General doll maintance and storage tips

  • Some of the strong coloured clothes made for your dolls (even official ones) may stain their bodies so put them through a coloured wash if you have any doubts about an item of clothing.
  • If you plan to wash your dolls clothes, put them in a little washing bag for delicates and don’t put dark dolls clothing in with whites!
  • Store your dolls in light colored clothing and without shoes as they tend to stain the doll’s skin especially when piled up on eachother.
  • Ziplock bags are great for keeping your dolls and accessories dust free, they come in many different sizes
  • If your doll has red colored hair (this includes all pinks and ginger colors), keep them out of direct sunlight as their hair can fade.
  • Use fabric hair ties when possible as rubber bands and most elastics tend to melt or disintegrate. The elastics provided with your doll by Mattel or MGA are of a better quality, they can be used safely.