Magic powers in the Cardcaptors World by Kira

This theory comes from a rant I read on my friend Saffy's site. She was sad that Tori and Julian's friendship makes them look gay. What I want to state right now is that BOTH of us have NOTHING against gay people, we think that CLAMP should have made this just a friendship and nothing else. So I got to thinking about Tori, Julian, Sakura, Li , Ms. Mackenzie and even Madison. All of these people either have strong feelings for or are the focus of strong feelings that others have for them. I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense but I can't find the words to put it another way.

First of all everyone mentioned above except for Madison(Although I don't believe it!) have some magical powers associated with them. Sakura and Li are cardcaptors who know summoning magic, which is calling upon the power in the cards, for example Sakura gets very strong when she uses the Power Card. Li also knows this magic and he is also able to use elemental magic which is when he uses the strips of paper with spells on them to summon wind when he needed to save Sakura from falling. Tori can see the spirit world and talk to dead people. He can also sense other forms of magic, like when he almost catches Kero acting like alive instead of the toy he looks like, and he also knew that the Mirror form of Sakura wasn't her, but something else. Julian although not magical in that form is very magical as Yue who was hidden inside of him. Ms. Mackenzie has magical powers too, for she knows of the Clow cards and she can use the magical Bell that Clow Reed created to help Sakura. Madison too I believ has a touch of magic in her too. She's very hyper perceptive to what's going on around her and she can see Kero as something more than a toy. I think you need a bit of magic in you in order to be able to see Kero and Yue, just like Meilin too. But I won't talk about Meilin here as she doesn't seem to have as much power as Madison. Knowledge is one thing but I think Madison has this magic because she too is drawn to others who have magic. Not only does she adore Sakura to the point where some people think she's gay as well, but she also has similar feelings for Tori who has magic.

Li and Sakura spend some time together discussing magic and power and why Julian makes them feel floaty(much to Li's embarrassment!) as well as Ms. Mackenzie. They are drawn to the power of the magic inside and while they suspect Ms. Mackenzie of being a powerful Magician, they're puzzled by Julian. Sakura comes close to figuring out that Julian has magic(this is based on what I read in the manga) but is unsure why she gets the same feelings when touching Julian that she does when touching Ms. Mackenzie. Li can't figure out his feelings for Julian, but he is definitly wary of Ms. Mackenzie. He recognizes her power and it must be greater than his for him to caution Sakura to be careful around her.

As for Ms. Mackenzie, Tori was a one time very much in love with her and wanted to be with her all the time, that I think she was forced to leave because he was somehow interfering with what she had to do concerning Sakura and the cards. Her job seems to be that of guiding Sakura like Kero, and helping her when needed. In the manga she was the one who confirmed what the Light and Dark cards told Sakura about Yue, that he was there all along by her side.

Tori having power is drawn to Julian who has power he's not aware of. That being Yue hidden inside him. It may be that Clow planned it that way: Kero would look like a cute plushie and Yue would look like a sweet young guy who would be unaware of what he had inside. So Julian's magic would be that of inspiring love and devotion in all who have magic as a way of protecting Yue. So because of this magic I feel it's wrong to say Tori and julian are gay, it just looks that way because of the magic involved. In the cardcaptors world, magic is attacked to magic. If julian were a normal guy I don't think there would be that intensity of "friendship" between them. Both of them are drawn to the magic they sense. It could also be why Julian has no problems hanging out with Sakura. How many 17 years would want to hang out with a bunch of 10 year olds? Especially the younger sister of such a protective older brother. Remeber how Tori wanted to beat up Li for harassing Sakura when they first met? When Li demanded she hand over the Clow Cards? Tori is way bigger than Li, so why didn't he pick him up or shove him out of the way? I'm sure Tori could have done it without hurting Li. But because of the magic involved stronger measures were needed. Then if Li was not afraid of Tori why did he freak out when he saw Julian? Why, because he sensed the power there. Remember Yue has very powerful magic as he needs it to judge the candidate worthy of possessing the cards. Li didn't have enough power, but Sakura did. That's why she's not as wary or afraid of julian or Ms. Mackenzie. Tori also must have power on a level with Li's , since Li didn't feel he was a threat. But then you ask, how was it that Tori had enough power to save Julian/Yue and Li never bothered too? I believe it's because Tori's magic is different from Li's and it's closer to Clow's magic so he was able to save his friend. The fact that he remembered doing so shows, I feel that he was able to retain a small amount of it. He may not be able to sense the spirit world anymore, but he can still recognize what his friend is. Tori also knew Eli wasn't really what he claimed to be either, something Li never picked up on. He also knew Ruby wasn't really who she claimed to be either. But I find it amusing that Sakura, Li, Madison(Maybe not Madison)or Kero never picked up on the fact that Ruby, or Eli weren't who they claimed to be. I can see them getting away with it because I believe Eli's just Clow in disguise so he'd be able to hide himself and Ruby, but how come Tori picked this up? I think this is just another example of just how powerful his magic is. I remember he also was able to detect a spell Eli left behind when Sakura wasn't.

I could go on pointing out all the incidents of people's magic here and there, but then this theory is long enough and I don't want to start repeating myself. It can simply stated as this: people with magic are drawn to others with magic,and people's power levels of magic are different. So what seems like romantic love is really magic seeking magic, and some people are more powerful at times than others (this I believe is connected to their actual power level) or in fact they seem that way.