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Photo review: clone disney fairies articulated body

Unknown torso made of solid plastic, vinyl limbs cast from disney fairies made from leftover pellets which means swirling and colours within the plastic, white hard plastic joints.

Some flash to slice out at the joints and leftover spruce nubs on the top side of the limbs, occasional line to sand or back-knife off.

Fantastic articulation which can easily be added to, with some slices to the upper arm joint at the elbow and to the back of the thigh at the knee.     26cm pale skin ideal for EAH, pale skipper sized dolls, generic asian dollar store dolls, anthro or Licca body replacement providing that you’re OK with discolourations.

Fit MH/EAH/Bratz clothes and barbie sized shoes.

Review: 14 joint 25cm body

Review: $2 14 joint 25cm body.

It’s an odd one with some really good features (very poseable) but also very noodly aesthetic and unusual “inbetween” size for fashion dolls.


Size comparison:

Fits classic Barbie shoes


The neck needs modding so that most fashion doll heads aren’t angled upwards:

Skin tone comparison:

barbie ultra pale, fakies 12 joint and 11 joint, 25cm pale body and obitsu white skin

Quick Review: $1.50 fashion doll fur coat



  • mess from the factory and sheddings from the faux fur need removing on arrival
  • collar has not been finished (hemming would make it too bulky but it could have been singed instead)
  • a little bulky on barbie
  • large, contrasting hook and loop tape
  • unlined (red and black versions may stain vinyl)


  • multi panel pattern looks very natural
  • long arms!
  • hemmed everywhere except the collar
  • elastic makes it cinch the waist
  • not too tight at the armpits and wrists so hands pop through nicely

Making a cheap doll stand sturdier

Review of “Adjustable Doll/Bear Stand Display Holder 8.7-13.4? on ebay for 1.60$ free shipping.

Making an 8-9″ BJD wig work for Pullip

BJD wig 8-9? colorful SD long waves: £6 (approx $8) from ebay, no brand mentioned in the listing but a fabric label in the wig cap says “FBE-BJD”. Took three weeks to arrive. I was apprehensive. Wigs are so different from brand to brand and from type to type! I assumed there was probably something wrong with the wig to get such a nice price but now I think they forgot to adjust their UK prices post Brexit and overestimated demand for their auctions.

I was surprised at how accurate the photo was because the colours are vibrant. The hair fibre is fine, silky, light: I’m guessing that it’s toyokalon. Very impressed at the hair coverage, maybe it’s because there are lots of different colours but it’s hard to find a bald patch.

The wig is too tight for a Pullip head with an eye mechanism unless you carefully unpick some of the stiches in the elastic while making sure they’re not attached to any wefts.

It’s way too heavy for a Pullip head even on a sturdy Liv body so I flat ironed it at 130°C and chopped at hip length 2cm below where the yellow hair tapers off (all of the hair is razor cut layered).