Madison's Secret Power by Kira

Madison magical? "What are you crazy?!", is the usual reply to that question. I ask you, ( and Kero does too), to think back to the scene in the final card part 1, you know, where Kero is trying to wake up Sakura and she keeps hitting her doll and wondering why the alarm clock won't stop ringing. Remember Kero asking her about the doll, and Sakura tells him Madison made it. How did Madison know Sakura is a card captor when Sakura didn't she was one? If you check out any earlier episodes you'll see that the doll is there. Not only that but she's dressed in a battle costume too!

Speaking of costumes, how does Madison make them so fast? Mom sews and she can't make stuff that fast. Take a good look at them and you'll see some are very detailed and they have a lot things to go with them like hats, gloves, stockings,shoes. Hey wait a minute! How does Madison make custom shoes for Sakura too? Shoemaker elves? I don't think a whole forest of elves could make shoes in a couple of hours either. Also Madison tailors (no pun intended) the costumes to whatever card is being caught. Sometimes Sakura's not sure what card it is until she confronts it and gets it to show its true form. How then does Madison know what costume to make? Maybe she uses some magic?

Also how come Kero want to spend so much time with Madison? I think he even slept over at her house once. May be he sees her as a backup card captor? Think about it. In fact I'd think he'd tell you he'd rather hang out with her than Li and that's not because Li has a charming personality either. In fact I think he'd rather rip the clow card out of Meilin's hands than see Li get it. Also I think if you asked him he'd tell you Madison would make a better card captor period! End of discussion!

Also I think Madison sense the cards before Sakura does. Although she's smart enough to let Sakura think she sensed it. So that's why I think Madison has magic powers. I mean if Tori has them and doesn't use them why not Madison? Also if knowing about and capturing clow cards is supposed to be a secret how come Madison knows about it? (And Meilin too. You know, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Meilin comes back and has magic powers too.) So that's why I think Madison has magic powers. If any one out there knows different , please let me know