Introduction to Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Recipe for TRC:
- take Clamp characters with their original names, character traits and relationships
- create two cute guys: 1 dark and brooding, 1 blonde and fun loving
- add a lot of fantasy
- add magic and parallel worlds travel
- add a mission (save Sakura from death and recover her memories)
- add some sinister secret plot (baddies who hint at higher plans)
- add pinches of crossover with current clamp releases (XXXholic) and old characters as cameos (Chii from Chobits)
Mix it all up with
- a different animation studio: Bee Train
- different voice actors for the characters
- a jpop soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura (Noir)
Bake then serve as a weekly series interspersed with movies.

You want a summary instead?
Princess Sakura lives happily in the world of Clow with her best friend Syaoran, the adopted son of an archeologist.
One day she visits mysterious ruins with him and awakens the magic, her memories are transformed into wings that shatter and the feathers are dispersed.
Syaoran takes Sakura to Yuuko, the time witch who gives him the means to travel to different worlds to collect the feather and save Sakura's life. In exchange he must give away his most precious thing: his relationship with Sakura.
Their travelling companions are Mokona, a happy fluffy magical creature who opens dimension portals and serves to communicate with Yuuko; Fai, a fun-loving laid back magician on the run from his king and Kurogane an overzealous and proud warrior banished from his country and wanting to grow in strength.
Together they travel to new worlds finding the memory feathers and changing the world of the people they meet!