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Barbie to Monster High/Bratzillaz trouser (pants) tutorial

 photo trousertutorial.jpg
Monster Highs don’t have much in the way of casual trousers so here’s how to turn a pair of cheapy barbie sized trousers into nice monster high fitting ones without having to sew from scratch or move the velcro!

* Turn inside out (use a pencil or screwdriver), pin velcro closed.
* Move the waist to where it feels right on your doll then pinch and mark with a pen where the new crotch should be.
* Sew this very tightly through all layers.
* Unpick the old crotch and mark new lines then sew them up
* Pin the trousers so that the crotch and closure are aligned in the middle
* Pinch and mark new lines for the sides.
* Sew then trim (but careful to not trim too close if the fabric frays a lot)
* Now unpick the ankle hems then pin to the right length
* Cut the excess then sew it. Remember to do a hem or your doll’s feet will catch in the fabric.

Now you have a pair of monster high trousers!

I should have used a different fabric as denim is rough on the fingers to sew and this stuff frays like crazy so I had to go over all the seams with pillow stitch.

Anyway, enjoy the tutorial! Happy repurposing!

 photo ziyalstyle.jpg

 photo scully_ziyal_jeans.jpg

Make a Bratz sock dress in five minutes


  1. Stick your doll, up to her armpits, into an inside-out old sock.
  2. Cut off the sock where you want the dress to end.
  3. Pin down the fabric along her back and back of her legs (don’t pull too tightly around her waist/bust or the dress will be hard to get over her hips)
  4. Remove the sock from the doll and sew a line along the pins
  5. Turn the sock-dress the right way out and put it on your doll.

You can add ribbon or beads to embellish it if you want and if the bottom of the dress is messy then you can hem it or sew a piece of lace or ribbon on top!

General doll maintance and storage tips

  • Some of the strong coloured clothes made for your dolls (even official ones) may stain their bodies so put them through a coloured wash if you have any doubts about an item of clothing.
  • If you plan to wash your dolls clothes, put them in a little washing bag for delicates and don’t put dark dolls clothing in with whites!
  • Store your dolls in light colored clothing and without shoes as they tend to stain the doll’s skin especially when piled up on eachother.
  • Ziplock bags are great for keeping your dolls and accessories dust free, they come in many different sizes
  • If your doll has red colored hair (this includes all pinks and ginger colors), keep them out of direct sunlight as their hair can fade.
  • Use fabric hair ties when possible as rubber bands and most elastics tend to melt or disintegrate. The elastics provided with your doll by Mattel or MGA are of a better quality, they can be used safely.

How to make a doll fairy skirt


  • Cut ribbon or wool into lengths of 6 inches/15cm.
  • Mark one of those strands by making a knot at both ends: this will be the waist band.
  • Put the waist band around your doll’s waist and tie a ribbon at the back, with a pencil or pen, make a tiny mark on each side of the waistband next to the ribbon, this will let you know where to add your strands.
  • Undo the waist band and lay it out.
  • Tie all the other strands by a knot in their middle to the main waist band.
  • Push the knots together on the waist band so that there aren’t big gaps.
  • Continue tying strands onto the waist band until there is enough to  fill the ear between the marks you made earlier.
  • Now you have a fairy skirt!