Bratz skin tones


The core skin tones are Cloe/Jade’s pale pink, Yasmin’s tan and Sasha’s brown but 5 more skintones were produced:

  • Ultra pale used for the Midnight Dance Goth dolls, Punk Cloe, japanese Kumi (Tokyo and Ooh la La), Tiana (Tokyo and Fabulous) and caucasian Rina (3 Head Games), Lela (Twins and Costume Party)
  • Olive tan exclusive to Nevra (4 dolls: Dynamite, Secret Date, Funk Out, Space Angel)
  • Darker tan used on the first release of twins Nona and Tess
  • Reddish dark tan used for Native american Kiana
  • Dark Chocolate exclusive to Felicia (Sweet Dreams and Campfire)

The Yasmin skintone is a close match for the Mattel Barbie Teresa skintone, the Sasha skintone is a close match to the Mattel Barbie AA Nikki/Grace skintone.