Vinyl/ABS BJD who’s legit & who’s counterfeit?

So you’d like a cheap body for your BJD or Anime doll or don’t feel comfortable with resin BJD and would prefer cheaper ABS and vinyl hinged dolls?

Here’s who know are legit (so far, please contact if you recognize any recast parts): I’ve only done the girl dolls so far but the two legit companies both do boy dolls.

Ye Luoli aka Night Lolita at 1/6th 1/4th and 1/3 size dolls


1/3rd: They come in many different faceups but that long thin nose is characteristic

Xinyi aka XinYiWawa 1/6th and 1/4th size dolls on ebay and aliexpress, 1/3rd dolls



1/3rd: (on the right)
Monst Dolls make cute 1/8th and 1/6th dolls ( also available from xiaomi as resellers) HT Dollsorwhatever. Luladoll showcases multiple designs that are ripped off for tiny “bjd” on aliexpress

Who’s using vinyl recasts?

Kilig aka Doris aka Kitty (copied Asleep Eidolon Moira  in 1/6th, 1/4 and 1/3rd sizes. Also sold By Ucanaan, on ebay, wish, aliexpress and amazon under various names.

DreamFairy aka DBS aka Eva BJD (copied AngellStudio Liu Rushi )

Their bodies copied Volks and Angellstudio (HT

This generic 60cm doll body (On the left – neck has been modded by the owner) copies Volks dollfie hands, calves and Obitsu lower torso: HT FineLeideeh


This sleep head is a NapiDoll sleeping Carol ( HT queenofsquids

This “16cm bjd” head is a counterfeit Lati Yellow Kuku ( HT Sam-noche

This 30cm bjd or 1/6th bjd head is a shrunken Asleep Eidolon Moira ( HT dollsonmain and teendollsquad. She may have yazina engraved on her neck.

This 1/3 head is Mystic Kids Alina ( HT QueenOfSquids

What can you do if you’ve accidentally bought a vinyl or ABS recast?

You can get a refund from paypal or your credit card for being sold a counterfeit item and tell people which shop to avoid. You can keep your doll but I wouldn’t post it online as it hurts the people who paid for the legitimate version to see badly made ripoffs of their doll and could be seen as an endorsement of stealing sculpted art.

What about other vinyl and abs heads that are for sale?

We havn’t been able to ID them yet. Please let me know if you’d like to contribute. i’m at firespirited on tumblr, gmail and saffy_suppi on flickr.