Clow Magic - part 2 by Kira

Is Eriol Clow's Earthly form?

After seeing the epi The Past, The Present and The Future, I noticed that at the end of the epi, a mysterious figure appears ( we learn later on in other epi's that it's Eli Moon ) with Clow's shadow! How is it possible for someone to have someone else's shadow? I believe there's no way that could happen unless Eli is in fact Clow in disguise. I think the "fact" that's going around that he's the reincarnated form of Clow Reed is wrong. If he were Clow reincarnated then Eli would be his own person and not sometimes sound like Clow. He would have memories of having another life, but I think they would be vague memories, that a place was familiar and that you were there before or maybe a fear of water would be a vague memory of having drown in another life.( I'm not a Buddist, so I'm not sure if what I believe is correct and I would appreciate it if a Buddist could correct me where I'm wrong. )

I think that Eli is a being similar to Julian in that he's "real" yet not "real" in that Julian is really Yue in Human form. The fact that Julian doesn't know this for most of the series is irrelevant. It's just that it suited Clow to have Eli know he's Clow. It also makes sense for Clow to become a boy in Sakura's class so that he can be near enough to her without her catching on to who he really is. Remember Tori can sense that Kero is not a stuffed toy! Why he can't tell Julian is not a human is besides the point fr all we know he knows.

I believe that Clow's magic was strong enough to stay around in spirit form even though Clow died, because otherwise the cards might have cease to be as well as the Clow book, Kero and Yue. I also think Clow planned for Sakura to be the next Mistress of the cards and that's why the Clow book wound up in her Dad's library and Yue is friends with her brother and kero's powers diminished enough so he would appear harmless to her! So being Eli would be very easy for him to do as Eli is aware that he's Clow. Hey if Yue can do it then it should be very easy for Clow.

Also if he died and passed on the his magic should have disappeared too. I think he really didn't die but used his magic to become a spirit being more like a ghost than angel. This way he never dies and his magic is around to keep the others alive for thousands of years. Since I also believed he married, otherwise why else would Layla Mackenzie know so much about him if she weren't his wife. Remember she knew how to use the bell to make Sakura remember and also to save her from the Maze Card. Layla also leaves for England with Eli at the end of the series. Why would she want to be with a little kid if she didn't know that was her husband? If Clow can make himself a spirit why not her too! Well that's it for this theory on Clow Magic.