Card Captors the Movie summary by Kira

The Movie takes place before Sakura captured all the cards and changed them into Star/Sakura cards.

The movie starts out with Sakura fleeing from the arrows of the Arrow card in the school yard. All her friends are watching :Madison, Meilin, Li and Kero who flies a bit alongside Sakura. Li helps her and then Sakura uses Windy to help capture Arrow. It also looks like she may have used Woody as there is a maze of tree branches that she stood on. After Sakura captures Arrow, Meilin says Li should have gotten that card!

The next scene is at Sakura's house at night. It's raining out and She and Kero are asleep. While sleeping her Clow book starts to glow, and then she has a dream about water. In her Dream, she is standing in an old warehouse that has water all over the floor. Then some ribbons snake out towards her and wrap themselves around Sakura and pull her underwater. Then She hears Clow Reed's voice telling her "water is ever flowing". Then she wakes up.

New scene is at school and everyone is getting their report cards as it's time for spring break.Sakura gets hers and is happy to get a "C" in music. Madison as usual gets good grades. Li is sitting there freaking out about his report card. Meilin tells Sakura that Li is worried about it as he has to show it to his Mom. Then Meilin and Li are called up to get theirs. Meilin explodes because she thought she would have all "A's" Li looks at his and is relieved to find out it's good and the lowest mark is a "B-" Then School is over and it's vacation time! Madison and Sakura go to Twin Bells(Maggie's shop). Sakura buys a book and because she bought something she gets to pick from a ball out of a box to see if she won a prize. Maggie tells them everyone so far has won the consolation prize. Sakura picks and gets a gold ball. She thinks she's won what everyone else has, but Maggie is surprised that Sakura won the trip to Hong Kong! Sakura is so happy and we see her later on telling Kero who reminds her that her Dad has a business trip this week. Sakura is surprised that her Dad lets her go anyway as long as Tori goes. He tells her it's okay even though he has a job. Then Her Dad tells her to bring Madison and what about Julian?

Next Scene is the airport. Madison is busy filming Sakura. Before they board the plane, Tori tells Sakura to take off her shoes! She does and is embarressed when the Stewardess tells her to leave them on. She gets on the plane ready to kill Tori! But calms down when Kero appears. She sits down and Julian comes over and sits with her and talks about the trip. He's excited too! Soon they are there and we next see Sakura and Madison in their HUGE hotel room! Kero at first gives her a hard time about the trip and then is amazed at the site of Hong Kong harbor out the window! He tells her he used to live there with Clow Reed.

Next Scene is a trip on a ferry to the mainland. Madison as usual is filming Sakura and Kero is hiding in her hair and asks if she'll film him later. Then Tori teases Sakura about sharks in the harbor. Soon they are off the ferry looking around. Everyone looks around and talks. While Madison and Sakura are away from Tori and Julian, Kero pops out of Sakura's purse and tells them about HK, and then takes the time to steal Sakura's Ice cream(or other treat as I'm not sure it's ice cream)when she's not looking. He then tells them how weird it was that Sakura won this trip, when she's not very lucky. The scene shifts to two birds who are watching them. Then it's back to Sakura's dream and this time the birds are watching her. She looks up and sees a woman floating in the air. The ribbons come again and Sakura tries to touch them. She wakes up trying to touch the ribbons that are not really there and wonders what happened.

Next Scene (is my fave!) is Julian ordering lunch! He orders enough to feed an army! The table is laden with food (a ton of steam baskets) Then Sakura spots kero eating, no one else has seen him and she tries to hide him from Tori who asks her what she's going to eat and if she's not eating to pass something to him to eat. Funny scene of her trying to hide Kero! She is then amazed that he's gone, but then finds him underneath the steam basket, so she and Madison eat that one. Then Tori wants to go to Bird Street and they do. Everyone has fun looking at the birds.Sakura senses the white birds and takes off after them, after Kero tells her there's evil here. Everyone wonders what happened to Sakura. Madison and Kero take off after her too. Sakura uses Jump and chases the birds until she comes down near an old well. Sakura is drawn to this well by magic and just as she's about to fall in it( it's now a magic well) Li wakes her up and saves her. She still falls in but now it's just an old well. Meanwhile Madison runs off too and runs into Meilin and knocks her down. Madison recognizes her as she helps her up. Both are surprised to see each other. Madison tells her how they got there. Kero and Meilin have one of their scenes before Mei-mei shuts him up in Madisom's purse. They look up to see Li and a soaking wet Sakura. Mei-mei hugs her man much to Li's embarrassment! Then they all meet up with Julian and Tori. Everyone says hello and Sakura sneezes so they have to get her dry clothes. Tori yells at her because he was really worried that she disappeared. That's how they all find themselves on the way to Li's house! There they are all given dry clothes to wear and everyone looks really cute in their Chinese style clothes! As Sakura and Madison look around Li's sisters come in and pounce! They are all over the tow girls until Tori and Julian walk in. Then they pounce on them! The guys don't mind at all and act like this happens to them all the time! One sister keeps rubbing Tori's butt!(Lucky girl!)Tori doesn't even move: it's like his butt was sore and this was helping!(Yah right!) anyway Li's Mom shows up and everything quiets down. Li jumps to attention. Meilin tells the girls who everyone is. Madison and Sakura talk about Li's mom and Li. then Yelan (Li's mom) greets Sakura. She knows all about the Clow cards. The two talk about danger before Yelan announces everyone will stay over. Then just as Li starts to relax she asks for his report card.

Next Scene is bedtime. Sakura and Madison share a room and they talk before going to sleep. Kero tells then Yelan is a very powerful magician too, because she is a direct descendant of Clow Reed. He also tells then some more about Clow Reed. They go to sleep and Sakura has that strange dream again about the ribbons and a woman. Sakura asks the woman who she is. When she touches the ribbon this time it wraps around her wrist. The woman somehow pulls Sakura up by the ribbon to where she's floating. The woman tells Sakura she's been waiting a long time and wants to be set free! Asa the woman comes after her, Sakura screams and wakes everyone up. Sakura notices her wrist is red from the ribbon. Yelan comes to see what's wrong and she and Sakura go out into the garden to talk. Yelan casts a spell around Sakura to help her. She conjurs up a large lasin board with her fan. She tells Sakura that the spirits tell her that Sakura was summoned to HK by the woman in her dreams. Yelan tells her to be careful as there's a powerful evil there. This evil lures her in her dreams and it is also in her dreams that the answer will be found. Yelan also tells her not to worry as Sakura knows what to do. Then it's the next morning and they leave. Mei-mei is mad she didn't get to stay over too. Before she leaves Yelan tells Sakura to beware of water. Tori says they have to leave and Li and Mei-mei are sent to take them around HK, but it's really to watch over Sakura as Li later tells Mei-mei.. Sakura wonders what is gooing on in her dreams as Mei-mei and Li talk about the danger Sakura is in. Then Sakura finds a beautiful barrette and remembers the woman in her drams had the same one. She's embarrassed when Julian comes by and buys it for her. Li sees this and gets very mad and Jealous! Then the birds come back and Sakura takes off again! Tori is ready to kill her as everyone chases after her. They loose her and Sakura and Kero follow the birds to an antique shop, they go in and no one is there. This is where everyone finds her as Sakura finds an old book. She tells kero that the woman on the cover is the one from her dreams and she tells him about the well. They hear water and Sakura picks up the book. Possessed by magic, Sakura tries to open the book and kero tries to stop her! She gets it open and the place fills with water! Thjey are now in another dimension, where the woman is imprisoned. The woman thinks Sakura is Clow Reed because she senses the Clow cards. Then she gets mad when she finds out that Sakura is not Clow Reed. Sakura tries using a Clow card and this makes the woman very angry. She hurls water at them. Li tries to help by using Freeze. Then the woman gets mad at him too. She wants to know why they have Clow Cards. They try to explain but she won't listen and then she imprisons their friends in bubbles. Li uses Storm so Sakura can free the others all she can do before Li is captured is free Madison. Kero tells her to leave or she'll be captured too. Reluctantly Sakura leaves even though the woman tries to stop her. They escape. They find themselves back in the shop but the book is gone! They leave when the owner shows up. It's like nothing before had happened. Sakura is really sad now about what happened. Kero cheers her up and he remembers who the woman is! As they leave he tells Sakura and Madison all about her.

Dream Sequence/Flashback: Kero tells the girls the woman is Soo Jung and she was a fortune teller. She met Clow Reed one day and they fell in love. Clow taught her all about magic and soon she was almost as powerful as he. Soo Jung wanted to rule others with their magic, but Clow wouldn't listen. Things got ugly and he imprisoned her in the other dimension because she was a danger to others. He was very sad he had to do this.

Scene is back to the present (Hotel room)as the three try to figure out how to get back into the dimension to save the others. Then Sakura remembers she saw the well on the cover before! Everyone is happy they can now save the others! Madison is excited as she happened to have the perfect battle costume with her!(Tell me this girl has NO magic! I don't believe it!) Sakura is mortified!

Next scene is back at the well. They hear someone coming as they try to get through the forcefield around it. It's Yelan and she uses her fan to help Sakura get through. She's there because she can no longer sense Li. Yelan and Madison wait outside as Kero and Sakura go in and down the well. They travel through a gateway to many dimensions until they find the one they need. They are back and battle Soo Jung. Soo Jung is still looking for Clow Reed and escapes through the well into modern day HK. Sakura follows and they battle all over the rooftops of HK. They end up on top of a building that's being built. It looks like Sakura has lost the battle as she's once again tied up in the ribbons and the woman fills up the space with water. Sakura after a while convinces Soo Jung that Clow is really dead. She asks her to let her friends go. Soo Jung has a dream sequence about Clow during it Sakura hears Clows voice again telling her about water. This was the clue Sakura needed to realize the barrette is the third portal to the dimension. The two look at each other as Sakura tells her she's sorry Soo Jung was imprisoned so long and that Clow Reed never ment for her to be there so long suffering. Soo Jung tells her she wants revenge but then she changes her attitude as she breaks up and dissappears. until only her head comb is left. Soo jung tells Sakura she's sorry too as she disappears completely. Sakura picks up the comb it breaks up and disappears as Sakura realises that Soo Jung is now at peace. Everyone is returned but no one can remember what happened.

Last scene is the ferry. Tori and Julian try to remember what happened to them. Kero tells the girls not to worry about it as they couldn't explain it to them anyway what happened. Sakura then says she thinks they'll all be back here again. Meanwhile Madison has filmed their ferry ride. This is how it ended. The DVD also has a few other features like pick a scene, and the music video by Froggy Mix called "No Nagging". It also has the English Language trailer for the movie.