Animal eyes as eyechips for Pullip

I bought some 12mm transparent glass animal eyes to try them out…

They look like this:

[Image: ani_eye.png]

They are basically a glass dome with a plastic black stem with a rounded top stuck in them. I cut off the part of the stem that sticks out of the back with a pair of metal cutter pliers then sanded the left over black bit down.

Here are two that I painted (w/ cheapo acrylic paints):

The reflection was painted on *top* of the eye, the star was stuck on with varnish.

[Image: painted.jpg]

[Image: painted1.jpg]

[Image: painted_a.jpg]

[Image: painted_b.jpg]

I like the light green eyes best but i would have liked the black rims I’d painted to show up (the glass dome curvature of the eye means that not all of the paint shows). I think coolcat’s new flat chips are probably much better at this (but they cost $4 a pair and these cost me $3 for 5 pairs)

My sister likes the darker turquoise chip best even though I messed up the paint so the details blurred into eachother.