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Monster High yellow glue staining

Monster High Catrine de Mew I’m currently working on with serious yellowing from seeping yellow head glue/goop.

You can see where various plugs/plastic tie holes are stained more from where the glue seeped out, how it came down the hair onto the forehead and right side of the neck where the hair was tied.

You can also see the vinyl colour compared to a Spectra with the china white glue and a Spectra with the indonesia yellow glue (see those earholes!).

The difference between unstained Spectra and Catrine’s skin tones in person is even more pronounced than the photos washed out by flash.

Magic eraser attenuated the edges of the stain very slightly but I’m still stumped as how i’m going to proceed. I could use pastel chalk to try and ‘paint it white’ but I don’t have any MSC.

Peroxide bleaching needs sunlight which accelerates yellowing so that’s out.

Here’s white glue Spectra vs yellow glue Spectra

and a yellow glue stained Twyla who’s hair has gone yellow

Glue removal for Monster high or other Mattel dolls with glue in their heads using talc

 photo tutorial_stickyglueremoval 1.jpg

 photo tutorial_stickyglueremoval 2.jpg

 photo tutorial_stickyglueremoval 3.jpg

 photo tutorial_stickyglueremoval 4.jpg
This works with both the white and yellow glues but it does have to be disintegrating and therefore sticky. This won’t work if the talc can’t stick to the glue.

  • Put on some clothes that you don’t mind getting covered in talc and use a face mask if you have asthma.
  • Put your thumb over the neck hole while shaking the head or you’ll get talc everywhere.
  • Squish the head to break up the glue and shake some more.
  • Tap the neck hole against your hand to get the lumps out. You may need tweezers for the bigger bits.
  • Repeat
  • You can use a screwdriver or long scissors or hemostats to gently scrape around the inside of the head to dislodge more glue but be careful to not pull hair into the head.

I used this method on my Honey Swamp (early june 2016, 4 months ago at the time of this post) and she’s not seeped anymore glue. It’s still early but now that so much glue is out, I’m hopeful that she won’t seep more and require a reroot – I don’t want to touch those gorgeous curls!

Doll head glue seepage, leaking gunk, sticky scalp and hair!

Meet Alexa, she’s a “Barbie the Diamond Castle singing Princess Alexa Doll” from 2003 Indonesia. Now bald!
picture —>> picture

When I first got her, her hair seemed super sticky but I figured that it was just hair gel and that it would wash out. Soap didn’t help at all.
The stickyness was worse at the base of the hair and scalp was also very tacky so I tried using alcohol on the hair and scalp, first wipes then an alcohol bath.

In the end, after trying different solvents, I ended up removing all her hair and the contents of her head.
picture picture picture
The gunk inside is horrible, it messed up my tools and is very very sticky to deal with. It’s hard to get out as it gunges up and forms a thick mass of hair/gunk that won’t pull through the neckhole.
Alcohol neutralises the tackiness but once it evaporates the stickiness is back.
Acetone does not dissolve the glue, neither does WD40.

Alexa is going to get a full reroot. It’s the only solution I’ve found so far to save the doll. I’m told this is a common issue with various Mattel Playline dolls such as Monster High. When I rerooted both a Gloom Beach Draculaura and a Basic Ghoulia, they both had this nasty glue sap gunk.
My Fairytopia Barbies from 2004 don’t have this issue.

Here are some links from other people who’ve had this issue with their dolls:







Dance Class Lagoona different glue

tutorial: glue head photo dclagoona_glue.jpg

She’s made in China but has a head full of heavy translucent white glue that seeps when exposed to heat or water.
I bought two and both have the super heavy hard head. I had to heat this one in boiling water and use round nose pliers to get the glue out. It’s slightly less sticky than the beige/yellow glue used in other heads but heavier and harder.
However, both Dance Class Operettas have no glue…??? Mystery.
I’ve never had a glue problem with “made in china” monster high heads, just the indonesian ones so far.