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One of a Kind Dolls

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  • Licca in Perriwinkle and Lush Lilac adopted by Sadie

  • Art class Abbey blue streaks adopted by Don

  • Nevra Ice, full yarn reroot and Aqua meygan, yarn reroot (chip to cheek) adopted by Michele

  • I-candy Phoebe Remixed, partial reroot in clover green saran and Piper, Talk Sasha partial reroot in torch auburn saran, glitter lips and blush adopted by Betty

  • Narwhal Mermaid Lagoona hot/pastel pink full reroot, with unicorn horn and pearls

  • DC Robecca lilac adopted by Samantha

  • DT Frankie watermelon with DollsAhoy dress adopted by Elaine

  • Deep sea angler fish Mermaid Spectra: fully rerooted in mermaid and Hanami Draculaura (slightly paler) tokyokalon gradient hair adopted by Katie

  • Kim Snow, eyeshadow and lips repainted - CB Clawdeen adopted by Jacqueline

  • Kim Lilac, eyeshadow and lips repainted, nose jewel - CB Clawdeen adopted by Lydia

  • Dead Tired Spectra Blonde adopted by Sirena

  • Aidan, Prince Aidan fully rerooted in Cobalt blue adopted by Nathalie

  • Sindy n Gogo partial reroot in electric purple and sugar kisses pink adopted by Pascal

  • Commissions for Jeremy
  • Bratz Raya in Pale silver with white/lilac highlights: COMPLETE
  • Bratz Dynamite Meygan in Snow white: COMPLETE
  • Bratz Fab in Vegas Tiana in mermaid with possible dip dye look: COMPLETE
  • Bratz Tatoo'd Meygan in Celtic red: COMPLETE
  • Bratz Tatoo'd Cloe in Saucy blend: COMPLETE

  • Clematis, Magic Hair Yasmin, full reroot in lilac soft yarn
  • Funk Out Sasha pink and lilac

  • Barbie fairytopia with multicoloured streaks (partial reroot by me)
  • Hollywood Madison rerooted in autumn coloured yarn
  • Girls Night Out Cloe like new with original stock
  • Ballerina Pink, fashion designer Cloe with pink streaks

  • Commission for Janet
  • Tokyo Yasmin reroot in candy apple red nylon (and twin with blue wig)

    Princess Cloe reroot in Rosewood auburn and misc. pink sarans (and twin Zara in pink yarn)

  • Adopted by Janet:
  • Formal Funk Sasha with mint streak; Melba - Wildlife Safari Meygan yarn reroot; Nighty Night Cloe II (half braided); Adventure Girlz Cloe; Head Gamez Cloe.

    Bait heads:

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