The differences between CC and CCS by Kira

I just recently bought the first two DVD's in the CCS series and I found some differences besides the obvious one of one being in Japanese and the other in English! I found the characters to be slightly different as well. Sakura Kinomoto I find to be somewhat whiny and brattier than her CC counterpart Sakura Avalon.(I also read the manga so I'm familiar with the different Sakura's.) I admit I thought they'd be more or less the same as they are basically the same person. But I was shocked at how upset she gets when Tori teases her(my brother teases me and I don't get half as upset!). She punched him, stomped hard on his foot, and even kicked him in the shin with her rollerblades on! Very bad! If I treated my brother like that I'd be in tons of trouble! But I do like the way she adores Yuki as it is really cute and sadly this aspect is missing from CC.

Tomoyo is very much like Madison except I find her obsession with videoing Sakura a bit weird. But I guess she's lonely and craves attention so by making a big deal out Sakura's magic and her being a cardcaptor, by making her costumes and videoing it is how she feels a good friend would act. Madison makes it feel more like a hobby and that she only videos Sakura because she finds Cardcapturing interesting. Although I now have an idea of how all those costumes are ready to wear! Tomoyo has a van full of clothes! But I still think the girl has some magic as in how does she know what kind of costume to have on hand based on what card needs catching? Sakura has no idea about the cards so how can Tomoyo know you need a rubber costume to catch Thunder?

Also Toya seems to have a much older voice because the Japanese actor's voice is deeper than the American one. This oddly fits as he does seem rather mature except when teasing Sakura! But neither one is better than the other to me. Yuki by the way is played by a woman! Julian is played by a man. I found Yuki's voice to irritating at first as it seemed to me that the actress was having trouble keeping her voice low enough, but then the more I heard it the more it fit, although it does make him seem younger as it sounds like his voice is changing. As a girl I didn't have this problem, but like I said before I have a brother and his voice changed when he was 12, so why is Yuki's voice changing at 17? But I find I like his personality a bit more than Julian's. He's got a strange mischievous streak in him, in which he teases Toya by showing up in places he works along with Sakura, making it clear they arrived together! Poor Toya! He does love Sakura and he gets a lot of pain for it!

Then there's Kero-chan. I happen to like Kero a lot better! Kero-chan is too sweet for me! And he too is played by a girl! He's supposed to sound like a loud mouthed GUY from Osaka! Not a sweet little girl. Since I'm not Japanese nor do I know any Japanese beyond just a few words, I find everyone sounds the same like they would sound to me in English except Kero sounds like he's from Brooklyn to me! Which I guess is the equivalent of coming from Osaka! Part of what makes Kero so interesting is his big voice in that little body! It hints of what was and what will be again!

Since I only have the first 8 epi's I don't know much about Li as he's only in one of them. But He seems similar to his CC counterpart, a know it all when it comes to magic with the same attitude, that" if you don't know it then I can't be bothered to tell you!" one. I can only hope he warms up to Sakura soon! But he was even funnier than I remembered when he was ready to fight Toya and Yuki shows up and scares the pants off him! They still don't explain why right away in both series. I only came to understand why by reading the manga, which leads me to believe that came first, so they would assume people knew why certain things are the way they are.

Lastly the biggest difference and the saddest one is they left out all the family scenes in CC! I loved the way Sakura got up and had breakfast with her brother and father. I also liked the way she would hug her mother's picture as if she was really hugging her mom! I know it's sad her mom is dead, but there are kids in America who unfortunately know what's that's like not to mention all the kids whose parents are divorced. I guess they felt that was too depressing. I know I found the epi about Sakura seeing her mom to be sad, it was still nice to know that her mother while an angel still cares for her family and she would be there for them any way she can!

These are the difference I've found so far. Yes I know there are more epi's in CCS than CC and I will add more when I find them.