Bratz items that stain. Hair that fades and Saran hair color matching for your doll

What Bratz items stain dolls?
Roxxi’s stripey top (red and black)
Fabulous Tiana’s trousers (red – leaves deep pink stains)
Trinity’s earrings
Black sunglasses
Wanted Meygan’s boots stain anything they touch (beware of all boots with extra black added on for an aged effect such as the “Wanted” and “Wild Wild West” boots)

What hair colors fade in sunlight?
Meygan and Lana’s hair goes green in direct sunlight.
This is true of all the ginger or auburn saran hair colours.

What color saran do I need to fix my Bratz doll?
I made a spreadsheet for all the Bratz saran hair color matches and Dollyhair – Restoredoll equivalents and exclusive colors. If you’d like to be added to the spreadsheet editors via google, just email me!