About the webmistress

  • Saffy: born 83, english MK, travelled, self-educated inner city kid, massive nerd, wierdo, sociable but shy, not naive but forgiving by choice, rational but silly, dark humour, crude, perma-grin, loves music and dance, crippling stage fright, private, no nonsense, listener, desperate to please, no inhibitions when faced with injustice, firestarter, severe Chronic/Post Lymes, not subtle, can't lie, big twinkle in eyes, freckled everywhere, chews nails + pens, vivid nightmares, rabid curiosity, dark blue mascara, always busy.

    Loves email but is pretty hopeless at replying or replying with more than a "1 liner" due to varying energy and workloads. Sorry. Has no instant messengers and does not want to change that (IM=Drama and right now I just want peace and quiet). Is very sociable and would love to be your friend or help you with your projects but is always -always- exhausted from her illness, busy with life and finds it hard to even keep up with close friends... so if you are looking for a consistent, punctual and often available friend... You'll have to look somewhere else (you deserve better!) or be extremely persistant.