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Card Captor Sakura Volume 1 {Top}
In this volume we meet Sakura, her family and friends. We first see her as the Cardcaptor and then we are told how see she became it. We meet her big brother Toya, her dad, and we find out that her mother has died. We also learn that she is happy and in the fourth grade. We also meet her friend Tomoyo, and the "love of her life", her brother's friend Yukito or Yuki for short. We also meet the guardian beast of the seal, one Keroberous or Kero for short. He looks like a small flying stuffed animal. At first Sakura doesn't think he's real. She also doesn't want to be a card captor. Kero however convinces her to be it. He gives her a key and tells her what to say and a cardcaptor is born! We also meet her best friend Tomoyo who loves to video her captures and design Sakura costumes to wear while capturing the cards. Tomoyo's family is very rich. In this volume the Windy card is Sakura's first card, because she picked it up after opening the Clow book, said it's name and set the other cards free. Then she captures jump (which we see her doing), wood (which we don't) and the final card we see her catch is Illusion. This order is slightly different from the anime series. Also in the anime series (the original Japanese version) we see her capturing the Wood card. Another nice feature of the manga is the quick character profiles. Volume 1 features Sakura, Tomoyo, Toya, and Yukito. Another thing about this manga is you can tell when each issue stops and another begins by the picture that appears in the story with the title "Card Captor Sakura by CLAMP " on it. While this edition is all black and white, you can find examples of the artwork in color without the writing on it on various sites on the web, under Manga images.

Card Captor Sakura Volume 2 {Top}
In this volume we meet Tomoyo's mom Sonomi. We also find out that Tomoyo and Sakura are cousins, and Sakura doesn't know this but Toya and Tomoyo do. We also learn that Sonomi blames Fujitaka(Sakura's dad) for Nadeshiko's early death. We also meet Li Syaoran (his name is anglicized so that Li is his first name, but you can interchange his names)We also see that Rika and her teacher Mr. Terada are in love and one day will marry! The mysterious Yue is mentioned for the first time but we haven't met him yet. Another thing we learn in this volume is Li and Sakura are rivals not only for the cards, but for Yukito's love as well! This is one of the different themes of love that this series goes into. Cards that are caught in this volume are: Flower, Sword, Thunder, and Shadow.( Unlike the animated series Sakura catches the Thunder card by herself and she catches Shadow with Li's help.) Quick character profiles are: Li, Fujitaka, and Nadeshiko.

Card Captor Sakura Vol. 3 {Top}
This volume starts out with Sakura telling about herself, before she sees Yuki! She's in heaven as he cuts her hair. afterwards they are spied on by Kaho Mitsuki(we don't know it's her yet). Then it moves on to the card to be captured. This is the Mirror card and it takes two issues for Sakura to catch it. It's a good story as she's upset and Li agrees to help her! Which makes his help all the better because there's a badmington match between the two that's pretty fierce! Sakura also learns how to use the cards she has to help her find missing cards. This is shown as well in the animated series. In the next issue, Sakura goes to visit Tomoyo at her house. We meet up with Sonomi again and she tells Sakura all about Nadeshiko. There's also a funny moment when Kero is demanding cake and Tomoyo gives him some. Then they discover that there's a card hiding in the box in Tomoyo's room. It's the Lock card and Sakura also catches it. Then Tomoyo opens the box and shows Kero an eraser that Sakura gave her. Inside is also the dried remains of Nadeshiko's wedding bouquet. Sonomi tells Sakura that she made it out of cherry blossoms and that is where Sakura got her name! In the next issue we finally meet Kaho and we find out that Sakura likes her but Li doesn't trust her! Then someone brings up something about magic charms at this shrine. Sakura goes there to find it closed and goes back the next day with Tomoyo. They meet Li there and find the shrine open. Before they can do anything they find themselves caught in a mysterious maze!
Quick character profiles are for Sakura's friends: Chiharu Mihara, Naoko Yanagisawa, and Rika Sasaki. Cards caught are Mirror and Lock.

Card Captor Sakura Volume 4 {Top}
This Volume contains Chix Comix issues 15 through 18. This volume picks up where volume three left off. Sakura, Li and Tomoyo are stuck in a giant maze created by the maze card. They try everything they can think of to get out. Meanwhile Toya has come home and is talking with his dad about Kaho Mitsuki and how she's now Sakura's new Math teacher. Toya goes into "replay mode" and thinks back about their relationship. Then he notices it's late and Sakura hasn't returned. He goes out to look for here. Meanwhile Sakura, Li and Tomoyo are still inside the maze. Li tells them there is no one at home worried about him because he lives alone! They also learn he has four sisters who are still in Hong Kong.Sakura thinks Li is cool because he lives on his own. Then her tummy rumbles. Next thing they hear a bell and Miss Mitsuki is there with a bell in her hand She claims to have wrung it to warn them but was too late after Li demanded to know why she was there. Miss Mitsuki then uses her bell to break them all out of the maze. Toya hears the bell while he's out looking for Sakura. Li then tells Sakura to hurry and seal the card while they have time to escape. She does after asking Miss Mitsuki to turn away. Sakura then thinks how much she likes her. Miss Mitsuki asks her if she minds having a strange teacher. Sakura shakes her head no as toya comes running up. Tomoyo and Li leave, but Li tells Sakura not to trust her teacher. Kaho and Toya talk.Then Yuki shows up! Kaho leaves and the issue ends. Next issue starts off with Sakura swimming. We see her friends and Yamazaki tells another one of his stories. We get another hint that Rki and Mr Terada like each other!. Meanwhile Kero is whining because he's not at the beach too! Yuki and Toya hear him make a noise but they continue talking.Then we see kero under a pile of books, he finds the book of Clow and says Yue. Then we go back to the beach and we see Li and Sakura staring at each other while peeling potatoes. Kaho interrupts talks to Sakura. Next scene is night in the cabin. Naoko tells them a ghost story. Poor Sakura who's afraid of ghosts can't sleep, so she gets up and goes for a walk and meets up with Li. They sit and talk for awhile and then they go back to their cabins to sleep. Then it's they next day and everyone goes to hangout and swim on the beach. Then their teacher says it's time for the test of courage! They are given a candle and they go into the cave from the ghost story to see the shrine. Since there's only one way in no one can get lost! So everyone pairs up and goes inside. Sakura and Tomoyo are scared by a teacher which freaks Sakura out. They meet up with their other friendws who are crying because people are disappearing. Sakura watches as her friends disappear! She and Tomoyo leave,but Tomoyo also vanishes! Sakura is now totally freaked and runs crying right into Li's arms! She tells him what happens. He tells her his partner also is gone. They sense a clow card once Li calms her down. When they loose their candle Li uses magic to make a light. Sakura is way impressed with him! (Yuki watch out! I think Sakura's getting a crush on someone else!) Li tells her some things about himself and Clow Reed. while they look for the card. Then they find it! Li as he disappears tells her to concentrate so she can find the card. She does and it's Erase! She captures it. and tries to give it to Li. He won't take it and she's happy which makes him blush! Poor Sakura friends don't remember anything that happened to themselves. (This card capture took two issues.) Next story Sakura is standing in her Jammies looking at all the pretty glowing balls that float by. Then she wakes up and Kero tells her it's a special dream, about something that'll happen in the future.She gets up and goes food shopping because she's cooking dinner. On the way home she sees a sign saying there's a festival at Ms. Mitsuki's shrine. Sakura wants to go so she can get a charm this time. She plans to ask Tomoyo. Then she gets happy because she's going to Yuki's house. She goes in and has tea with him. She thinks he's lonely so she asks him over to dinner. She gets mega happy when he says yes! After dinner everyone goes to the festival.SAkura tries to get a red water ballon but can't so Yuki gets it for her. Tomoyo meanwhile films everything. They meet up with some friends from school and then there's a loud noise. SAkura turns to see Li at the shooting gallery. He's won a ton of stuff and gives Yuki a box of cookies. They talk 7 Toya comes over and stares at Li. The two then have a shooting match.Sakura and Yuki go off and then they see beautiful glowing lights that look like fireflies. Sakura thinks about how much this is like her dream. Just as things start to get romantic between her and Yuki, Toya and Li run up with stuffed bunnies for them. Yuki offers to buy some shaved ice(think snow cones) and they go one way and Sakura and Tomoyo go the other way. Toya sees Kaho and they talk while Yuki gets the ices.Sakura meanwhile captures a the glow Card.Tomoyo is happy she filmed it. Yuki then comes over to them and gives Sakura the charm she wanted. The story continues in Vol 5. Cards Captured Maze, Erase, and Glow.
Character profiles: Takashi Yamazaki, Sonomi Daidoji, Kaho Mitsuki.

Card Captor Sakura Volume 5 {Top}
This volume contains issues 19 through 22 in their entirety. It starts out with Sakura and her family plus Yukito going a summer house owned by someone her dad knows. Sakura is excited to go although a bit sad Tomoyo isn't there. She soon gets over it when she sees the inside of the house. Her Dad tells her about a huge summer home down the road so Sakura goes to see it. While there she meets an old man who lives there. He invites her to come back tomorrow, which she does. They spend time talking about his grand daughter. What we later learn is Sakura's Mom and the man's granddaughter are the same person. Sakura never learns this. She tells him about her mother And before leaves for home she makes him a rainbow with Watery's help. The way we find out that the man is Sakura's great grandfather is we see Sonomi talking to him about her. No cards were caught here. The next story is about the infamous school play where Sakura wins the role of prince and Li gets the role of princess. Her other friends play various roles. Tomoyo gets to narrate the play. She is not seen by anyone except Kero who's with her and Later Kaho Mitzuki who joins her. Kaho knows about kero! Meanwhile the play goes on until darkness descends. Li tells Sakura it's a clow card. Then she's on her own in the dark. Kero and Kaho talk about what happened both feel Sakura can save the day!Sakura asks Wood to help her but Wood can't then she figures out that it must be the Dark card. While trying to capture this card, she starts to glow with an inner light. She finds Light. Then the two cards tell her it's a test to see if she's a good card captor. Sakura passes the test and seals the cards. Before they are sealed they tell her about Yueh. Just before Dark becomes a true card, she tells Sakura that Yueh is by her side! Then everything returns to normal as if the cards were never there. The last story starts with Sakura daydreaming about the moon. (Heavy symbolism about Yueh here!) She is mortified to be found sleeping in class by her teacher. She and Tomoyo talk about her dream on the way home from school, where they meet up with Li. Li's Lasin board is glowing and they look for the source of the power. It turns out to be Yuki! They all go to get something to eat after school and talk about the play. Sakura is horrified to find her Brother working as a waiter there. There's the usual Li/Toya moment of staring and then Li takes off when Kaho arrives. She wants to talk to Sakura. They go and talk about the clow cards. They also talk about Yueh, and kaho talls Sakura that Dark is right! Yueh is by her side and she called him the Judge. Li meanwhile is back sitting with Tomoyo and they are talking about his lasin board glowing again. Tomoyo seems to think that Li is falling for Sakura. She teases him about her being his card rival and he does one of his famous blushes! Kaho spends some time talking to Yuki. She tells him to watch over Toya. Sakura takes Yuki's hand and is amazed that she got the same feeling she did when she touched Kaho's hand. Toya comes over and talks to Kaho. She makes a comment that can be taken as Toya having a crush on Yuki and wanting "something" from him. Meanwhile Kero tells "Us" that soon all the cards will be captured and it'll be time for the final Judgement! Then it goes back to the dinner where everyone is leaving. Tomoyo can't resist teasing Li again about Sakura! Sakura hears him yelling and asks him about it. Li says it's nothing and asks her about Kaho. Sakura tell him Kaho knows about the cards and someone called Yueh. Li tells her what he knows about it. Which is not much because Clow left little information behind. Li does tell her that Kero symbol is the sun on the front of the book and Yueh's is the moon aon the back. Sakura tells him there's NO moon on the back. Li said that that's because Yueh has taken a solid form like Kero. Suddenly a fire starts in the middle of the street blocking the way! The story ends here. The only cards caught were Light and Dark.
Mini profiles feature the two teachers Mr. Terada and Ms. Kimura.

Card Captor Sakura Volume 6 {Top}
This volume contains issues numbers 23 through 26. It picks up where volume 5 left off. The third element Firey is on the loose and Sakura must capture it. Very cute Li and Sakura interaction as he tries to save her from Firey's flaming blasts! Yuki also helps as everyone is confused where the fire's coming from(except Li and Sakura!).So li takes matters in his own hands and punches Yuki in the stomach and knocks him out so Sakura can use her magic(I'm not too happy with Li here!) Sakura sees Kaho after she uses her magic and Kaho is using her bell to help Sakura.Kero also joins in the battle! Everyone helps Sakura and she finally seals it. Then Kero changes into Keroberous. Sakura doesn't know him. So he tells her and she's suprised big time! Then Kaho tells them Yueh is coming real soon. Just then Earthy starts trouble as an earthquake. Everyone heads for Kaho's shrine. While there, there's another quake and Sakura falls in a hole but Li grabs her hand and she's safe for a minute and then falls! Li finally calls her Sakura here!(YAY!!) Keroberous saves her instead!Sakura is so happy her said her first name and he's like mega embarrassed! Sakura then notices that Yuki and Kaho aren't affected by Earthy at all! She then tries to capture Earthy again. Meanwhile word of the earthquakes reaches Tomoyo's house. She leaves because she knows it's a Clow Card. Toya also at this time leaves work and heads to the shrine. Sakura then decides to use Watery and Firey together to capture Earthy. She and Keroberous try to stop Earthy, then Sakura notices that the trees are unaffected by Earthy so she uses Woody to help her! This works and she's now caught all the cards!(I guess Li gave her the cards he caught or went to him, but it's never explained how Sakura has them all!) Keroberous tries to make her wait before she signs the card, but she does it without waiting. Tomoyo who finally arrives looks at Keroberous and asks him if they met after being so happy for Sakura! Tomoyo wants to make this day a holiday! Li notices Keroberous isn't happy at all. Yuki is still out cold. As soon as Sakura finished writing her name Kaho said it's time for the Final Trial. Then the cards fly around Sakura and Yuki levitates upwards and changes into Yue!(Special note! In the english version of the manga all the drawings are reversed for some reason, so Yue has his ear cuff on the wrong ear! His out fit is also backwards!) Sakura still can't figure out what happened to Yuki so Kaho tells her Yueh was sleeping inside Yuki. Yueh and Keroberous act like enemies,(I think they are more like two sibs who have a great rivalry between them!) Keroberous is amazed he never knew where Yueh was! He blames this on Kaho distracking him. Kaho admits she knew who Yuki was all along. Which angers Keroberous. Sakura is still clueless as to what's going on so Yueh tells her. Sakura then sees Yueh standing on the shrine gate and she thinks this is just like her dream! Sakura goes through the Final Trial by herself. Anyone who helps her will cause her to loose which is hard on Li.While it's going on Li, Tomoyo, Kaho, and Keroberous talk About Yueh and Yuki. The Evil that will befall the world is finally reveled by Yueh! It is for the potential Master as well as the Cards and anyone connected to the two will forget everything that happened to them! Sakura who is saddened by this gets some strength from it and battles on! She makes the mistake of using Woody who is controlled by Yueh! But the cards love her and came to her aid! Then Kaho steps in to help her. She gives Sakura her bell. She says it's a present from Clow Red! It turns out Clow knew that Sakura would be the next master and that Kaho would hepl her by giving her the bell. It was needed as Clow knew Yueh would be hard to win over. Even her sealing wand was designed to make it appeal to her. With Kaho's help she changes her sealing wand into the star wand. Somehow she over comes Woody and is released from it. Yueh is mad because Clow had it fixed from the beginning that Sakura would win so he feels he wasted his time!( I think he also feels a bit betrayed by Clow too!) Sakura then asks Yueh to be her friend because she doesn't think she would be a good master because she doesn't really know alot. Yueh comes close to smiling(at least for him^^) and he tells her to close her eyes and he proclaims her the new master. She then sees a vision of Clow Red who tells her about her star power and then before he leaves he tells her He will cause her some trouble soon! But that everything will be alright. She wakes up happy. Keroberous and Yueh agree to remain in the temporal forms (Yuki and kero) Yuki wakes up and has no clue what happened and then he feints and Toya catches him. He also catches a very embarrassed Sakura in her battle outfit(Tomoyo managed to bring an outfit with!)Last scene is Kaho leaving for more studies aboard. Li, Sakura, Tomoyo, Yuki and Toyua are there to say goodbye. Sakura still can't believe Yuki was Yueh! Before she goes, Kaho tells him That he better tell Yuki something, and she's pleased he was kind to Yuki even though he knew he wasn't a human! Then she leaves. Sakura then wonders what Clow meant by I will soon cause you trouble. Cards caught are Firey and Earthy.
Quick character Bio is Midori Makiko.

Card Captor Sakura Volume 7 aka Volume 1 of Master of the Clow {Top}
*Note this issue is the first of Tokyopop's new revamped true manga style manga for CCS. It was given the name Master of the Clow as a way of starting anew without having to redo the other volumes to make them all the same. I like the new look as it includes a Sakura Card Bookmark as well as color pix of one of the characters instead of the old black and white ones from the older volumes. This volume starts off with a pic of Clow Reed with the sentence "I fear I might make things difficult for you, young Sakura... But I'm sure you'll be alright." Then it's a sweet pic of Sakura and Kero before the story starts with a pic of Tokyo Tower. Then some shadowy images of Sakura and some other people before we realize it was just a dream... Sakura is awaken by Kero and her alarm. She tells him she had a strange dream and when he asks her about it she said she forgot. Kero gets hyper about that and then we are reintroduced to Sakura, her family and friends as she recounts what has happened to her so far. She goes to school where she and Tomoyo find out from Li that he is leaving to go home to Hong Kong because all the cards are captured and he's not needed any more. So Sakura asks him if he'll come back and visit which makes her happy and he blushes! Then Sakura tells them that Kaho wrote to them. She wonders about her dream and what it means when Mr Terada announces there's a new student. Sakura tells Li that reminds her of when he came. This is where we meet Eriol for the first time. Sakura looks like she recognizes him and Li is definitely NOT happy! He's told to sit next to Li and he greets Sakura as he walks by. Then we see Sakura answering back the letter from Kaho, when Eriol comes over to her. They sit and talk while Tomoyo and Li spy on them. Li gets MAD! and he races over to them, where Sakura chats with Tomoyo while Li and Eroil stare at each other (Ok Li glares at him! ^^) Tomoyo starts teasing him about being jealous after Sakura asks him what's wrong. Li then blurts out that he's staying and NOT going back to HK! Sakura is happy and races off to get Ice cream to celebrate! Then we meet up with toya and Yuki again! (YAY!) Anyway Toya steals Sakura's ice cream and they all talk. Turns out there's a new student in Toya's school too! It's a girl named Nakuru Akizuki! She She hangs on Toya (who wishes she'd just go away! Far Away!!!LOL!!) Then she gives Yuki a look that if she were a cat she's be purring before she'd pounce! Then Nakuru spots Sakura and hugs her before telling her she's as cute as she imagined and then she leaves! Sakura wonders what Nakuru meant by her comments and later tells Kero about it. Then we see there's a mysterious rain that's falling very heavily over Tomoeda. So Sakura, Kero and Tomoyo go check out what's up with all the rain. They discover there that her Clow Cards aren't responding like they should, when Watery's water is added to the rain! They also find out that Sheild isn't working either! Kero tells them they have to retreat to sort this out. As they are leaving Kero says, "it can't be him" even though it seems he's sensing someone very familar to him! We see also a shadowy figure that looks like Eriol. Later on in her bath, Sakura discusses what happened with Kero. The next day it's still raining and Sakura is up early for school. After fighting with Toya, it seems a promise of dinner will get Yuki to come over. Then it's school and everyone is talking about the rain! Naoko is thrilled it could be a supernatural phenomenon! Eriol flirts with Sakura and Li gets mad! Then Li and Sakura are seen talking outside by Toya and Yuki. Then Toya starts to tell Yuki something before Nakuru pounces on him! (poor Toya!) She tells Toya the teacher wants him. When he leaves she stares at Yuki and asks him if he remembers anything. Then she tells him if he doesn't want "him" she's taking Him! and leaves. It's now after dinner and Toya says he has to go to work, so Yuki offers to help clean up. Before he leaves Toya comments that the rain isn't natural. Yuki says god bye and kero comes down to talk. He gets Yuki to change into Yue. They talk and Sakura gets a surprise when she sees him. They all go without Tomoyo to check out the rain again. While there Sakura asks Yue about Yuki. Yue tells her he can remember stuff as Yue or Yuki, but Yuki only remembers what happens to himself. They again battle the rain. This time Yue and Kero are affected in that they can't move! Sakura also gets trapped in it as they she gets fired up just when it looks like they're all in deep trouble! She calls upon her magic and this time there's a new magic circle and Firey is able to stop the rain! YAY!!! Afterwards she notices that the card has changed. Then she just collapses into a deep sleep, and Kero was a bit freaked by it! We also see Yue staring at Some figures in the distance. Could that be Eriol and company standing on the streetlight and tree tops? Sakura has another weird dream about Tokyo tower, a solar eclipse, and the strange people from her other dream. He family are worried about her because she's just so sleepy and can't stay awake. He dad is really worried, so Toya offers to come home early. Here's where we really see that Toya is starting to catch on that somethings going on with Sakura( Kero's also getting the feeling that Toya knows exactly who or what he is!) Kero and Sakura talk(at least she tries to stay awake to!) Then he sees something glowing on Sakura's desk. It's Firey and now the back has changed. Scene of cooking class where everyone wonders what's wrong with Sakura. Tomoyo gets Li to come with her after school to see Sakura, before everyone is impressed with Eriol's cooking skills! Here we find out that he lives at home with two people, after he tells them he cooks at home.( Li definitely appears not to like Eriol at all! Which is funny as Eriol seems to flirt with him a bit in that he's always smiling at him whenever Li is giving him a dirty look!) Then we see Toya lost in thought as Yuki comes by with what looks like a weeks worth of groceries, but it's really his lunch! Toya tries to talk to him about something before they are distracted by Nakuru, so they talk about her instead. Then we see Tomoyo's and Li's visit with Sakura. They talk. Kero then explains that Sakura made a new card from Clow Reed's old one and Tomoyo is just thrilled with this! She's so happy her friend made Miss Sakura Cards! They all talk more about what happened to them last night. Then Sakura is amazed that only she and Clow Reed can hold Yue and Kero in check, but since she didn't....who did if Clow Reed is no longer alive? We then see scenes of Eriol's home life. We meet Spinel and find out that Nakuru calls him Souppy(their spelling!) and that she has no gender as she's no human. This is because Souppy asked her why she wasn't dressed as a boy. Then some creepy stuff as Nakuru asks Eriol if he likes it here and he says yes because that's where he died! Then he calls up his staff and changes them into their true forms: Ruby Moon(A woman with Butterfly wings and by the way I'm going to call her a she as she looks like one.) and Spinel Sun(a panther with Butterfly wings). Eriol tells them he wants something from them, but we aren't told what. Then another Sakura Dream, before she wakes up. Kero talks her into going back to school, then he wonders what's going on as Clow Reed is dead. Then it's school lunch time and the girls are talking. Rika brings out a teddy bear she's making. There's a thing about giving one to someone you like and if they try a ribbon on it and name it after you it means they like back. So then a plan is made to go get stuff so Sakura can make one. Meanwhile Eriol has caught Li spying on the girls. They talk. When Eriol says Li's name, he faints and Eriol catches him as he falls out of the tree. Then Li wakes up and is freaked. So then we see Eriol standing there after Li ran off saying Li is in the way of him getting what he wants. Afterschool and Rika says she can't go with to the store because she has to give someone something. So Eriopl is invited along and Li comes too! Then we see that Rika gave the bear to Mr Terada. He ties a ribbon on it and names it Rika. She's like so happy! At the store Sakura gets stuff to make her bear and Eriol gets some thread. Tomoyo is asked about making a bear for someone. She just wants the person she likes to be happy. If they liked her back she'd be thrilled, but it's not necessary. It's later on in Sakura's room and she trying to make her bear. She teases kero about it looking like him. Then Yuki comes by (which is weird because Sakura's thinking about him, her Dad and eriol all being somewhat alike.) . He quickly becomes Yue and He and Kero talk about Yue's waning powers and Clow Reed. Then just like that Yue becomes Yuki. Poor Yuki is now so confused as He thought he was outside Sakura's house and now he's inside. He leaves and then Kero and Sakura sense Clow Reed! We then see Li, Tomoyo and Sakura outside at night. They are talking and then Li gets caught up in something and can't move! Sakiura tries to help him after he calls upon his magic to wet the area around him. He's caught up in string...or thread! Poor Sakura can't get her key to release! She asks what she should do and she has a vision of Clow Reed who tells her to use the power of her own star in her heart! It works and she can release her staff! She transforms sword and frees Li. Then she faints in his arms. We see Eriol saying this is another way to use thread.
In this issue are the quick bois of Eriol. Nakuru, and Spinel. This is also a bookmark of Yuki (special Sakura card one) as well as a color pic of Yuki on the front and Yue in the back. This issues is also bigger than the others and is read right to left like a real manga.

Card Captor Sakura Volume 8 aka Volume 2 of Master of the Clow {Top}
This book opens with front and back color pix of Nakuru as well as a really cool summary page of all the major characters(too bad that double page wasn't in color too!). It also includes her Sakura card. on to the story!!! It opens with Sakura fussing over the teddy bear she wants to make for Yuki. She's having trouble trying to get it to look more like a teddy and less like Kero-chan. She's also trying to write back to Mitzuki-san, while Kero complains about the teddy.Then Eriol shows up to save the day. He helps her and when he leaves he kisses her hand and she's like WOW! Then we see Yamazaki and Chiharu. She's given him her Teddy and he's going to call it Suama(I think he's just teasing her) and he tells her another wild story. Li sees it and then he sees Yuki and decided to give his bear to him. They talk about it and Li runs off because he's embarrassed he blurted out something about giving it to 'her'! So Yuki has the bear and Li has his confussed thoughts about Yuki and Sakura. Sakura appears to win the #1 spot in Li's heart! (YAY!) Then Yue is there and tells Li he wishes Yuki would do the same and tell the person he loves that he loves them. The Yuki is back with the bear and gives it to Li.Poor Yuki is confused as to how he got there. Then we see Sakura at Yuki's house with Tomoyo and Kero as she plans to give Yuki the bear she made. Tomoyo and Kero talk about why Sakura likes Yuki and Kero tells her it's doesn't ahve anything to do with magic at all; Sakura simply likes Yuki! It gets weird and Yue shows up when Sakura detects Clow's presence. We see that the teddy has grown into a giant bear! It wrecks Yuki's house as they battle it. Kawaii scene of Yue saving Sakura and She's worried because he got hurt. She battles the bear and in the processes changes two cards and now the fly card gives her wings instead of the staff. We see again that Eriol is behind all her troubles. Then we see Sakura and Li together. They talk about bears and why she never called him(there's a pinky promise now to do so!)and Yuki! That's how she winds up with Li's bear. Then we see Yuki feeling really sick and tired. He complains he always hungry, sleepy and clueless as to why he keeps waking up in strange places. Then Toya shows up and he tells him he doesn't want to lose him and things get kinda shonen-ai-ish and before Nakuru shows up! She spoils everything before Toya leaves. Then she bothers Yuki about Toya again before hanging out with Suppi-chan. They talk about Toya and it ends with a very sad looking Yuki standing alone. The next chapter is about Sakura pretending she isn't sick so that her dad would go on his dig. Toya knows she's sick but says nothing. She can't make it through her day and is nearly hurt in gym, but saved by Li. Toya and Yuki get out of school early and bring her home. Yiuki leaves and Toya takes care of her, but winds up looking after Mirror Sakura as Sakura sensed trouble and left. Meanwhile Sakura tries to find out what's going on and She faints and Eriol catches her and he's sorry he bothered her while she was sick. He then cures her fever and covers her with his coat. Li finds her and tries to find out who left the coat. Toya meantime has fun with Mirror and he tells her he knows what Sakura is up to, but nit to tell her he knows. Then Sakura is back in time to see her Dad who came home early to check on her. Then it's time for Valentine's Day. Sakura makes chocolate for her dad, kero, Yuki(a special Heart), Toya and she has one left over. This one she decides to give to her Great-grandpa. She asks her dad if her mom ever made chocolates for anyone and he tells her about it. That's how she decides to give the extra chocolate to him. She gives it the same way Her mom would. Fujitaka calls Sonomi and asks her to deliver it. She reluctantly does. We also see scenes of Eriol and Yamazaki cementing their friendship with a chocolate tale as well as Nakuru pestering Toya again! Toya ties to set her straight by telling her he likes someone else, but NOT you!
This volume has character profiles on all the guardian's true forms.

Card Captor Sakura Volume 9 aka Volume 3 of Master of the Clow {Top}
This book has a Suppi-chan bookmark and has color artwork in the front and back of him as Suppi and Spinel Sun. It recounts the story so far before going into it. It starts out with a pic of some gifts before going into a scene of Sakura 7 Fujitaka talking. She almost forgets her backpack, but he gives it to her. Then there's a reminded it's white day( A kinda reverse Valentine's day in that whoever you gave chocolate is supposed to give some to you this day.). Then the phone rings and it's Sonomi of all people calling to tell Fujitaka that her grandfather wants to see him. Then we see Sakura and She meets up with Eriol and they talk about Valentine's day and white day. Then Sakura's off and she's visiting Tomoyo. Tomoyo loves the white day present of a purse Sakura gave her. Meanwhile Li is still trying to find out who the coat he found (in the last book)belongs to. Then Sakura shows up at his place and he's like mega surprised!!!They have tea and talk. and she surprises him with a White day gift. He's like how did you know I gave you something and she tells him. Funny scene of him looking at her gift and thinking it's a pencil case when it's really a chopstick case! (I'm glad they left it translated that way!). They talk about the person who likes Li and Sakura tells him to ask her out without knowing they're talking about herself!
Then the scene shifts to Toya! He's looking for Yuki at Yuki's house. He's like upset to find Yuki passed out on his lawn! Yuki is so weak that he can barely stay awake! Yuki has a present for Sakura. They talk more before he falls into Toya's arms! Toya's freaking because he wants Yuki to figure out what's wrong with himself. (Toya knows why!) Then we see the meeting between Masaki Amamiya(Sakura's great grandpa) and Fujutaka. They talk about Sakura, Nadeshiko and how long it's been since they last saw each other. He gives Fujitaka a white day gift for Sakura and then apologizes for what happened long ago. We then see Nadeshiko and it looks like she's looking at them and she's very happy!She also smiles at Eriol before leaving. He just happens to be up a tree sppying on Fujitaka and Masaki. Then it's later and Sakura's home and surprised she got a gift from Grandpa! It's another one of Nadeshiko's dresses!She's happy and goes to try it on after learning that Toya is spending the night with Yuki!( lucky Yuki!!!^^) Poor kero giot bashed in the mad dash to try it on! Sakura looks a bit weird if you ask me, but Fujitaka thinks she looks great! They talk about her grandpa and Sakura wants to meet him. Sweet scene of Fujitaka picking up Nadshiko's picture and talking to it as if he were really talking to her.
It's spring and cherry blossom time!!! Sakura is admiring the watch Yuki gave her( I think he gave her one for Christmas too!) Anyways Sakura is starting to notice that Yuki is tired all the time too! (I just love the pic of Kero reading Angelic Layer!!!) Anyways Sakura got a letter from Kaho and is happy. Seems Sakura asked her about the strange things happening here since she left and Kaho claims to know nothing about it! Sakura then thinks of Clow Reed. She hears something and goes down to find Toya dragging Yuki in. They get him upstairs and into Toya's bed to rest. Sakura thinks he's sick, but Toya reassures her he's not. Kero goes to see Yuki and thinks about Yue. He feels Yue need ssome more magic NOW!!! Or else.... Scenes of Toya and Sakura making dinner. Toya's minds is on Yuki figuring out "something". They all eat and when Sakura's out of the room Toya and Yuki start to say something to each other. So Toya is told to go first and as he begins to tell Yuki what he knows.... Sakura comes in doing an unintentional Nakuru impersonation! So Toya goes off to work and Sakura's happy to be alone with Yuki!!! She thinks she sees Yuki fading but shrugs it off when he asks her what's wrong. Then she senses Clow Reed. Yuki's like What?! So she tells him she needs to go out and get Tea cakes! She meets up with Kero and they are like where's Clow?
Next scene is Sakura dressed like a lamb!!!(So kawaii!!) She's at the park with Li, Tomoyo, and Kero. They notice something strange at the park; the penguin slide has beeen moved and there's now a huge hole in the ground. Sakura goes in the hole and is trapped! The hole starts to fill up with lambie plushies. Meanwhile eriol and co are watching the goings on. Sakura figures it out; uses Erase to get rid of the plushies, Earthy to fill the hole. Eriol is happy she figured that out. Sakura was happy Li worried about her and Li just blushed!!!
Then it's gym time and Tomoyo and Sakura are talking about Sakura's powers. They go watch Li and Eriol play one on one basketball. Eriol's beating the pants off Li! Then he goes and helps him make a shot!(either that was very stuck up and nasty or Eriol's just a nice guy!) It really was a lesson in how not to get distracted... Then after gym Yuki is walking by the fence and he sees Eriol and becomes Yue. Yue knows Eriol is Clow. Eriol makes Yue faint and he talks to him and tells him it's too early for him to know he's Clow. So he makes Yue forget. Then poor Yuki wakes up and has no idea what happened to himself. Toya comes along and sees hi and wants to know what happened. Toya sees Eriol and is reminded of his dad. Scene shift to after school at Tomoyo's. It's tea time and I believe there's also a "fashion show". Anyway While Sakura is getting changed Tomoyo shows Li some videom from the other day. Li freaks. He tells her that Sakura likes someone else. Tomoyo tells him to tell her that he likes her! They talk about Eriol and other people who like Sakura. Then Sakura comes out dressed like a fairy princess. Li blushes and he turns on the video camera and replays the part where he's worried about her. She then says she senses Clow reed! They're off to find him! They meet at the school. Kero's and they went to Tomoyo's for cake! Then they are inside the school and all the classrooms keep shifting and Tomoyo gets lost! Sakura freaks and Li calms her down. They find her when Sakura hears her singing. Sakura uses Shadow to find her. Tomoyo's not scared at all like Sakura thought! Eriol's been watching again and then they no longer sense Clow. He's pleased that she's getting stronger with each card she changes. Then Tomoyo's upset she wasn't able to video the adventure again and Sakura thanks Li who blushes and Tomoyo reminds him to tell Sakura how he feels! He starts to and kero interrupts!
Next day at school everyone is outside drawing. Sakura is amazed at how good Eriol is!!! (Hey if he's Clow and Clow drew the Clow cards then Eriol should be a good artist, right?) Then there's more Tomoyo matchmaking. Li tries to tell her how he feels when a noise from the high school interrupts!!!! Poor Yuki's in trouble! Toya carries him off to the nurse. Inside Yuki wakes up again and he and Toya talk. Meanwhile as Yuki was being carried off Nakuru notices that Yuki or rahter Yue is running out of time! So she interrupts some quality Toya/Yuki time!!! Toya gets rid of her by agreeing to go with her. As he leaves Yuki grabs his shirt. Yuki asks Toya what's wrong. Toya gets ready to tell him and.... Stupid Nakuru is back!!! Toya tries to get rid of her again. Then Suppi shows Up and he and Nakura talk. Seems Nakura wants Toya for herself! She's trying to stop what's going on as she thinks that'll help Eriol. Anyway Toya finally tells Yuki he knows he's not human and Yue appears!!! (YAY!!) They talk. Yue tells Toya he's special to Yuki. They talk about what needs to be done to save Yue/Yuki as Sakura doesn't have enough power. Toay asks Yue to protect her and himself. Then Toya tells Yue he reminds him of Yuki. Get pix of an annoyed Yue!!! Then Yue hugs Toya and the power transfer begins! Now it's Toya's turn to faint! Yue Thanks him and is amazed that Toya's magic feels like Clow's.
People profiled here are: Masaki Amamiya, and the teachers Shouko Tsujjitani, Mika Tsutsumi, and Toshinobu Yamamoto.