How to remove a Bratz or Barbie doll head (rewrite)

picture To remove a BRATZ head

(Don’t do this with Barbies, it snaps or bends the neck peg)
  • Use a hairdryer to soften the head plastic so that nothing breaks or splits and it can be pulled out easily!
  • Gently pull the bratz head until you can see the inner anchor (also known as the neck-peg)
  • Turn the head so that one side of the anchor is towards the doll’s chin
  • Then slowly pull off the head by pulling on the body, easing the anchor into the chin then out of the head.

pictureTo remove a BARBIE Head

  • Heat up the neck
  • Pull back the skin of Barbie’s neck over the neck peg until the anchor comes out.

Photo depicts a Barbie neckpeg with the anchor “wings” chopped off to make headswapping easier