The Magic of the Clow Cards and Why Things Worked Out The Way They Did. by Kira

First of all, we all know that long ago a great magician named Clow Reed created a new and powerful magic and bound it up in a deck of special cards to contain the magic. Also we know that he locked the cards up in a book and that he also created two guardians to watch over the seal on the book. But how, you may ask, did an ordinary young girl manage to open the book and release the cards? Magic, right? Well the thing is I believe that this girl, Sakura Avalon had as much right to open the book and master the cards as Li Showron. Unlike Li who was aware of legends and prophesies concerning the book and who would be the next master of the cards, Sakura too possessed enough latent magic to do it without knowing the history of the cards or the book.

But lets go back and start at the beginning, to the time of Clow Reed. He has just created this magic and has learned all he can about it. What happens when the time came that he would no longer be alive? Who would then have the knowledge of the magic? Well I believe that Clow Reed had a family and that in this family he had four children. To the child with the strongest magic was given the knowledge of the magic and how to use it. I believe that this child founded the Showron family since they seem to be a family of strong magicians. Li certainly had knowledge of the cards and he also thought only he was worthy enough to be a card captor and ultimate master of the cards.

The next child was given the knowledge of the book, because while their magic was strong, it was not strong enough to rule the cards. However the magic increased with time in some family members and others had little or no magic at all. This child founded both the Rae and Avalon families. Although I believe that the Rae family Married more into the Showron family in hopes of increasing their magic. While the Rae family was aware of their roots, the Avalon family, while they would occasionally marry into the Showron family, eventually lost the knowledge of their roots. They also would at times lose their magic because it would sometimes skip a generation or two before it would show itself. Also the reason Aiden had the Book of Clow was that it most likely became know as a treasured family heirloom that was passed down and kept in the family.

The third child, who became the Mackenzie Family was given the task of guarding the memory bell until the time when it would be needed. They knew their heritage and were aware of their magic. They would watch over all the families and at times would marry in and out of them as a way of keeping track of them. This is why Layla was known to both Tori and Sakura, although I believe she knew the bell would be needed in this generation, I think she was unsure of which one would rule the cards.

Then there is the last child who had little magic, but his family too would marry in and out and ultimately increased their magic. I also believe that Eli is Clow Reed reincarnated, but simply a distant ancestor whose magic is the equal of Clow Reed's and because of this he able to unlock distant memories to the point of maybe being Clow Reed come to life again. It is also said that he is in love with Layla because of his connection with Clow Reed, Perhaps she resembles Clow's wife and Eli's feelings for her come from that. But enough of Eli for he does not become into the picture until after Sakura becomes Mistress of the Cards. I think is chief role here is to teach her how to use and control the magic.

Now back to the future to the time of the final judgement. I believe that the events leading up to it were foretold and that Li's family thought it would be Li who get the cards in the end. This explains a lot of his behavior, like when he demands Sakura give back the cards and why after a while he starts helping her (hey if I was told for as long as I could remember that I would be the next master of the cards I'd also start to be nice to who ever had them because they're going to mine in the end). I also think this is why Meilin was trained with Li, and no I don't believe she has no magic (rather I think her Magic is weak since she is able to see the corporeal forms of the cards, but she's unable to capture them). Also I believe Meilin was recalled back to Hong Kong when it was found out that instead of helping Li she was at times through her actions actually helping Sakura. So because Li was over confident he wound up losing the cards to Sakura. I also believe that prophesy of who would master the cards was right and that the Showron family got it wrong.

I hope I was able to convince you readers that my theory could be true and if any one has knowledge that would prove me wrong please send it to me