TRC Character Profiles

See the character chart for information all characters and their relationships upto episode 12.
The episode summaries will give more information about secondary characters.

Main characters:

Sakura: Compassionate princess.
Lived in the World of Clow with her brother king Touya and high priest Yukito.
She is very gentle, graceful and caring.
She has lost her memories.
Her name means Cherry Blossom.

Syaoran: courageous friend and lover.
Syaoran means little wolf.
His most precious thing is his relationship with Sakura.
His kudan is a firey wolf.
He lived in the world of Clow as the adopted son of Fujitaka Kinomoto the archeologist.
He cannot see with his right eye.

Kurogane: proud warrior.
Kurogane is called dozens of names by Fai such as "Kuropon"
His name means black steel.
His most precious object is his sword.
His kudan is a dragon.
He lived in the world of feudal Japan under the reign of Princess Tomoyo until she sent him away.

Fai D Flowright: happy go lucky magician.
His most precious object is his magical tattoo.
His kudan is a big bird.
He lived in the world of Celes, where he created a persocom called Chii.
He is hiding from prince Ashura who is currently asleep.

Mokona: Fluffy and excitable creature!
Mokona Modoki it's long name, it's other name is Soel.
Serves to open portals to other world and communicate with Yuuko.
Very cute, loud and fun.
Has 99 secret skills.
Has an alter-ego black Mokona (Soal) who is his link to modern Japan and Yuuko
Original character created for Magic Knight Rayearth

Yuuko: Mysterious sorceress.
Also called the time witch or dimension witch.
Original character created for the series XXXholic

Other Characters:
Other characters may have different jobs and personalities in different dimensions but their soul is essentially the same. You can find more information about secondary characters in the crossover page, CCS characters page or in the summaries.