura gets over being scared of ghosts) and the erase card is captured. This time the card goes to Sakura and Li starts to realize Sakura is not as useless as she seemed when capturing cards. However they both seem to think that their respect for each other goes only as far as the cards. Hence the fierce volleyball game at the end.

06 The New Rival {top}
Here we meet Meilin for the first time. [According to some sources she is Li's cousin and betrothed (fiance) and here she's just someone who grew up with him because their families are close friends]. anyway if people thought Li was stuck up and obnoxious they never met Meilin. She right away senses something between Sakura and Li and she's determined to make Sakura's life a living hell. If Sakura does one thing Meilin has to out do on the next. This is not Li's or Sakura's favorite day at school. Then in the newspaper there's an article about a girl who's unbelievable at martial arts and she's been beating all the best black belts. Tori who was reading this asks Sakura if she's a the girl in the story. Sakura's like no way. She thinks it's a Clow card and gets Madison and Li to help capture it.They all don't count on Meilin being there too. But despite her attitude problems Meilin is really brave and she attempts to take it on. Only one problem with that; she has no magical abilities at all! So in the battle that follows Li gets hurt and Meilin nearly gets killed by this tough card. However Sakura much to Meilin's dismay captures the card. This only serves to annoy Meilin and makes her want Li even more and hate Sakura, because she thinks LI likes Sakura better than her.

07 Double Take {top}
In this episode someone who looks just like Sakura is running around doing bad things and ruining her reputation. Everyone thinks it's Sakura even though their hearts tell them Sakura is not like that. Kero also at this time feels its time to educate Sakura some more about the Clow cards. He tells her they also have tarot card like properties and it's here that they learn that windy has a big mouth and told the other cards about Sakura. what makes matters worse is Tori is involved in the cards mischief. He follows the card thinking it's Sakura who needs his help. She makes him fall off a cliff wheree he gets hurt before Li and Sakura can stop the card. It takes Sakura a while to figure out which card it is based on what she learned from the other cards. It also doesn't hurt that the card helped her identify it. When Sakura orders Mirror to "return to her power confined", she goes over to Tori an apologises for hurting him. Sakura too at the end tells Tori she's sorry, she doesn't tell why but we get the feeling it's because she feel bad the card hurt Tori. At the end Julian and Madison come by to see Tori and Madison has cake. Sakura brings Julian and Tori a slice and Kero hides in her hood wheree Tori sees him and asks about it. This is wheree we find that Tori too has some kind of power because he's always in later episodes, sensing that Kero is more than a toy.

08 No Way Out {top}
In this episode Niki tells Sakura and Meilin about a shrine wheree you can get good luck charms that grant you your fondest wish. So unknown to each other they both go there and trouble begins. Instead of getting their charms (which both deny that's why they're there), the place turns into a giant maze and Sakura, Madison, Meilin and Li find themselves trapped inside. This time Li and Sakura's powers are not strong enough to help them. Just when it seems like the four of them are trapped together, Ms. Mackenzie the new teacher shows up to help them. She has a strange bell that she uses to get them out of the maze and Sakura captures the naughty card. Everyone gets home safely even though it's night time. Tori shows up to get Sakura and he too sense something strange about Ms. Makenzie. Li however doesn't trust her one bit.

09 The Race {top}
This is wheree we meet Sakura's friend Jessie (although she only appears here), who is on the track team. She is the one who takes in the injured dash card (she thinks it's a cute animal that she keeps as a pet). Suddenly Jessie is the schools track star thanks to dash. Sakura's friends insist she capture dash but Sakura doesn't want to until after the big track meet, because Jessie has a good shot at winning.She does capture it and poor Jessie thinks her new pet has run away. However at the big meet Li who has the card makes it appear to give Jessie the strength to win. Sakura asked Li about it, but he denys having helped Jessie.

10 Dragon Slayer {top}
This episodes starts with Meilin and Kero fighting about who's better at capturing cards- Li or Sakura. This creates some problems while capturing the big card. Sakura gets that one. Meanwhile Sakura's friend Nikki finds an old journal in a used bookstore. She buys it and uses it to write her stories done in not realizing it's really the create card. As she writes characters in the story come alive and Sakura and company must deal with them. At first the creatures are harmless, until Nikki writes about a big dragon. You guessed it; this is not a nice dragon and Readington is in danger! Sakura uses her newly caught big card to help her capture the dragon but it disappears as Nikki closes her book. They realize it's the create card and they capture it. Poor Nikki the next day she wakes up and her book and all her hard work are gone!

11 The Switch {top}
This is a funny episode in which Li and Kero exchange bodies while trying to capture the change card. Li is upset to find out that they have stay that way for 24 hours when Sakura can use the card to change them back. Here we see Kero telling funny stories about video games and being less reserved than Li normally is. The kids all like this new side of Li. He also has to make dinner for Meilin which is funny because Kero can only eat not cook! Li also has problems as Kero; he tries to fly and can't so Julian has to rescue him from the neighbor's cat. He also has to sleep in the drawer because that's wheree kero sleeps. And He gets in trouble by sneaking into school in Sakura's backpack. When trying to get out he gets mixed up with Mr. Terada's gift and returned to a store! Thankfully Kero resues him because of his video game skills! They luckily change back and each learns new respect for each other.

12 Ice Breaker {top}
In this story the action takes place on a field trip to an ice skating rink. It seems that the town of Readington is having a cold spell and Li and especially Meilin are feeling the cold. Well nobody is as good at skating as Ms. Makenzie, and she tries to help Sakura. Soon the heat drops and everyone starts to get covered in ice! Only Sakura and Li are still "warm" and they find out it's the freeze card. They learn to skate in a hurry in order to catch it which they do. Soon everyone thaws out and life goes on as if nothing happened.

13 The Third Element {top}
In this episode We see Sakura having another one of her strange dreams. She wakes up troubled by it and tries to figure out what it means. While trying to call Li about it, Kero tricks her into calling Julian and Sakura winds up asking him to the winter carnival. Here we see another running joke "Tori's jobs" (it seems he works everywheree there's a job to be done). While walking along with Li and Meilin, Sakura chats up Julian and no one notices that things are catching fire here and there. They also aren't aware that Madison and Kero are spying on them. while having lunch Sakura and Li sense a Clow card, so they stop time, and make everyone sleep so they can catch it. They find out it's fire and Sakura with Li and Kero's help seals it and it goes to Li. As she does it Kero gains back at bit more of his power because it's an element card. We get to hear a very nice song about Sakura as she and Julian enjoy a ride in the Ferris wheel. Kero too celebrates by making it snow with star shine. He also gives us a hint about Sakura's future.

14 Buyer Beware {top}
This is the episode for all you Meilin fans. In it she actually catches the shot card just by buying in a shop! But I'm ahead of the story here. It seems Sakura is following in her mom's footsteps as a lousy cook and she's tempted to buy a Clow card look alike about cooking. All her friends swear by these so called magic cards. That's why Meilin ran out to get one. Poor Sakura and Madison after realizing there's a real Clow card loose, run and fly around trying to find their friends because Kero told them it's the shot card and it's very dangerous. So Sakura gets Li to help her find the shot card and Meilin who finds them in the school yard unleashes it's power when she gets into a fight about it. She unfortunately says it's name and as the card spotted Li 1st he becomes it's target. Just like it's name says the shot shoots bolts of energy at Li and he gets hurt. But with his help Sakura uses mirror to help her disable shot so she can capture it. Poor Meilin winds up feeling bad and blames Sakura for it.

15 Stormy Weather {top}
In this episode Sakura oversleeps again (all those late night card capture are catching up to her-no sleep). As she dashes off to school she meets Julian who gives her a late birthday present of a watch. (Well if she wasn't in love before she is now!) And if that isn't strange enough even though it's cherry blossom time, Readington is having a freak snow storm. This must be a Clow card. The gang meet at penguin park wheree during the fight Sakura loses her watch. This ticks off Sakura big time and gives her the strength to use firey to help her capture snow. When she does her watch is returned. (Also Sakura gets to wear the cutest bunny suit to capture this card. Way to go Madison!)

16 Allies {top}
This episode takes place at the local aquarium. (Look for Tori's new job!)When the penguin keeper is almost killed along with her penguins Sakura senses a Clow card. She goes back there on a date with Julian to check it out. She almost drowns but Julian saves her. Later that night she and Madison sneak in to capture the card. She wants to capture this card on her own and does it with the help of the freezer in the basement. Very good action scenes here of Sakura being chased by the watery as she flys always from it on her sealing wand. (Also someone please tell me why this episode come after the 3rd element if watery is the 2nd one?)

17 Under the Weather {top}
Sakura is sick in this episode, and we see her mom Natasha come and put her hand on Sakura's head. Sakura can feel the love as she sleeps. Kero then wakes her up and tells her to hurry up because it's raining and she has to walk to school today. Sakura wakes up saying her head feels fuzzy and Kero discovers she has a fever. Sakura tells him she has to go to school today because there's a big presentation she has to make. She makes it to school and everyone can twell she's sick even though Sakura tells them she's ok. During class, Ms.Mackenzie discovers Sakura has a fever and tells Madison to take her to the front office, wheree Tori will come and bring her home. Just as Sakura faints, Tori arrives as catches her. Then there's a cute scene of Tori carrying Sakura home on his back.
Next scene Sakura is lying in bed and Kero is fussing over her when Tori comes in. Poor Kero has to play "dollie" again, as Tori gives him a funny look. Tori says Sakura needs medicine and food to get well an he leaves. Kero comments on how Tori is catching on to him. Next scene is shot of how it's raining all over Readington. The final scene is of a whirlpool shot of the clouds. Then Sakura wakes up and tells Kero she senses a Clow card. She tries to leave but Kero stops her saying she''ll catch pneumonia and how it'll look bad if Tori comes in and she's gone. So Sakura gets Mirror to help her. Then she and Kero leave. Tori returns and senses that Sakura is different. Tori takes care this "Sakura". Meanwhile Sakura and Kero are heading for the Clow card. Sahe falls off her staff and is saved by Li. Meilin and Li yell at her for coming out sick, and Sakura tells the card has to be captured. Scene shifts back to Mirror and Tori. They talk about meeting before and there's a flashback to how they met. Then scene returns to the present where Tori tells her he has magic too and she shouldn't tell Sakura.
Next scene is back where Sakura is trying to capture the cloud card. Sakura is so weak she can't raise her staff so Meilin helps her. The card is sealed and it goes to Li/ Meilin is happy until Li gives it to Sakura because she was brave enough to come out when she was sick. Sakura thanks him. Next scene is back in Sakura's room. Mirror leaves and Sakura gewts back in bed. Kero meanwhile goes down to let Li and Meilin know Sakura is ok. Kero then teases Meilin about staying with her because Tori is too busy with Sakura, and besides he's catching on to Kero. Mild argument between the two before the scene shifts back to Sakura's room. Tori tells her her fever is back because she's been pushing herself to hard. Tori then looks up to see his mom there. Natasha then comes over to Sakura and touches her head again. Sakura gets happy. Tori and Natashe talk and she leaves. Then we see Sakura the next day all happy and better. She thanks her mom, and Tori asks why. Sakura tells him that she felt their mom watching over her yesterday. Tori agrees.

18 Meilin's Story {top}
This is a bittersweet episode for all you Meilin fans. Poor Meilin has to go back to Hong Kong and she's upset that Li doesn't like anymore (he told her she was always in the way).Sakura, I think likes Meilin depite her faults, and invites her to sleep over as a way to cheer her up. Meilin can't believe Sakura's being nice just to be nice but accepts the invitation. During the sleep over the two finally get to know each other better. Meilin tells her story about growing up with Li and how nice he really is too. (Li went out in the rain to find Meilin's lost pet bird). While this is going on the twin card(appears as what else a set of twin children) wreaks havoc on Readington by doubling the town. Sakura senses that it's a Clow card and makes a point of including Meilin. It turns out she really is needed as only she and Li can battle this card because of all the years they spent together training in martial arts. Ti seems they can move as one person without thinking so this helps defeat twin long enough for Sakura to seal it. This helps Meilin leave to go back home happy, knowing she's finally part of the team. She also vows to return one day.

19 The Last Card-part 1 {top}
This is the only two parter here. In part one Sakura is troubled once again by her strange dreams. She, Madison, Li,and of course Kero travel by train to Julian's archery match. (I guess Tori had to work again). She spends the time trying to figure it out. They get ther and find Julian is up against Layla Makenzie and they are evenly matched. She winds up losing because she senses Kero. Sakura recalls the capture of the dream card and the advice the card gave her. Then after the match while having lunch Sakura is horrified to find Kero is gone. Julian promises to buy her a new toy. But Sakura goes off to find him. Meanwhile Kero is having a serious chat with Ms. Makenzie about Sakura and Yue. Sakura finds them together and thinks back to what the light and dark cards told her when they were captured. As she gathers her thoughts together the last card appears.

20 The Last Card-part 2 {top}
The Last card is here making her presense know as a series of earthquakes. Sakura also notices that Ms. Makenzie is not affected by them. She uses her magic with Li's help and Everyone goes to sleep so Sakura can seal the card. They don't want Julian to know about Sakura's powers. After sealing the card Sakura watches as Kereo's powers are restored and he takes on his true form.(A large mountain lion with wings and fancy head gear). She also gets the shock of her life as Julian is also transformed into a beautiful angel-like guy with long hair and strong magical powers. But this is not Julian it's yes (don't read anymore if you don't already know what happens!) Yue!! And He's got an attitude too! Not a nice guy at all like Julian. It seems the light and dark were right; Yue was always there at her side. Well yue is not only the 2nd guardian he's also the judge of the cards. He also declares that since all the cards are sealed, there will a test to see who will command the cards. But both Li and Sakura have cards so an exception is made and both will have a "final Judgement". So Li goes first and is unfortunately defeated by Yue who is disgusted that Clow Reed's direct descendant can't control the cards. He is returned hurt and he tells Sakura what happened. She knew it wasn't good because she she tried to help him and was held back by Kero.

21 The Final Judgement {top}
In this episode Sakura must face Yue alone to battle for dominion over the cards. Torn by her knowledge that Yue is also Julian she can't fight him at first but then has to. She then makes the misake over using woody to help her, but Yue laughs at her and turns the magic against her. Just as he tells her that since she failed all knowledge of what happened will disappear, sakura sees what will happen in a dream. She somehow knows something is wrong but can't figure out what. As she dreams she hears a bell and remembers! It's Ms. Makenzie with that strange bell. It seems Clow Reed somehow knew what would happen in the future and created the bell to help Sakura. Yue shocked to see Sakura won after all acecpts her when she uses her new wand on him and calls him hewr friend. We also meet Clow Reed when he appears and tells Sakura that she is now guided by the power of her special star. Sakura brings out her sealing wand and it changes into onr with a star on top. Kero and yue change back to the way they were and everyone is happy that Sakura is the new mistress of the cards.

22 The Past and The Present and The Future {top}
It starts off with Julian, Tori and Sakura eating lunch then Tori heads off for the library while Julian stays behind to help clean up, then after Tori leaves Kero comes out and says "I need to talk to Yue", then Julian makes his transformation to Yue, and they all go to Sakura's room to talk. Kero is eating and he asks sakura to get him somemore milk, simply to get her out of the room so him and Yue can talk. When sakura leaves the two begin talking about the new power they sence, refering to Eli Moon, Spinner, and Ruby Moon, who come in a later. Kero also argues to Yue that Sakura is going to be ready for this new power, and Yue keeps telling him that Sakura had to much help from her friends and didn't do enough herself. After that they have a few flash backs to times wheree Sakura was courageous, and brave. Then Sakura comes back in with the milk, and gets dressed, then going to meet Li and Madison, and as she leaves, it shows the back of Eli Moon, and she goes "Its going to be one of those days, I just know it". **Special Note: Eli's shadow is really Clow Reed's!!!***

23 One Fateful Day {top}
This is the episode that started it all in Japan. Nelvana has turned it into a flashback show about how Sakura first became a card captor. Seems she heard a noise in the basement and went to check it out. She sees a book glowing on the shelf in her dad's library and opens it up. Inside she a strange deck of cards. Sakura picks up the top one and says its name out loud. It was the windy card and it makes a huge wind come and blow all the cards around. Being magic cards they escape out of her house. Then out of the top of the book comes Kero.He tells her he is the Guardian Beast of the seal and that she caught him sleeping and that's how she was able to open the book. Kero names Sakura the Card Captor and gives her the key that turns into her sealing wand. The first card she catches is Fly with windy's help.(It looks like a huge bird). The flash back ends with Sakura and Li catching the Sand Card at school. It ends before we see who gets the card. (They show them both reaching for it.)

24 The Mysterious Painting {top}
The action in this episode takes place on a field trip to an art museum. While ther Sakura sees a guard stopping a kid from destrying a painting. The kid claims his dad painted it and the woman in it shouldn't be there. After the leaves she finds his paint box with the name Alex on it. Sakura tells Madison what happened, and Madison thinks it's a Clow card. Later on that night, Madison and Sakura with Kero, go back to the museum to find the card. Kero says it's the silent card. Inside they find the kid again and ask him why he's there. He tells them the story of his dad and the painting. Afterwards Madison ditracts Alex (the kid), and Sakura tries to seal the card. Everyone is startled to find themselves outside. Every time there's a noise the silent card sends everyone outside again. Kero explains that this is silent's power. Try as they might to be quiet they keep winding up outside. When Alex runs inside and is caught by the guard, Sakura gets an idea from seeing their shadows. She uses shadow to help her, and Alex escapes. She also uses her shadow to get indide quietly to seal the silent card. As they leave we see Li on top of the building, and hear him say something about sensing another Clow card

25 Running Out of Time {top}
This episode starts off with Li telling about Clow Reed and the Clow cards. More specifically the elemental cards and retells what happened after all the cards were caught. Then Kids WB lost the broadcast for a few minutes and when it returned they were up to the part about the opening credits.Then the episode started again with no trouble. We see Sakura in her front yard "raking"(she's using a broom), some leaves. She is very tired from changing the Clow cards into star cards. Eli Moon shows up saying he was coming back from the store, and chats with her a bit and then asks if she needs help. Sakura says yes and he come in the yard to help. While raking they come the the part of her yard wheree Tori left his bike. Eli says he'll move for her and as he does he puts a spell on it. Sakura senses something breifly but dismisses it. When they are done he leaves. As he goes Sakura thanks him and tells him to have a nice weekend. Eli says something about homework and as he walks away says he'll have a better weekend than her. Later on that night Tori tells Sakura he'sz going to the library. As he looks out the window he sees his bike and he can see that there is a spell on it(it looks like it has a red glow around it). Tori asks Sakura did she touch his bike, Sakura thinks about it and says yes she did. She then asks why and Tori tells her to stay off it . Sakura laughs that she can't reach the pedals. Tori leaves to go to the library and steals a shrimp from Sakura's dinner. We then see him drive off in a van. (I guess that's why he worked at all those jobs- he wanted to buy a car!) Sakura then brings some pudding up to her room for Kero. Kero is just so happy to get pudding you think it was years that he had some instead of days or maybe hours. Sakura then tells him she's so tired and Kero explains that the cards will do this to her, and they talk some more about the cards. Sakura then takes out the cards and they dance around her in the air. Sakura then gets worried because she can't feel the cards like before. Kero tells her that's because the cards rely on the power of their master and they have to be transformed so that she can feel them again. (The untransformed Clow cards feel cold to Sakura). Kero tells Sakura they have to be transformed soon or there'll be trouble. The cards will run wild because they feel lost without a master. They will take their power from other sources. If the four elemental cards come toghter this way it will cause terrible trouble in the world. Sakura then tells Kero it's okay because she'd already transformed windy. Sakura then calls out a few of the untransformed cards and trys to transform them all at once. It works until she gets to dash and then runs out of power so dash turns into its cat form. Dash gets scared and takes off out the open window wheree it finds Tori's bike and become one with it and the bike speeds off out of the yard. Kero and Sakura chase the bike as it heads towards the library. She Tries to catch it by calling on other cards to help her. She doesn't want to scare it further or hurt it. When nothing works she calls Li on her phone. This part is funny when Li is hanging out in his room and picks up the phone and finds Sakura on the line. (He looks so cute with those red cheeks!Dork!)He then agrees to meet her at the library. This is good because Sakura called upon jump to help her only to find out that she can't jump that high even with jump's help. Just as Kero thinks he's going to have to scrape Sakura off the side walk, Li appears and calls upon the wind element to help her. Wind element catches sakura and breaks her fall. She thanks Li and Kero tells them dash is still on the loose. Li trys to get the bike down off the wall by using lightening but Sakura tells him not to so dash won't get hurt. They try again and again to catch the bike, and all this time Eli and his friends (Ruby and Spinny) are watching and chatting about it from afar. Sakura finally thinks about corraling the dash by using the loop card. She transforms it and the idea works. But she looses more of her power. This time Eli is there watching everything from the bushes. Finally dash leaves the bike and Sakura is able to catch it in her arms. Dash struggles but soon settles down and Sakura gets it to return to card form so she can transform it. (It was cute when dash licked Sakura's face). As sakura thanks Li for his help she faints and falls on poor Kero! He yells for Li to help get Sakura off him. Li does and Sakura thanks them both for their help. Just then Madison comes running up to them crying out hat she's missed filming it again. Eli watches Kero fill Madison in on what happened and says "Well done Sakura, well done."

26 A New Set of Wings {top}
This episode starts off with Yue talking about himself, for example he talks about Julian his human form. Yue tells us that he can see and hear and remember everything that happens to Julian as if it were happening to him, but Julian still has no idea that he is also Yue. Yue also tells us that he will do anything to protect Sakura now that she is the new mistress of the cards. He will also protect the cards from evil if they are in trouble.
We then see that Sakura is having another one of her strange dreams. In this dream she sees Clow Reed just before Kero awakens her. She tells Kero about her dream and he tells her to try and remember everything because it could help her. Sakura then looks out her window at the beautiful day.
The next scene is the end of the school day. Sakura says something about going to the craft store because she needs to get something for her home-ec project. Eli asks if he can come along and Li declares he's going too. As they are walking there, Li asks Sakura if anything strange happened last night. She tells him no, and he reminds her that she can call him any time for help. They enter the store and look around for what they need. Sakura finds a teddy bear kit and she says she'll give it to Julian as a birthday gift when she's done. Eli buys a lot of thread and Sakura asks him if he's making something too. He tells her that thread has many uses.
Next scene is back in Sakura's room. She's working on the bear and shows it to Kero. He gets mad when she tells him that it's supposed to be a bear but it looks like him.( I love the little blue mark on Kero's head when he was really mad.) Sakura then senses something and so does Kero. Sakura asks if it's Clow Reed. Then we see Eli, Ruby and Spinney. They discuss Skura, Julian and Kero. Then Eli changes them into their celestial forms. They sit around and plot trouble.
We next see Madison filming Sakura, LI and Kero. Kero complains about Li and the two start fighting. Then something happens and Li can't move. Then he starts acting posessed and comes after them with his sword. Li tells them he can't help it and they should leave. When he tries to hurt Sakura Kero says Li's posessed. Li then calls on element water which wets him so that everyone can see he's enclosed in a web of threads. Madison gets hurt and her camera gets broken when she tries to help. Sakura and Kero think hard and then Sakura uses sword to help her cut the threads after she changes it into a star card. Sakura rushes to Li's side(how cute!) and she asks if he's okay. Then she faints on him. Kero and Madison discuss what's happened. Kero wonders about the force they sense and why it's doing what it's done. then we see Eli back in his room saying "there's many uses for thread Sakura."
We next see Sakura at school wondering about Clow Reed and what's going on. She also thinks about keepin gthe cards always with her. She senses something and looks up startled to see Eli. He says hello and sits down next to her. They talk about the bear and how to make it better. Eli says he can fix it and puts a spell on the ear as he does.
Then we see Madison (filming again), kero and Sakura at Julian's house. Sakura rings the bell and he answers the door. She hands him the present and he opens it and says thanks. All of a sudden he faints and the bear gets really big. At the same time Kero and Sakura sense something. At first everyone stands around like idiots. Then Julian becomes Yue as the bear tries to hurt Sakura. Yue loses his wings while saving her and Kero changes so he can catch them. Sakura asks how the bear deflected Yue's attacks. Then we hear Ruby saying it's so cute that they look out for each other.(Ruby and Spineal Sun are watching this from a nearby building). Sakura talks to Yue and decides to go after the bear. Sakura yells for Kero to watch over Madison and Yue. She calls her wand and transforms jump so she can use it's power. She jumps as the bear goes after her. realizing that the bear is destroying Julian's house, and hearing Yue and Kero tell her that the bear is posessed, Sakura hears Kero to go after the source of the magic. She finds it in the ear and uses sword to help her. Everyone is worried that Sakura isn't strong enough to defeat the bear. She needs to use fly but she can't fly and use sword at the same time as both need the wand to work. Sakura some how manages to use both because she asks fly to give wings. She then grows wings and can fly. Sakura also calls on sword and now she flys up to the bears ear and cuts it off. Meanwhile everyone ids amazed she did it. When the bear loses its ear it shrinks back to normal and Sakura finds a piece of paper with the Clow symbol on it. Sakura can't believe what she's seeing. Eli and company watch from afar and Eli says he's impressed. Yue senses something and Kero tells him it's nothing. Then the episode ends.(I hope the next episode picks up wheree this on left off because I didn't like the way you're left hanging.)

27 Trouble in the park {top}
This episode starts off with Sakura retelling what happened to her (at first I thought they were running another rerun). Then it kind of picks the story from wheree the last story (A New Set of Wings) left of.
Then the action starts off at school wheree everyone is sitting there learning about sheep. Sakura looks dead tired and she has another strange dream about Clow Reed. She wakes up when she faints. The stupid teacher asks if she's okay, and eveyone's like yeah we're okay. Later on Sakura, Li and Madison discuss what's been going on. Eli meanwhile is up a tree again watching(someone please tell me why he feels he has to stalk Sakura?) and he says something about Li having a harder time with the "tests" than Sakura.
Then we see Julian propped up against a tree wondering what's wrong with himself. He also looks dead tired and Tori comes up to him to talk about wha'ts going on. Tori starts to tell him that he knows what's wrong with Julian, and he even tells Julian that he's not who he seems to be. Then Ruby pops out of the tree(what's with these people and trees?) and interupts what Tori was saying.She gets rid of him and gets weird on Julian.(Can you tell i'm not too crazy about her and her "friends").
Next scene is back at Sakura's house. She and Kero are chatting while she cooks some energy food for herself. They talk about the paper she found and Sakura goes into "flashback mode". Kero checks it out while Sakura voices her self doubts. Kero tells her something to cheer her up. Then Julian stops by to return Tori's book but can't stay. Next thing we see is Yue is there and wants to visite Sakura. This really freaks Sakura out when he changes. Then Yue comes in and chats with Kero about how weak he is and how Sakura isn't strong enough yet to support his power. Poor Yue is losing power and soon he won't be able to become Julian anymore. If Sakura cqan transform all the cards before this happens then Yue/Julian will be okay. They also chat about Sakura's dreams. Yue also statrs to tell Kero that he's found another possible power source. Sakura comes back and gets freaked out again because Kero also changed into Keroberous. Then for no reason at all Yue decides to change back into Julian again and everyone freaks out. When Julian appears he's stunned to find himself in Sakura's living room when he thought he was on his way home.
Next scene the action takes place at the park. Li thanks Sakura for coming and tells Sakura that he senses something. She asks if it's Clow Reed but Li tells her he doesn't think it is.They sense something at the penguin slide and run for it. When they get there they see a big hole in front of it. Sakura feels Clow Reed's magic in the hole, so she goes down in it. Kero tries to follow and is blocked; so is Li. Kero tries to blast it with a fire ball and Li tries some of his magic on it too. Meanwhile Sakura is in the hole and discovers she's there by herself. Then stuffed lambies fall on her and try to cover her up. She thinks about which card can help and descides that erase will do. She transforms it and it works then she comes out of the hole. Meanwhile everyone up top watches as the shield is destoyed and Sakura comes out. When she comes out she looks terrible, but claims to be fine. She tells eveyone what happened and faints again. Then she puts the peguin slide back over wheree it was and faints again(I think I'm going to start counting how many time she fsaints an episode; maybe I'll turn it into a contest). Eli and "friends" talk about Sakura and her "tests" (I think they need a new hobby).

28 Double Trouble {top}
This episode opens with Yue talking about himself and hows he supposed to help Sakura. He also talks about how he uses his Julian form to move around and be with Sakura and not be detected as Yue. He also tells about wheree his power comes from, and how all the cards need to be transformed soon or else...
The next scene is wheree the gang is at the park and Sakura says she feels a strange force that is gone as fast as it appears. Li said it must be gone now, but Sakura is not sure. Keroberous checks it out but can't find anyhting. Since it's raining they all decide to go home. As they leave, Yue looks about as if he senses something. Then we see Ruby complaining to Eli and he ignores her.
Sakura, Yue, and Keroberous reach Sakura's house and Yue wants to change. Keroberous says he has to change first. It's here that everyone realises there's a problem when Yue and Keroberous can't change back. Sakura worries that Yue will get sick because he's standing in the rain and he tells her he never gets sick. Sakura then senses the power again and we see Eli nearby watching from someone's rooftop. Meanwhile both Yue and Keroberous can't change, so Sakura goes in and up to her room wheree she opens her window for them to come in. There's a funny scene wheree Sakura's trying to pull Keroberous in and he's stuck and Yue calmly tells him to close his wings. Keroberous does and he gets in. They all talk about what's going onand who's behind it as they dry off. Keroberous complains loudly again that he can't go uot if he's stuck in this form and Tori hears him. Tori asks Sakura what's going on ( K and Y are standing on Sqakura's bed; K looks hyssterical!) and Sakura tells him she's practicing something for school. Everyone is tired and they decide to sleep. Keroberous gets mad when Sakura asks Yue if he wants to sleep in her bed while she sleeps on the couch. Yue tells he no, he''l be ok on the floor. Keroberous complains that he has to sleep on the floor. Sakura feels that what's been going on lately is all connected together. We then see ELi again on the roof telling Sakura that the answer to the problem is right in front of her. The next day Yue and Keroberous still can't change back. Aiden calls up to Sakura to come and get breakfast. Yue and Keroberous just look at each other. Aiden then leaves for work. Sakura then vows to help her friends change back before her dad and Tori come home. Sakura yells at Keroberous for eating junk food, and then bribes him with more if he helps her do her chores. Keroberous also wants Yue to help. When Sakura tells Yue to sit and be comfy, Keroberous has a fit so Sakura winds uo asking Yue to help too. We then see Ruby and Eli sitting and watching the goings on at Sakura's house. Ruby laughs at Yue doing housework and Spinny Tells her she should help around the house too. Meanwhile everyone is doing chores aat Sakura's when the doorbell rings. It's a delivery for Aiden that has to go in the fridge. While chatting with the delivery guy, he hears Keroberous having a fit and Sakura says it's just her brother acting silly. Keroberous tries to do the laundry and gets mad when he sees Yue standing around doing nothing, so he throws a bag of flour at him and makes a mess. Keroberous needs a bath now so Sakura goes to help him. Keroberous tells her to use the bubble card becaus ethat's why Clow Reed invented it for. Sakura tranforms the card and it covers Keroberos with bubbles. We hear him singing as Sakura heads back to the kitchen to clean up. What she finds is everythings clean and Yue standing there as if he hasn't moved an inch. Sakura thanks him for his help and Yue starts to tell her about Clow Reed and Sakura cuts him off saying that she just heard it from Keeroberous. Sakura then looks in the package and finds a crab. She thinks a bit and realises she can help them change by using the shield card. She calls them in and uses the card and they change back. Once again poor Julian is left wondering ho whe got there. Then we see Eli and friends talking about what a good job Sakura did in helping her friends. Eli said it worked because Sakura has a strong bond with Ker and YUe, and that she's gonna need it in the future. Next scene is Kero stuffing his face on crab cakes (he looks so cute with that bulging tummy!) Kero lies back thinking about the magic and how it felt like Clow Reed but how it couldn't have been his magic.

29 Spinning out of Control {top}
This is a very funny episode about Spinny and what happens when he meets up with Kero. The episode starts with Kero telling about himself and what has happened so far. Theen it goes into Sakura having another one of her strange dreams. In this one she sees images of Ruby and Spineal Sun, before she wakes up from her alarm. The scene then shifts to Eli's house wheree everyone is talking about the school carnival. Ruby and Spinny have another one of their "fights". Then they all decide to go to the carnival. Spinny doesn't want to go because he's afraid Kero will find him, so Eli puts a spell on him so Kero won't recognise him. The scene then shifts to the day of the carnival. Madison and Sakura are complaining about the silly outfits they have to wear. Their only comfort is the fact that the guys have to wear silly outfits too. Then Madison wonders about Kero and Sakura tells her she gave Kero a big basket of goodies and told him to stay behind the school. Kero, we see, is in heaven with those treats! Sakura and Eli talk about the deserts. Li looks around as if he's sensed something. (Eli laughs as if he's responsible.) Sakura goes out and sees Julian. She's happy until she notices Tori sitting next to him. They chat about he deserts and Sakura runs off to get the ones she made. Then Tori senses something and Julian asks him what's wrong. Tori says it's nothing. Eli says to himself that he's got to be more careful because Tori's poweers are getting stronger.
Next scene is back with Kero stuffing his face, when he hears someone coming. We see Ruby and Spinny walking the woods. She is trying to tempt him with all the sweets that will be there. She lets him fly off. Kero meanwhile is hiding in his basket. He peeks out of the basket and looks around before popping out. He and Spinny spot each other. Kero is amazed by him and thinks Spinny is a toy.Spinny meanwhile is dying because he thinks Kero is about to recognise him. Kero is then convinced that Spinny is a goblin and he makes friends with him. Kero babbles on and on about himself and asks Spinny what his name is. Spinny tells him and Kero finds this highly amusing! Spinny decides to go along with pretending to be Kero's friend. Kero then tells him about the sweets and gets some. He starts to stuff Spinny's face. Soon all the deserts are gone and Spinny is now having a big rush of sugar. He starts going crazy and wants more but Kero tells him he ate it all. So Spinny flys off. Kero flys after him because he's headed for the school. Spinny wreaks all sorts of havoc in his quest for more sweets. Kero is nuts trying to stop him. Meanwhile Ruby has found Tori and is bugging him again. Sakura then brings them more cookies. Meanwhile people are left wondering what has happened to all the sweets as Spinny eats his way around the school. Kero is having fits about getting blamed for the missing sweets. Soon kero is so freaked out that he goes and tells Sakura what's going on. She doesn't believe him. He finally gets her to use the Sleep card so he can catch Spinny. Sleep makes everyone sleep except spinny. Kero thinks this is odd that a goblin should have such powerful magic. He has to change into Keroberous to stop Spinny. Later on Sakura doesn't believe Kero and accusses him of being the culprit in the missing sweets after she and Madison think Kero drew a picture of himself when he was trying to describe Spinnny. Poor Kero is very upset at being blamed. Meanwhile Eli is there watching again and he too yells at Spinny the way Sakura was yelling at Kero. He warns him that their cover was almost blown because of his antics.

30 Out of Bounds {top}
Yue starts off this episode again (I at first thought is was a repeat), talking about what has happened and also about himself. We then see Sakura doing situps with Madison's help. They are talking about how her magic is getting stronger. Then Mr. Terada(he's also a gym teacher!) calls eveeryone over. He tells them they are going tro play some one on one basket ball. We see some kids play and then we see Sakura win. Now it's Li vs Eli. They play and Eli seems to be winning. Sakura and Madison comment on how this is not good. Eli in a scene wheree time moves slowly tells Li to focus on the ball and the basket and Li makes a 3 pointer! Eli alos tells Li if he's worried about losing something, he shouldn't let himself get distracted. Then everyone cleans up and goes back to class.
Next scene is Julian walking home complaining about being so tired. He spots Eli and becomes Yue and flys to Eli. Yue calls Eli Clow Reed and asks how this is possible as Clow Reed died along time ago. Eli puts Yue under a spell and talks to him about being Clow Reed and what his plans are. He also tells Yue he won't remember this conversation. Yue wakes up as Julian. Poor Julian is clueless again as to what happened. Eli tells him he found him sleeping and came to see what's wrong. Julian climbs over the fence and thanks him for his help. Tori spots Julian, calls to him and runs over. Julian tells him it's nothing and he's ok. Tori seems to sense something as he watches Eli leave. He says to himself that he is going to watch Eli(You feel as though Tori doesn't trust him).
Next Scene is at Madison's house. She's made some tea and pours a cup for a blushing Li. Madison and Li talk about Eli. Then Sakura appears asking them if they like her new battle outfit. Then Li for sopme reason blushes again and yells at Sakura about sensing something happening. Sakura yells back that it's at the school. Then they all go there. Li warns Madison to stay behind because it's dangerous. Madison says she's not afraid. We see them walking in school and Kero asks about ghosts. Li says there's no ghosts. Sakura and Li talk abou thow he wa strained to sense them. Kero sense Clow Reed's magic but then they see a bouncing basketball. They follow it up to their classroom. They go inside and then find themselves stuck in a small dimensional area. They go for room to room before they lose Madison and can't find her because all the rooms are shifting. Sakura and Li try to find a way to find Madison. They try to figure out if a card can help them. then they hear Madison singing. Sakura then decides to use the Shadow card to help her. After tranforming the card they follow it to Madison. Sakura is relieved to find Madison all right. Madison says she was never worried and that she knew Sakura would find her. Eli appears on the rooftop watching from afar. Sakura sense him but can't see him. Li then says he sense everything is back to normal. We then see Eli again commenting on how he has to be more careful because Sakura's power is getting stronger.

31 Li's calling {top}
This episode starts with Kero retelling what has happened so far.Then the action switches to Li coming into his room after being in school. He's so upset about all the catds being caught and Sakura being their master, that he dances around and flops down on his bed. Poor thing is feeling very sorry for himself as he thinks about Sakura. He unsure how to tell his mom about what has happened. He relives losing to Yue in the final judgement. He feels as though he's let his family down.( You just want to hug him and tell him everything will turn out ok).Then it's the next day at school. Madison and Sakura talk to Rita about going to the museum. She can't go and Madison says too bad it's just you and me Sakura(she comes across as very snotty here! very unlike the Madison we all know and love!). Eli overhears and gets them to invite him along. Just then Li marches in an dSakura asks what's wrong and invites him along too. It's so cute the way she leans over his desk and he backs off blushing! Next we see him sitting by a fish pond feeling soory for himself(if the poor guy isn't feeling sorry for himself then he's blushing!this is definitely one for all you Li fans out there!) As he sits there he hears Madison and Sakura talking about Eli and him. Poor Li looks up to see Eli staring at him. He mutters something about not spying on them and Eli's like yeah right. ( I'm sorry I can't stand that Eli! Neither can Li or Tori !)Li gets flustered and runs off. Then Eli decides to make trouble for him. As Li runs home he looks up to see Yue coming his way. Yue talks to him and Li feels a bit better, because Yue tells him he'sa still needed by Sakura. Then Yue changes back and poor Julian wonders again if he's losing his mind, and by the way do you have something to eat Li?. Then we see Eli and Spinny talking about Li, And Eli definitely decides to cause trouble for Li. We see Li at home again and he looks at his answering machine and finds two messages. The first is from his mom and she wants him to come home the second is from Sakura and she called to remind him to bring money tomorrow for the museum. He thinks about Sakura and we see flashbacks of the two of them. Then he thinks about staying and we see a flashback of Li up a tree talking to Eli. Eli ends the conversation with a threat(I told you he wasn't very nice!) Poor Li hope his mom will let him stay. The next scene is the next day, we see atrain and then people in the city and then we see the four of them having lunch in the museum.They talk about their school projects and after Eli asking Li if he saw anything strange and the girls answering for him. Li then decides to leave. As he heads forf the elevator he mutters about Eli. Sakura who ran after him catches him waiting for the elevator. They both get in, but Madison and Eli just miss it. Eli casts a speel on the elevator behind Madison's back. The elevator gets stuck. Li tells Sakura not to worry Madison will get help. (If you look very closely at Sakura you'll see she's crying which makes everything Li does really sweet!) Sakura is upset about the dark and Li makes some magic fire for her. Just as she tells him she's happy it goes out. Then the elevator starts moving again. Sakura stumbles backward. The elevator disappears behind her and she falls backwards out of it. Li rushes to help her. He reaches for her hand and just misses. He sits there watching her fall into the darkness, over and over again. To Li it seems like forever as he calls out her name. Just then she appears on top of the float card. She tells him that he taught her how to use it and that's how he "saved" her. Meanwhile Madison is worried. Eli tells her he's going for help. He really goes and stirs up more troublee for Li and Sakura with his wand. After Sakura floats back, the door opens and she tells Madison that she transformed the float card. Eli makes another one of his snotty comments he makes after the trouble has passed. Then it's night and back at Li's house. His mom calls and she tells him how proud she is of him an dshe tells him to stay because Sakura needs him. He's very happy. Then the scene shifts to Eli and company. They are hanging out talking about what happened. Ruby makes a dumb comment about Yue helping, and Eli tells he otherwise.

32 Just Like Old Times {top}
Li retells what happened so far at the start of this epi. The the action starts at school, wheree everyone is outside painting. Sakura complains this is too hard ans as she looks up she sees Eli and wonders how he's doing.She goes over to him and is amazed to see how well he paints. Li sees them together and is upset. Meanwhile Eli notices Li and comments to Sakura about how Li is always watching him because he doesn't trust him. Then Li and Madison talk about what's been going on, when Meilin shows up( YAY!! That was all the Meilin fans out there!). Everyone including Sakura is happy to see her. Sakura asks her to meet with her after school. Meilin after saying that she came to help some friends agrees to be there after pointing out to Sakura how clueless she is.(Meilin ment she's here to help Sakura!) Sakura then goes out in the hall and calls Kero. She tells him about Meilin. Poor Kero gets upset when he loses at his video game. They hang up and eli spots Sakura and asks her if he interupted anything as he's sorry he disturbed her(yeah right!). She says no and they talk about Meilin. Next scene is after school. Sakura is happy Meilin is there and she fills her in on what has happened since Meilin left. Madison and Li follow behind and they reminise about how tough Meilin was when they captured the fight card. They all walk past penguin park, meanwhile Eli and company are hovering just out of sight. Sakura and Li sense them but think it's a Clow Reed like magic. Just then the penguins and the penguin slide get weird and attack them. Li trys to save Madison with his magic. They finally realise Sakura needs to use a Clow card to stop them. Sakura tells them she can't use the time card because she's not strong enough to change it. Then Meilin saves the day by suggesting the freeze card. Sakura changes it and it seems to work. Meilin meanwhile gets hurt fighting the penguins but she shakes it off. after they defeat the penguins Li tells Sakura she did a good job but says nothing to Meilin. She just stands there hurt, but acts like nothing's wrong. Sakura notices but doesn't realise why Meilin looks sad. Sahe asks her if she's hurt. Meilin tells Sakura no she's ok. Next scene we see Eli and Co on top of a building. Eli is amazed Meilin knows about the Clow cards. He makes Phantom footsteps which scares everyone so they run out of the park. Li and Sakura figure whoever made the footsteps must be a powerful magician because they can make people disappear(No is ever around when things start getting weird). Meilin gets sad because she has to leave tomorrow, but she promises to return and even invites everyone to visit her(how can people hate such a nice girl?). Next scene is at Li's house. Wei has made tea and Meilin and Li are talking on the balcony.Meanwhile Eli is whatelse, spying on them.Meilin upset still with Li drinks her tea and says she has to go now to Madison's for a sleep over. Li trys to tell her as she leaves that he thought she was great today but Meilin just leaves. Wei tells Li not to worry about Meilin too much as she's a strong person and she'll get over it. The next day at the airport, Wei tells Meilin not to mind Li. Li then tells her (finally) that she was great too. Meilin (you go girl!) tells him it's about time he noticed and that she can kick his but any time at kickboxing! She leaves and we see Wei telling Li Meilin is a little spitfire( whatever that is) and Li agrees. Next scene we see Sakura and Madison sitting outside and they talk about the letters Meilin sent them.Sakura says Meilin is a good friend and we get the feeling she'll be missed.(Awwwe!!! *sniff-sniff*)

33 Sakura in Wonderland {top}
This epi is about one of my favorite stories: Alice's adventures in wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Except here instead of Alice having all the fun, Sakura gets to. The epi starts with Kero reteeling what happened so far. then we see Sakura having another one of her strange dreams. She dreams about a giant chery tree and Clow Reed. She runs to Clow Reed and sees a mysterious figure and she asks who he is. Then she wakes up. She remembers she had the dream before and gets ready for school. Before she leaves, she sees Kero asleep and decides to let him sleep late. She rollerblades off to school. We then see a hand reach out and catch a falling leaf. this hand makes the leaf glow red. Then we see Sakura on a bench reading he book. Eli comes over and gives her the leaf to use as a book mark. They talk about the book Sakura is reading. Then we see everyone in class. Mr Tereda tells them when their book reports are due. Sakura and Madison talk about their books. Madison just finished War and Peace, (a very long very boring book! I tried reading it but it was making me sleepy and I couldn't get past the 1st chapter! *(@_@)* !) The gang decides to head for the library. Li is sitting there reading two books and Eli has to out do him by reading A Japanese book without knowing Japanese. Li gets mad and leaves. Eli decides to leave too. Sakura opens her book and touches the leaf and falls into the book and disappears! Madison is freaked out and she tells Li what happened. Li says there's a spell on the book. They spend the rest of the episode trying to get Sakura out and dodging a nosy Chelsea! Sakura meanwhile wakes up in wonderland. She wonders how she got there and who changed her clothes. She meets up with people she knows, but they are characters from Alice in Wonderland. She meets Eli 1st as the Cheshire cat. They talk before he fades away. She walks on and meets Julian as the white rabbit. He's late and can't talk. He runs off and she follows. Sakura begs him to wait for her. Julian stops as Sakura catches up and changes into Yue. He picks her up and flys off. When he's very high he drops her. She falls and when she wakes up she sees Tori as the Mad Hatter. They have tea and Sakura gets vey small and blown away into a stream. She nearly drowns and wakes up to see Li and Li! They tell her they're Tweedledum and Tweedledee! The Li's make her crazy by asking her which one is the real Li! They leave and she figures out she has to help herself. So Sakura changes the Big card and gets too big! She sees a giant leaf in the sky. Then she changes the Little card and winds up on a chess board. She sees Madison floating in an egg. Madison tells her she's Humpty Dumpty and she's playing chess weith the Queen. The Queen is a very bad temmpered Kero who gets mad at Sakura! He chases her all over the chess board. Sakura then uses the Fly card and flies away up to the leaf. Kero is determined to stop her. Sakura makes it and comes up out of the book. Chelsea is nosy again and is told everyone's fine. Sakura gets woozy and Li catches her before she faints. Sakura shows them her two newly changed cards. Sakura picks up the leaf and is happy she had it to remind her of Eli before she realises Eli caused her trouble!

34 The Vanishing Act {top}
Tori starts off telling about himself and Sakura And their powers. He also says something about Julian being somehow involved in what Sakura is doing. He's a good big brother who is worried about his little sister and that's why he got jobs at her hangouts. The action then starts with Sakura rollerblading home from the store. She cuts throught he park, and hears Tori and Julian talking. Then she realizes Tori is saying that he knows who Julian really is and He sounds really angry. Sakurta rushes up to them and yells at Tori to stop. Then to her utter mortification, Sakura realizes she's on a student movie set. Then Ruby the director yells cut and comes over and asks Sakura to be in the movie. The next scene is night at Sakura's house. She , Julian, and Tori are having tea. Sakura is therilled to be in the movie. The teapot is empty and she goes for more tea. Tori and Julian talk, and Julian complains about being so tired. By now Tori knows somethings up and almost tells Julian he knows. Then Tori leaves when Sakura comes back. She gives Julian more tea and notices he's fading away! Sakura just figures she's tired too. The next scene is at Eli's house and he and Ruby ared talking about the movie. Then Eli says she can use his house for the movie because he wants to observe Tori, Julian(Yue) and Sakura together. The next day everyone is excited to see Sakura in her costume. As they get ready to shoot, Tori senses something as he's talking to Julian. We get the impression it has something to do with Eli. Then we see Sakura talking to her friends after her scene. Meanwhile Ruby sets up the next scene between Tori and Julian. At the same time Eli decides to get lunch by himself. he walks past wheree Tori and Julian are. Then They start their scene. The next thing that happens is Julian falls over the balcony wheree the scene is shot. Tori grabs his hand. He tries to get Julian to wake up so that Tori can get him back over the railing. But Julian doesn't wake up and Tori looses his grip on him and drops him. Sakura senses something and sees what's happening and uses Windy to catch Julian. Tori climbs down to Julian and notices him fading again. Next scene is Eli leaving a room. Inside arte Tori and Julian. Tori talks to Julain while he's resting in bed. Ruby barges in and is immediately thrown out by Tori! Tori and Julian talk. Then Julian becomes Yue and they talk more. Tori agrees to help Yue by giving all his power in exchange for Julain knowing what's going on and Yue watching over Sakura. Yue sense someone at the door after taking Tori's power. It's Sakura who's crying because she heard everything! Yue says it'll be alright and Tori will recover. She's so sorry that she couldn't be stronger for Yue. Yue comforts her. Then they sense Clow Reed. Meanwhile Eli is hanging out on the roof(Somebody should introduce him to Ryoko from Tenchi's universe, as she also likes hanging out on roofs! (^_^) I have a feeling that the series is starting to build up towards the end here T_T !) The next scene is everyone screning Rita movie. Tori and Julian talk and Tori tells him he's that he still thinks of him as his best friend even though he's not really human. Then Julian decides to show Sakura the display area they made to celebrate the movie. It's very pretty with all the stars hanging from the ceiling. Sakura sees something that reminds her of Clow Reed. Yue appears as she takes off to wheree she senses him. Li meanwhile is outside the display with Madison. He tells her Sakura is in trouble and he'll save her( He's so cute when he races in!) Li meets up with Yue who lost Sakura, because she used Maze and Illusion to help her find Clow Reed. Sakura meets up with Clow Reed only to dicover it's Eli! She feints and he tells her what's going on and how impressed he is with her using Illusion and Maze together. The last scene is Sakura surrounded by everyone , waking up. She can't remember eveything that happened to her. She remembers Clow Reed's magic circle, but not who was in it. Then we see Ruby asking Eli if ebverything is going the way he wants it to. He says yes.

35 A Slippery Slope {top}
Li opens this epi, and tells about the Clow cards. Next scene it's snowing and inside Kero is pigging out because he's home by himself. He wonders how Sakura's ski trip is going. The the scene shifts to Sakura's trip. Poor Sakura is having a tough time, unlike Madison who looks like she was born with skis on! Eli also skiis well and he skiis over to them. They talk and Zack shows up and he and Eli tell a story about the abombinal snowman. Chelsea is mortified and she and Nikki yell at them to stop teasing Sakura. Then poor Li comes skiing by out of control. Just as he's about to hit a tree Eli is there to save him. He talks to LI. Then Madison and Sakura skii up to them. Sakura asks Li how he is, as she falls at his feet. He blushes and says he's ok. Eli just stands there smirking. Next scene is at the lodge. She is worried they'll tell ghost stories. Nikki gets Eli to tell one. Then everyone gets ready for bed. Eli and Sakura talk about her fears. She asks him what he's afraid and he tells her it's a secret. Then we see Sakura dreaming again. She wakes up and goes downstairs and meets Li by the fire. They talk about the dream. Li says he had the same dream. Sakura tells him Kero says they must be having visions. Li tells her they have to pool their powers. Then it's the next day and everyone is oput skiing. Mr Tereda tells Li and Sakura they are ready for the Blue trail. Sakura wants to go but LI doesn't so she goes with Eli. On the lift it starts to snow harder. Sakura thinks about Eli's ghost story. Eli tells her they have to get off the lift because it isn't safe. They have to find some shelter. Then an avalanche starts. It heads towards the lodge. Sakura worries that she has to call a card but she doesn't want ERli to see. She tells him to wait and runs off. She calls and changes Time. Then she tries to do the same with Firey. She can't and she fients. The Time stops stopping time and Eli works some magic to save her from being buried in the snow. Meanwhile in the lodge Madison asks if anyone has seen Sakura and ELi. No one has and she gets worried. Meanwhile everyone is worried about the two of them, just as Mr Tereda is about to look for them, they come back. Li carries an exhausted Sakura inside. As he does, Eli says he's sorry he has top push her to change the cards. Then he tells her to sleep well.

36 Sakura's Return to the Past {top}
Sakura starts this epi by retelling what has happened to her so far. The next scene is Eli looking out his window at the snow. Spinny comes in to tell him dinner is ready. They talk about the "end". Eli finishes his letter. They talk some more about what's to come, before Ruby comes in. She notices it's snowing. Eli has a vision of Yue and keroberous. Then we see Sakura and Keroberous fighting flying snowmen. Yue is unable to help them. Eli and co. watch from nearby. Poor Sakura is pelted with snow. She gets covered in snow before she gets mad enough to change the snow card and use it to help her. Snow destoys the snowmen.Eli is happy about this. Madison and Li show up and everyone is happy. Sakura is very happy that she now only has a few cards left to change. Kero tells her that she is stronger than Clow Reed. Yue says that's not true. Next scene is Sakura trying to sleep. Kero pops out of his drawer and they talk about her worries. Kero makes her feel better. Then he looks out the window at the falling snow and says something about Clow Reed. They talk about him. Next scene Sakura tells Madison and li that she's going to return to the past to talk to Clow Reed. Unknown to them Eli is hiding and listening. Next scene Sakura says goodbye and she tells Li not to worry. Then she touches the magic cherry tree and returns to the past. She arrives in a garden. She sees Keroberous and yue talking. She asks herself what they're doing. Clow Reed comes over and tells her. then he uses Flower to make the tree bloom. Sakura is amazed. Clow Reed talks to Yue and Keroberous. Then scene fades to black and looks like one of Sakura's dreams. Next scene Sakura is there sleeping with everyone else under the tree. She talks to Clow Reed. She tells him about all the weird things that have happened to her. He replies with a riddle-like answer. They talk some more. The epi starts looking more and more like one of Sakura's dreams. The seasons change very quickly. Sakura runs after Clow Reed. She runs through his house and sees him sitting in Eli's chair. He is telling Yue and Keroberous that there will be a new master for them in the future because his time is up. Yue doesn't want a master so Clow Reed tells him he can judge who will be the new master. He also says this isn't fair to kero so he can pick who will be the candidate for master. They disappear and are replaced by stars. Sakura and Clow Reed talk about her fears about being a good master. They also talk about Kero and Yue. Then they are in the garden in winter and it quickly becomes spring. Clow Reed tells her she will be strong. She returns through the tree. Li and Madison are concerned. Kero asks what happened. Sakura tells Kero that she saw him and Yue at Eli's house. Kero says no way they were there. Li says their memories were erased!

37 Revelations - part 1 {top}
Eli starts off this epi, by talking about himsefl and explaining his mission. Then it repeats the end of the epi called Sakura's Return to the Past. This epi then picks up wheree that one left off. The scene is Li, Sakura, Madison and kero are standing by the magic cherry tree, talking. Eli is there and he's standing on top of the shrine's gate. Eli says he's really the reincarnation of Clow Reed. Then Ruby and Spinny appear. Eli calls them and he changes them into their true forms. Sakura and everyone stand around talking about Eli and Clow Reed. Then Eli casts a spell that makes everyone fall asleep. Only people with magic stay awake. Meanwhile Yue and Tori race to the shrine. Unfortunately Tori is put to sleep. Yue has to carry him there. Eli says he made everyone sleep so that he can test Sakura. She is puzzled by his behavoir. He tells her she must defeat the darkness before sunrise or everyone will remain asleep forever! Sakura yells at him to stop. He tells her the only way to stop him is to battle him. The fight begins with Spinny and Kero( They are in their true form which is big, not the cute cuddly little form.). Then Yue and Ruby fight too. They continue until Sakura starts to fight. She is stopped by Eli and as she recovers the Cards come and float around her. She's happy about this. Then she changes the rest of the cards that needed to change. All the cards change exccept Light and Dark. Sakura is not powerful enough to change them. She tries to change Light first, but can't because they have to be changed together. Then Yue and Kero offer to help by going into her staff and giving off their power. Eli tells her that if she can't change the cards with their help then they will be trapped in the staff forever! Tehy will suffer in there too! Then the epi ends with "to be continued...." ( I hope Sakura can do it! kira)

38 Revelations part 2 {top}
This epi starts off with a breif summary of part 1. Then Yue tells Sakura to believ in herself and kero also tells her something to make her feel better. Then they both go into her staff. She gets a new staff. Then she tries again to change Light and Dark. Sakura has trouble doing this until Li comes over and adds his magic. It works and Sakura has Light light up the world and Eli says she broke his spell. Yue and Kero come out of the staff and Madison wakes up, but Tori still sleeps. Everyone is happy then they get mad and demand Eli explain himself. He does. The cards are happy and they fly around Sakura and land in her hand. She hugs them (big kawaii huggles! *(~_^)* ). Kero is so mad at Eli! Next scene is Sakura sitting in class. Mr Tereda comes in and tells everyone Eli has to go home to England and that's why he's not here. So after school Sakura and Li decide to visit him. Madison goes too. Weird things happen in his house until they come to his special room. It's set up like a dining room. Ruby is the maid and serves everyone tea. They talk about what went on and why Eli did what he did to Sakura. Everyone is surprised to see Ms. Mckenzie show up. She also explains what she did to make Sakura the master of the cards. There's a brief scene of Spinny and Kero fighting and kero stuffing a cake in Spinny's mouth! Then Eli goes to get Yue. They talk because Yue is upset. Eli explains that he is really and truely NOT Clow Reed. Only a reincarnated part of him. (I read on another site that Aiden ids the other half of CR. I'm not sure how true this is.)The next scene is Sakura and Li on a bridge after school. They talk and she is upset that Li has to leave. Li had a hard time telling her and I'm sure they cut out a hug there! Sakura says she wishes he would stay! Next scene is in Sakura's room. She's thinking about Li and starts crying. Her tears form the magic circle and out of her tears she creates the Hope Card! (This epi also had no secrets of the Clow at the end like the others or an explanation of a Clow card. )