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One of a Kind Dolls

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  • Adopted by Weibke
  • Maryanne, Nikki head, fully rerooted in circus blue, tiny dent to head + Gift Nikki

  • Toy drive
  • Jadora, fakie rerooted bratzillaz on fakie monster high body
    Talk Yasmin hybrid
    Jelly, Deena

    Bratz furniture, hair clips

  • Adopted by Donna
  • Janay with ochre dark skin tone, rerooted in gothic and electric purple
    Janay with cocoa dark skin tone, rerooted in great grape

  • Helen, Cali Girl Surf Barbie head, fully rerooted in black and teal blue streaks

  • Adopted by Swen
  • Lagoona Lilac mermaid fully rerooted with soft lilac yarn

    Dead Tired Draculaura wide eyes, circus blue 40% reroot + eye repaint

    Dead Tired Draculaura pink and purples 40% reroot

  • Raya, half reroot adopted by Kismet

  • Celeste, Posh Pets Teresa head, fully rerooted in pink blue and purple, tiny dent to chin - adopted by Lorrie

  • Music Festival Clawdeen Blonde 40% reroot in golden blonde and Cherry red - adopted by Swen

  • Coffin Bean Clawdeen fairy kei Pink and Lilac, minor ear damage - adopted by Don

  • Samantha, Cali Girl Barbie head, fully rerooted in cobalt with teal blue highlights - adopted by Christoph

  • Pink Janelle, head only, partial reroot + Fashion Show Cloe blue and green

  • Corrie, Dance Class Lagoona, fully rerooted in circus blue with cobalt highlights adopted by Swen

  • Annika, 50% reroot in purple and lilac, jointed knees have been superglue sueded adopted by Marie-Odile

  • Annikki, AA Annika with purple streaks adopted by MC

  • Peridot, Operetta long hair reroot and repaint adopted by Katie

  • Cassidy, Alysa with dark skin tone, rerooted in cherry red blend adopted by Brigitte

  • Adopted by Don
  • Pyro: Ghoulia fully rerooted in reds and oranges
  • Dance Class Operetta Harley: partially rerooted in fire red and black

  • Funk out Jade partial reroot in purple with eyes painted purple adopted by Linda

  • Frankie, rerooted in sherbert pink adopted by Swen

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