Choosing which hair to use for your reroot

For a reroot, you can use special doll hair, human extensions, wool, thread….

  • Kanekalon (“silky straight” or ironed “kinky/braiding”)

Shiny and very vibrant but thick and heavier than saran. Takes curls and styles very well. Can be bought at human hair shops as braiding hair. Cheap.


  • Nylon

Slightly matte finish, lots of nice colours available. This is the hair used on Momoko and My Little Pony. Curls well, brushes well. Not as shiny or silky as Saran. Available from and at $3 a hank


  • Saran (aka Katsilk)

Very shiny, silky, fine hair. Fabulous to brush, takes curls with heat+time but tends to revert to straight. My favourite type of hair. Some find it a little too “wet”. Colors are limited to what’s in stock and there aren’t many shades of blue or green. A hank costs 2.5$, a full bratz head of ankle length hair costs $12. Available from, and


For your OOAK dolls what you need to decide is if they are going to be display dolls or play dolls. If they are for display only, you can use just about any craft materials and glue in your house to decorate your doll and it’ll look fine so long as you don’t get her wet or brush the hair too often.