Movie 1

Setting: before the final judgment (episode 45)
Featured Clow Card: The Arrow

Sakura wins a trip for 4 to Hong Kong for the school holidays in mysterious conditions and goes with Tomoyo, Yukito and Touya (and Kero-chan hidden in a bag of course)
Keroberos used to live in Hong Kong with Clow Reed and is shocked by how the town has changed since then.
He however still feels a familiar evil presence lurking around them and believes that nothing happens by chance.
Sakura has very vivid dreams with visions of water, visions of the future and a warning against evil.
The foursome soon bump into Syaoran and Meilin who are from Hong Kong and are there for the holidays.
They meet the Li family: four special sisters and a very mystical and awesomely powerful Ieran Li, Syaoran's Mother.

Sakura must solve the mystery of the evil presence that she senses in Hong Kong and save her friends!

10/10 for the fabulous graphics - Very beautiful and mysterious imagery. Fantastic!
Scenes to note: Sakura Underwater, Kero looking out over Hong Kong bay by sunset, Flying over HK by night, Sakura hypnotized.
7/10 for the story. Not extremely complex but interesting.
8/10 for the final twist to the story and how the pieces all fit together.
9/10 for the costumes. Seeing Tomoyo and Sakura in cute traditional outfits is just gorgeous.
The purple flower costume designed by Tomoyo for Sakura's showdown scene with the witch is also very pretty.
6/10 for character development. We don't learn much more about the characters exceptfor Syaoran who we see at home and Kero who talks about his past.
8/10 for the Theme Music - Great catchy and singable ending tune.

Overall appreciation:
I recommend buying it. It's pleasant to rewatch, especially for the details and graphism.
Overall feeling : cute, mysterious and dreamy
Overall color: blue
I do not know if the dubbed version had any cut scenes or character changes.

Spoiler warning
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